? What Will Happen This Week? ???? Weekly Tarotscope  | PICK A CARD

? What Will Happen This Week? ???? Weekly Tarotscope | PICK A CARD

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Have an amazing week ?

Hey guys,
I hope these messages bring you insight and clarity for your week ahead~~
Remember your own intuitive guidance should always be honored first and foremost. Sending tons of love and infinite hugs your way today ?
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Molly x
Leo sun // Pisces moon // Cap rising

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? Cards used in this reading:
Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot
Rider Waite Tarot
Oracle of the Fairies
Vintage Wisdom Oracle
The Wild Elemental Oracle

Molly x
Leo sun // Pisces moon // Cap rising

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* All readings are for reflective or entertainment purposes only. This does not take the place of your own personal free will, intuition, medical or legal advice. Any major or life-altering decisions should be consulted by a professional.

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