💘 PICK A CARD || Your Next Love ★DETAILED★ Name initials, timeframes, Zodiac, personality traits

💘 PICK A CARD || Your Next Love ★DETAILED★ Name initials, timeframes, Zodiac, personality traits

❤︎ Deck 1 (Chakra Wisdom Tarot) : 01:28
♡ Deck 2 (The Muse Tarot) : 20:28
❤︎ Deck 3 (The Lightseer’s Tarot) : 46:53
♡ Deck 4 (The Fountain Tarot) : 1:15:52
❤︎ Deck 5 (Mystic Mondays Tarot) : 1:41:39

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I hope these messages bring you validation, clarity and peace of mind. Remember this is a general reading — if the message does not resonate then it is not your message and you do not have to accept it. Your own intuitive guidance should always be honored first and foremost.
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* All readings are for reflective purposes only. This does not take the place of your own personal free will, intuition, medical or legal advice. Any major or life-altering decisions should be consulted by a professional.

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