20 Healthy Habits You Need To Know (This Will Change Your Life!)

You’ll never alteration their own lives until youchange something that you do daily. The mystery of your success is found in yourdaily routine. that’s a prominent mention by john cmaxwell i love it because it’s just so true successful beings are simply thosewith successful practices so in this video i’m going to give you 20 healthful attires that you can implement starting today that will change yourlife and we’re going to come at it fromdifferent tilts because there are levels to this but you can bet thatthey’re all going to culminate in a healthierhappier leaner fitter and more impressive version of you these are the exact sametips that i give to all my students and they’ve all gone to see some amazingresults so you know it offices before we get started give this video alike expressed support for my path and stumbled the buzzer to get notifiedevery time i announce a new video every week now each of these healthful dress arevery easy action stairs that you can implementright now and it’s gonna start to make a huge difference in your liferight away and i illustrated a good deal of these practices in further detail in a lotof my other videos so make sure you check them out we’re just gonna gothrough it in rapid barrage inheritance in this video but i’m going to give youa prerequisite now before i even give you my first tip i want you to carve outan extra 20 to 30 instants of your morning time to justease into the day this is your me era it’s just for youyou can ease into the day you can take care of yourself firstly you’re meet upyour own proverbial beaker firstly if you are able to which then contributes me to step numberone and let’s begins with the low hanging fruit here but it’s pretty important iwant you to drink a glass of ocean when you wake up and just stay hydratedthroughout the day this is honestly just how to be a healthy human beingone-on-one drinking a neat large-scale glass of liquid is agreat way to start your daylight waking up from your sleep is also the longestperiod in your 24 hour hertz where you’ve gone withoutwater and 60 of the human body is made up of sea it’s essential to life andyour body needs it to function properly all of your parts and tissues depend onwater it helps maintain the balance of body fluids and if you don’t get enoughof it even mild dehydration can impact youmentally and physically and if you’re someone who boozes coke ordiet coke or gatorade or any of those sugary drinkings and you supplant it withwater your life will change it’s a little different for everyone but ifyou’re wondering what the optimal amount istry to drink your torso heavines in kilos in ounces of spray so let’s say youweigh 60 kilos you just wanted to imbibe 60 ounces of spray okay number two we’regoing to build on this we’re going to build throughout the day herei want you to practice mindfulness through musing this is basicallyexercise for the brain this descends in the category frankly of i wishi started this a lot sooner because it’s had that big of an impact in my lifeand the life of my both students and if you ask anybody who always practicesmeditation they’ll tell you the exact same thing and “thats one” of myfavorite excerpts that demonstrates this buddha was asked what have you gainedfrom musing and he replied nothing nonetheless buddha said let me tellyou what i lost anger anxiety depression insecurityfear of old age and fatality you get all those things by simply perceiving occasion foryourself closing your eyes and precisely focusing onyour breath why wouldn’t you get it on and i like applying a guidedmeditation app for this called headspace because you just listen to a nice voicethroughout the practice multitude three start a gratitude journalanother thing that precipitates in the two categories of i care i started this a lot soonerthere are so many benefits of putting supposes to newspaper it’s not even funnyand one of the reasons why you want to journal is this is where you get topractice gratitude and time keep it simple thereare no rulers to this but for starters precisely write down five things you’rethankful for every day and five things you love aboutyourself and when you do this you can’t help but feeling all right andwho doesn’t want that who doesn’t want starting their day feeling goodnumber four go for a walk i’ve made tons of videos why this is so profitable whenit comes to your state and weight loss because this is how we evolved weevolved as human beings to move otherwise it’d be a treat and i alwaysadvocate for getting 10 000 gradations spread throughout the daybecause it patrols you to avoid prolonged periods where you’re completelysedentary because good-for-nothing closeds down your overweight burning metabolism faster thanprolonged periods where you’re not moving your chances of developingchronic disease when “were living” a sedentary lifestyle also increasestenfold walking can also be extremely therapeutic for a lot of people it’sextremely relaxing you can also get some much needed vitamin d in your form whenyou go at it by reveal as much of your bark aspossible it’s also a great method to lower your stress ranks like if i ever feelfrustrated or flustered or whenever “i m feeling” watchful i usually go for a walk andby the end of it i feel ten ages better amount five stop usingartificial sweeteners drinking nutrition soda or anything that’sbranded as zero calories but is artificially sweetened i kind of alreadymentioned this at the beginning but this is candidly one of the most difficult thingsthat destructions people’s weight loss exertions because here you areyou’re presented with something that’s really sweet but it’s labeled aszero calories and it’s the greatest thing ever and this is a perfect exampleof if it chimes extremely good to be true it probably is all you really need toknow about this is booze nutrition soda is often linked to load increase andobesity instead of weight loss because it destroys your intestine microbiomeyour ability comes perplexed when you drink this stuff and you often end upcraving more sugareds subsequentlies that’s why people get addicted to this stuffand they think they’re doing their body a spare listennothing that sweet ever gets a free pass once it penetrates your systemit doesn’t matter that it’s zero calories your figure doesn’t even countcalories it mostly has the same effect as drinking regular soda the zerocalorie abstraction is frankly one of the biggest lies in the nutrition industrynumber six stop chewing low calorie food or low-fat versions of nutrients this one’ssimple you’re eating impostor nutrient here these arefood-like concoctions that’s been processed to the nth degree to make it look likefood and usually to make anything low-pitched caloriefat often gets made out because it’s calorically dense but food companieshave to replace fat with something else to make it tastegood and that something else is carbohydrate which then forms these foodsextremely fattening simply remember that there are no bad meat onlyprocessed ones if it comes with the nutrition label sticker you shouldprobably think twice and read it firstly before you applied it in your mouthnumber seven stop snacking if you’re trying to lose weight and be healthythis is one of the garbs that simply needs to go there is absolutely noreason for you to snack food companionships made upsnacking to sell you products there’s zero discipline behind it because weusually don’t snack on the healthiest nonsense we snack on chipscookies crackers sugar granola disallows and protein saloons which are just allprocessed foods we as human beings did not evolve tosnack and chew six tiny meals a day our paleolithic predecessors would haveconsidered us gluttons if they found out that we do this thing called snackingevery time we’re born number eight don’t waste your money on workout supplementsnow this isn’t to say that workout supplements are completely uselessthere’s a experience and target for it but oftentimes i see a lot of peoplebuy a great deal of expensive workout adds-on before addressing otherconcerns that are way more pressing you’re basically majoring in the minorhere because if you don’t address your food and your lifestyle firstly you mightas well light your fund on fire when you do thisyou need to fix your food firstly and then you want to address your daily stressorsget adequate sleep raise your general activity level i wantyou to fix those things firstly before you even start thinking about buying workoutsupplements like “if youre having” that additional money to spend on workout supplementsyou’re lane better off buying high quality food instead numbernine don’t fear fattens i have a separate video thatdebunks this fat phobia totally but the tldr versionof this is fatty doesn’t construct you fat if anything ifyou’re not eating enough fatty you’re probably fat it’s essential to everycellular are working in your person it’s the same thing with cholesterol they kind ofgo hand in hand and it’s so important that your organization can actually make its owncholesterol by synthesizing vitamin d from the sunshine you would die without ityour intelligence is also made up of largely overweight your person actually elevates fat as itsmain source of fuel because it’s a cleanser burning fuelfat likewise initiates cholecystokinin which is one of your key satiety hormones andit’s delicious amount 10 imbibe little alcohol ihave yet to find any actual research that shows that alcohol is good for youit’s just not you’re literally poisoning your bodyjust enough when you suck this trash that’s why you get the buttsalcohol likewise pauses the burning of all other calories that’s why it’s a lethalcombination when you booze and eat at the same time because anycalories from the menu that you’re eatingimmediately get accumulated as body fatty because your body has to prioritizemetabolizing the poison that you exactly drank and beer might be the worstoffender of them all because it also contains carbs they don’t call it a beerbelly for nothing somebody commented on one of my videos the other day that beeris basically liquid eat which is pretty darn accurate by the way anystudy that you find that claims that alcoholhas health benefits is most likely time cherry-picking data that can onlyestablish correlation but not causation numeral 11 invest inhigh quality food i always like to say thatthere are levels to this if you regularly eat twinkies doritosand fast food and you be changed to a entire meat dietyou’re gonna lose a ton of weight your state will improve and your life willchange but just know that there is a world ofdifference between grain-fed meat so these are the feedlot swine that youcan merely buy for cheap at your local grocery store to grass-fed andgrass-finished beef it’s the same thing with cheap eggs versus pastured eggs thedifference candidly is night and day the cheap eggs havethat light-colored yellowish yolk while pastured eggs have that shining orange egg yolkfeedlot swine are fed with fillers corn gummy births yup true-life storyto fatten them up they’re likewise pumped with hormones and antibiotics anda lot of that substance terminates up in their flesh while grass-fed beef is raised ontheir natural diet grass and there’s a popular saying outthere that you are what you snacked right well a better form of that isyou are what you eat ate if you’re trying to avoid grains forexample and you should you’re still inadvertently snacking it if you eatfeedlot meat like i said there are heights swapping to a wholefoods diet will get you 80 percent there but if you want to go all the way andreally optimize your health certainly look into investing in thehighest quality nutrient you can yield digit 12 have an optional slashscheduled cheat dinner some experts out there preach that youshould entirely swear off on your favorite treatsand honestly they’re not wrong but i don’t know person to melife is all about being able to enjoy yourself every once in a while and notfeel bad about it and i love the 90 10 rulewhen it comes to this 90 of the time follow a entire nutrients dietyou’re following the freedom plan the other 10 percent if you want to eatice cream do it live your best life and don’t feel badabout it i want don’t do it every day plainly this isn’t a given inch take amile scenario because the more you tell someone they can’t have something themore they require it and from my experience having planned cheater mealsincreases compliance drastically it simply helps keep parties sane because they havesomething to look forward to is this process gonna be a little bit slowermaybe but the results are gonna be so much more permanent because you’re ableto stick to this lifestyle change long term and i’d rather romp the longgame because adherence is everything when it comes to your charge of successnumber 13 learn basic cooking the competences and trackyour menu you get a two-for-one deal here because they kind of gohand-in-hand a it’ll save you so much money if youjust learn how to cook basic dinners and b this gives you full insure when itcomes to actually knowing what you’re put in your body for example theseare the ingredients of chicken nuggets whereas if you roastsome chicken in the oven you’ll know that there’s only one ingredient therewhen it comes to tracking food i’m not a big fan of measuring every ounce or gramthat i throw in my form but it’s important to have some sort of idea of how muchyou’re actually munching so merely start by writing things down to see where you’reat and you want to log it in a nutrient moving app like myfitnesspal and putin some information about yourself that highway you’ll get a general sensewhether you’re under eating or overeating and you can simply makeadjustments from there retain you can’t hold what youcan’t measure count 14 don’t asset bad meat at home and havego-to meals another two for one because this is alife-saving dres when it comes to weight loss your job is to find healthyfoods you experience dining and exactly have that as your go-to meals every timeyou can exactly fix little changes to change things up that direction you’ll takethe predicting activity out of what you’re gonna eat every day out of the equationbetter more make a little extra when you meal prep and freeze just the way it is if youever find yourself running out of food you have backupand for crying out loud do not stop bad menu at home because your environmentdetermines your rate of success and if you always just bordered yourself withgood menu guess what you’re gonna feed so don’teven give yourself the option of going off track by stalking triggerfoods at home because human beings are not wired for self-controlnumber 15 do intermittent fasting in my own personal humble opinionintermittent fasting is the most powerful method of weight lossbar none its efficacy when it comes to specifically targeting figure fat andburning it for vigor is unparalleled and i talk aboutintermittent fasting in further detail in a lot of my videos so if you’re newto my canal make sure you check those out but the biggest problem withintermittent fasting is there’s nothing naughty about it it doesn’t sell anyproducts it’s the opposite of snacking and “thats one” of my all-time favoritequestions to ask like what do you think will happen if youstop snacking or as i like to call it what do you think will happen if you took abreak from dining you’re gonna lose weight like a lot ofweight and you’re not gonna die when you do this you have at least a hundredthousand calories worth of collected vitality in the form of body fatwaiting to be used that’s what it’s there for it’s definitely not just therefor gazes list 16 participate and have social epoch we are socialbeings that’s how we progressed as human beings we are not meant to livein isolation playing is also a great way to meet people and socialize which isextremely important for your mental healththere’s a lot of studies out there that has indicated that paucity of human connectiondrastically increases your risk of developing chronic disease just thinkabout when you were a kid some of the very best retentions were when you were playingbut for some reason we just stopped doing it as we get olderplaying too prevents beings young because it gets them moving personally doingmuay thai is my version of dally it’s a little on the primal line-up becausewho likes going punched in the face but “i m loving” it number 17 no screen occasion before berthed this just doesn’t mean watching tv this alsoincludes your cell phone your laptop or anything that ejects bluelight that’s called clutter lamp by the way and it’s not good for your healthbecause that junk blue light-headed disrupts the production of melatoninwhich is your sleep hormone by the way which then leads to poor quality sleepand increased stress ranks and i’m gonnatell you why that’s really bad in a second here but i’m gonna level with youon this you can watch your favorite netflix showand even channel-surf social media “if youre going to” but 60 hours before bedshut it down you can read a book instead or talk to your spouse and right beforebed is also a great time to journal numeral 18 employ and this is one of my favorite things to say because it’s just so trueif the benefits of exercise could be put in a capsule it would be the greatestblockbuster medication of all time like if you want to be a healthful happy andfunctional human being one of very good things that you can dois to be as physically strong as humanly possible and you achieve thatthrough employ specifically resist education because it body-builds musclebecause having a lot of lean muscle mass is a very strong indicator for lifespanand it’s extremely important as you senility this is non-negotiable for me if youwant to be a healthful glad and functional human being the side effectof it being that it also originates you look at shirtless number 19 prioritize sleep there’s a reason why we evolved to sleep for a third of ourlives that’s when our organizations get the chance toperform important purposes like structure muscle and justgeneral upkeep this is when that rest and reparation happens and when wedon’t get adequate and tone sleep that’s when things start to go sidewaysreal fast you won’t find a difficulty finding a roster of studies that shows theconnection between shortage of sleep and value income and justgenerally poor health the problem is sleep is the first thing that get outof the window the moment we think we don’t have timeand quality is just as important as quantity now your goal is to get atleast seven hours of quality sleep in a pitchblack apartment every night like i literally never met anyone who complained aboutgetting a good night’s sleep crowd 20 last-place but not the least benice to yourself this is what ties everything together because we can be somean to ourselves it’s not even funny but this process of varying your lifefor the better is gonna croak so much easier if we’re nice to ourselves if wespeak kindly to ourselves are you gonna mess up along the wayabsolutely you should write a book if you don’t mess up mistakes are part ofthe process that’s how you learn that’s how we growthat’s how we get better so when this inevitable thing happens and we mess upjust make sure you don’t beat yourself up over it watch your wordswatch how you speak to yourself i’m always blown away when people say tothemselves i’m so stupid i’m so dumb like why would you speak toyourself that behavior do you speak that nature to other parties listen you’re gonna bemeeting specific areas of yourself you’ve never “ve met before” when you’re trying to changeyour life so i want you to speak to yourself as if you’re speaking to a babywho’s just memorize how to walk do we looking to yell at them when they fall on theirbutt and they descend all the time no we encourage them on we tell them they’redoing a great job and we encourage them to tryagain that’s how i want you to speak to yourself the next question then becomeshow are you actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight because here’sthe thing eighty percent of your mas compositionis determined by your food you can’t exactly freestyle this part doyou have a proven plan that you can followto help you with that i want to give you a free copy of my list organization blueprintthis is how i melted all the fat around my gut without depriving myself ofmy favorite foods or wasting hours at the gym it’s asimple four-step process specifically designed for busyprofessionals and it’s the exact same blueprint that i learn to all my privatecoaching clients and they’ve all gone to see some amazingresults if you want to be the next success legend then download your freecopy of the lean mas plan right nowthere’s gonna be a link somewhere at the top hereor in the description box exactly click on it type in your emailand i’ll send it to you right off alright that’s all i’ve got give thisvideo a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with your friends pleasesubscribe to my channel if you haven’t alreadyi post a new video every week and hey leave a comment below if you have anyquestions about this video thanks for watching and i’ll see you inthe next video virtual high five you

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