✨ PICK A CARD ☽ Your Shadow Self & What Wants to be Seen? {Healing Journey Series} Intuitive Tarot

✨ PICK A CARD ☽ Your Shadow Self & What Wants to be Seen? {Healing Journey Series} Intuitive Tarot

✯ Group 1 : Elephant ~ 04:55 {lepidolite unicorn}

✪ Group 2 : Sun Bear ~ 24:07 {tiger’s eye star}

➳ Group 3 : White Owl ~ 47:04 {malachite elephant}


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✨ What is The Shadow Self? ✨
The shadow is the reason we do certain things in life without understanding why we do it.
First brought into the Western world by psychologist Carl Jung who described it as the unconscious and disowned parts of our personalities that the ego fails to see, acknowledge, and accept. It is any aspect of ourselves that is not exposed to the light of our consciousness.
As children, we are born whole and complete, but that wholeness is short-lived. The shadow is born in our childhood as a byproduct of certain interactions we had with the people closest to us. Our caretakers make us believe that certain aspects of ourselves are good and others are not. The aspects that are seen as bad are rejected and, consequently, form the shadow.

When we deny an aspect of ourselves it doesn’t disappear. It just fades away from our conscious awareness. The shadow — with a life of its own — can affect our actions and life experiences heavily if we don’t pay attention to it.

We become adults and feel we should be able to handle life better, yet we keep falling into the same unhealthy patterns. That’s because the shadow operates outside of our conscious awareness, in the form of unconscious and limiting beliefs.

The self that is fractured seeks to become unified, and we will be presented with opportunities to see the aspects of ourselves we have suppressed, rejected, denied, and disowned.
The more you become aware of your shadow self and accept it, the more embodied you are as a conscious being and the more agency you have over yourself and your life 🖤🤍


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