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Hi there wonderful rouse being andspiritual spirits Jo Rose of www.jorose.com numerologist and vigor forecaster.in this video I’m sharing with you the forecast for May 2020, just before Ido, let’s summary what 2020 has in store for us. it’s a 4 vitality. how do I knowthis? by adding together and reducing down all the digits of the current year2+ 0+ 2+ 0= 4 so what is the 4 bring to us? ina short sharp burst, it delivers on the positive, on the persuasivenes back, itbrings structure stability projecting, it’s a slow moving energy, continuous as she goesone step at a time. it’s a number of building whether that be the foundationsor systems.It’s also a very loyal energy the 4 and if you overdo it in the 4, here i am lucks that you can become sick poorly burn out running around. I do havea video on 2020 so time go and check that in the link below or in the info barthat runs along the top. now some of you have told me you don’t know about thisinfo saloon, just go into your YouTube account and tag on the info region andyou’ll ascertain not just for my videos but for everybody’s videos that they oftenpull information videos in the link above. “re coming in” back, so there is alwaysa flip side of the intensity and in the past I’m not necessarily probed in withit although I said there may be challenges that come up and that’sexactly what they are they, are challenges and they can go from minor tomajor, so the flip side of the 4 vigour is regulate inflexibility inflexibility andintolerance very critical even rebellious. now Iwant you to simply absorb some of these words that I am sharing with you rightnow.We are what we think. now I be applicable to lovethe Gillian McKeith series we are what we eat but literally we do eat chew our words I meanthey come from our speaks they’re up here in our president and we need tounderstand this. now I don’t know where it extends science or research or whateveryou never know what your trust in these days is but somewhere between 50,000 to80, 000 guess work through our attention every day, that’s a lot of thoughts andwe are driven by our thoughts, what we focus on expands so if we think we canonly think we can’t were perfectly right and that’s why there’s always two sidesto every story.Are you playing out the victim or the founder because it takesthe Creator to get out of victim. I was reminded today while watching somevideos of a diary’ As a Man Thinketh’ by James Allen and it shares or precisely to catchit in a motto, the body is a slave to the mind. in my previous video’ Powervs. Force’ I shared with you a chart and I’ll leave it here for you to take alook at as well but I shared with you a graph from a volume’ Power vs. Force’written by David R Hawkins. as you can see fear is near the bottom, it’s markedat an intensity rank or at a tier should I say of a 100. now how did they markthese levels? well they did it employing kinesiology and I want you to rememberthat because I’m going to come back to that towards the end of the video but fearwas given 100 and it’s so much easier as much as it doesn’t feel like it but it’sso much easier to live in fear to be in the fear-based lower vigors I meanjust look at the chart and insure those various kinds of vigours view where you arefluctuating on a regular basis examine whatever it is you occasionallyget up to and identify what is making you come back down again as you can see at2 00 we move into courage now it makes daring to step outside.It gives courageto make a difference and it makes daring to be recognized that you are your ownsource of energy you are the one that knows your truth you are the one thatneeds to find out your answers. now I don’t know about you but I’ve been downa rabbit flaw these last couple of months while we’ve been in lockdown nowthere’s a organization in place and that’s the system on the side that doesn’t feel onethat’s developing us up. the 4 force is about restrictions there’s endless wordsthat I can add there’s so much about each force and the only way I canreally share this is if I if you get involved in a mentorship program and I’mnot inevitably here to generate that to your attention but I is impossible to hand somuch in these videos. the 4 is the number of limitations you need to learnto turn your drawbacks into your backbones with the 4 being a slowenergy with a step-by-step process what you need to learn to do is just expandslightly once you expand somewhat all of a sudden you can breathe and isn’t itinteresting that I utilized the word breathe bearing in mind what is going on at themoment with people’s health and how we’re feeling whether it be that we’veactually got this virus that’s generating us a struggle to breathe or whether it’s wefeel like we’re being suffocated trapped in our dwellings trapped in this system thatI have reputation a’ plandemic’ and I’m not the only one I’ve discovered onlinethat’s also devoting it that appoint but to me I specified it that because it’s very much a4 energy planning.This hasn’t come from nowhere this has been plannedwhatever way shape or figure whatever part of itnot all of it some of it is natural because the universe is the first energybut something has brought such a situation upon us and we are doing as we’re toldand and staying at home so the 4 vitality is about propagandizing yourboundaries. now if you think about propagandizing your bounds even if it wastight around you then you can breathe a little bit more you can and we need totake time out 4 is such a doing number but more at the same time it’s highlygrounded so get outside and anchor yourself stroke sort let go of whateveryour upsets are whether it is a matter business whether it be health whatever it is justliterally let go.I attempted to create this video before and I’ve failed Ihaven’t failed the video still created and it may be that this video is joinedwith that video for certain parts of it but there was so much going on and Ineeded to take time out I is necessary to take time out so that I could reground myselfand find out where I am at the moment me personallylook it’s your LYFE – L.Y.F.E. Love Yourself First Everyday – look do you like my t-shirt I knowyou can’t see it absolutely there but I’ll made a characterization up I etched theset-shirts a few years back when I was doing a talk at’ The Best You’ in Londonand I do have a recording of that talk and I mull I will be sharing it in the verynear future with a got a couple of bits lent just to help you understand so it’sabout adoration yourself firstly this is not a selfish method to think about it becausewhen you love yourself when you are connected you can then allow it to oozeout and you can see that you too have challenges and so does other peopleand you can become more accepting on this.Before I get onto the 9 force Iwant to share that in January I said expect vary regard the numbers never lieyeah I adoration numerology the numbers never lieI said expect vary alteration is the only consistent we have February I saidresponsibilities dwelling and family make sure your environment helps you ifyou had you’d be in the right place for this lockdown right now you’d be able towork on your relationships and if you hadn’t I’m sure there’s been sometriggers having you address the place you live the place your family yourrelationships and so on in March with the 7 energy I showed a number ofthings and that ought to to cry because that’s when we question but we’re too busywith everything in our foreman all those estimates we need to learn to reflect sothat we can receive the questions I embed was’ Who am I ?’ and’ Why am I now ?’ you need to own you I get it’s all about we and this is what’s being played onright now but you cannot be a we until you know you take my text I know thisfrom experience I am a well-read person I have got near on thousands and thousands of bibles thatI read forget the fiction one’s a thousand I have been on endlesseducation programs and due to my own ill health of the immune plan I haveresearched and followed and done so I’m talking not just from an intellectualknowledge ingested perspective but too from an experiential perspective duringthe 7 month I shared with you that it will feel like we’ve been alone andat the beginning I said perhaps we’re being forced to soul segregate or isolateonly recollect and “youve been” know who you areI’ve created a Pinterest graphic somewhere now I create a Pinterestrabbit where I was looking at the word alone and realised when you spaced it outit became’ All one’ we are all one what it is you do feigns me and everybodyelse whatever I do alters you and everybody else as well as the self andthis is what we need to understand but we have to start with the ego firstit’s not greedy they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first on the planefor a ground and then we move to April andit was an 8 and my suggestion was about go the CEO of the SELF becomingthe CEO of YOU if you had been stacking this you would be well prepared to haveutilised this lockdown for greater things.Let me move on to may now May’s a 9energy we know this because May is the fifth month and we compute it to the 4 exertion of theyear so what is May return when we look at it from a numerology view itbrings closes judgments sensibility deep depth feelings I mean they arerising right now yes it’s about telling go intuition at the end is really abouttransformation it’s a humanitarian amount highly compassionate it’s acontributor digit it is therefore often feels like it’s a constant service and itneeds to be service but not servitude it’s open knowledge and it’s a utopian it alsoasks you to accept everything as it is to know that it is as it is in themoment now forgive me with the flip side now because I may be propelling a fewwords out there and it’s because I’m at the station with what’s been going on inmy own world is it’s time to wake up I organized a video’ Mass Awakening’I said’ Capability vs. Force’ I give you this information every month I’ve givenyou your Personal Years and your Life Path numbers and I am appointing theExpression series but I is impossible to give you so much in these videos and everyoneand I candidly tell you everyone is unique’ You were born an original, don’tbecome a copy’ this is not the time to be the sheeple that we’ve been led tobelieve the flip side of the 9 the flip side of the 9 introduces deceptionaggression destruction it’s a very cold energyit’s a cowardice sellout it can be heartless seriously heartlessvindictiveness relentless narcistic I know I’m going on possessive volatilethreatening unfair and false how do we know if our world is falsewell we’ve got to learn to trust the self the 4 is a extremely relying loyalnumber that’s the number of the year we’re incessantly built up from thisyear and sometimes we have to knock things down including arrangements in orderto rebuild the most important structure I can are you focus on right now is yourimmune system I have watched many doctors share great insights whetherthey be a clinical physician an immunologist a virologist or anykinds of ologists and doctors and so on I have depleted endless hours traipsingthrough the internet looking for solutions but I already knew thembecause of my own immune organization which is anything from Hashimoto’s Sjorgensfibromyalgia lupus arthritis I have many labels be submitted to me and so I’ve done myresearch on this the immune system is the focus but what stopped the immunesystem acting I initiated a series last year the’ Mental Health’ sequence and Iexplained that what happens when we’re sick and think about being sick you’relaid up in berthed you can hardly move why the blood is not on the rim is atthe organs it’s at the point of wherever this invader this alien is in your bodyand it wants to make you better but if a fervor has just taken place while you weresick it doesn’t matter about regenerating the body at the moment because if you’reburnt by the fire you’ve gone so you’d need to get out so what happens is theblood stops have a job and it “re going to the” peripheral the arms the legsbecause we want to either oppose or flight now what’sinteresting is the stress hormone is triggered so much in today’s world againI share that in the video but it’s prompted so much in today’s world andif you ever think about the butterflies “youve got in” your stomachthat’s the fluttering of the blood which style should it going to be home or out you knowshould it get to this the point of what needs sorting out or should it go outand that can come anything from stage fright to really being faced with thefire so understanding your body is key so you need to work on building yourimmune system and that would be sleep good quality sleepthat would be exercise and not just this move cycling and razzing I’m a swimmerwhy can’t we swim right now what is the difference between this yes good foodvitamins and nutrients but most of all what is your mind telling you Imentioned in March the 7 vigour study and people say oh I don’t knowhow to mull I feel like I want to move there’s so much going on in my headexactly “lets get going” of is in accordance with the stillness as you start out if there’s so manythings in your leader how are you able even sort out the next thing that you want todo the reason why we study is to bring us back to the now and work outwhat’s important it doesn’t matter about the history doesn’t matter what’s gonebefore and I know we want to understand and move forward towards a future but againdon’t worry about that we can’t be addressed with the future have it in mind we needto deal with them now we can’t wipe the slate clean we can’t get amnesiasome people do so we have to accept what’s brought us to this point and whenwe think about it in in the February I said responsibility we’re allresponsible for this whether we like it or not and this may seem hard-boiled and I cango into a whole schpeel now but maybe that’s for another video but when weaccept responsibility for where we are and how we feel then we can do somethingabout it again I has spoken about the movie insideout inside out teaches you that no excitement is any better or any strongerthan the other you must deal with the feelings as they come upso while we’ve been in this lockdown have you noticed the chaoshave you taken responsibility have you checked in with your environment yourfamily are you prayed and studied have you asked those questions have youbecome the CEO of you are you taking charge are you go button of yourown life and your well-being we’re in lockdown right now when I initiate thisvideo we have no idea how long we’re in lockdown but I know I’ve done researchon the figures whether it be last year’s figures and the amount of deaths andthis year there’s no difference there is still deliveries we’re still going up sowhat’s going on something else and this pushed me down a rabbit fault and when Ifound myself in this rabbit hole I went through various stages but what I got towas cognitive dissonance sorry what’s the word cognitive dissonance you knowwe can’t profess we’ve been overloaded with informationand we can’t consent it.Next year is a 5 intensity and next year is aboutfreedom at the moment we are losing freedom of our own life our ownwell-being freedom to choose and freedom to speak numerous parties I’ve followed overthe years ought to have censored over this period of time you have to ask yourselfwhy you have to ask yourself if you’ve gone out what has changed I’ve gone outI’ve said in a previous video about mum being sick mum still sick mum hasn’t beenout of bunks since she’s come home really worried but they don’t want to call theambulance again because that will separate my mum and her husband and atthe moment love is keeping them together cherish is keeping them together we mustunderstand the ability of beloved in that’ Power vs.Force’ desire is at 500 if youcan stay um I don’t know what’s the word you know hovering around love you canget to the joy peace and then enlightenment back to this um cognitivedissonance so while I was on my wander I realised or it felt like there wassuch a loss and then a heartache set in and I want to share with you the 5 stagesof agony back in the 1960 s a psychiatristcalled Elisabeth Kubler-Ross spent duration detecting her patients andhow they behaved out their own terminal diagnosis everything is energyeverything now grief happens because we’ve had a loss now loss could be aloss of life and loved one has passed away it can also be a loss within arelationship a breakup a divorce or something coming a friend walking awaysomeone turning their back but there is a loss there it could be a lot of petsor floras it can be a loss of material things you know the somethings inyour life it can be a lot of a ideology counseling control they’re all forms ofloss and they are able to all work through the five theatres of regret not necessarilyall for every loss and not in any particular order and you may go in andout of some before you get to others let me share with you these five stages arethere in no particular order as I said but I’m going to number them 1 – 5so 1) is denial denial is a refusal to believe loss is real and the intelligence ischoosing to protect itself until it has enough information to process number 2) is anger now anger often comes after wecomprehend the loss we look to find targets for this loss and this can bringus anywhere between thwarting and fury 3) negotiating here’s where we attemptto strike an agreement with ourselves or higher sorce we’re doing this to copewith the agony we’re moving to doing because the being we feel the pain whenwe’re doing we don’t feel at this top guilt can be triggered andthis is when a whole cluster of what-ifs can come up number 4) is depressionwe realise that loss has happened life has changed it cannot go back life haschanged repents and spaces we can’t go back to the past and often the past canfeel like a lie the future is gone we don’t know where we’re going back toloss loss of direction there’s is it’s always going around everything is energyis always moving the 5) one is acceptancewe understand it’s happened it can’t be changedhere’s when we can start to move forward now this could be a point where we moveforward and we don’t go back but we can still go back because each time we findout something it’s like another level and another level so the 5 stagecoaches ofgrief I’ve place there now I want to share the 9 is about letting lead so we mayfind sure-fire plans crumbling I am crying that it’s not the immune systemI am praying it’s not family and I am crying that the 9 whacks down thesystem that’s destroying us right now I am crying that the 9 allows us tolet go to conclude but most importantly it allows us to forgive because when youunderstand this cognitive dissonance and where we’re going with what’s going on you start to question what you’ve donein your lifetime and I questioned myself gravely in matters relating to my children Ihave three children with X extent of challenges and havingwatched the documentary’ The Truth About Vaccines 2020′ Irealised that perhaps some of those challenges that my children have wouldnever have happened if I hadn’t given them the inoculations and that create me thinkexcuse me because I will get psychological now that manufactured me think they would havebeen better off if I hadn’t been alive I get they wouldn’t have been born if Ihadn’t been alive but that was a thought that come through and this is why I’veshared the five places of regret what I want to ask you here is would you liketo know how to find out the truth people say tome I don’t know what to believe anymore and I don’t know what to believe anymoreI said to you the route they did the different levels in’ Power vs.Force’ was to usekinesiology now kinesiology when you often see it it’s the appendage is out andanother person will come along and they put pressure on the arm or further downsomewhere in order to do that but you don’t ever saunter along with a duo, especially at the moment when we’re in social distancing so the lane I do it isI use my thumb and digit kinesiology can work with any part of your form andif you learn to know and if you’re sanded and you study more that youyou’ve got a space between the breath or the thinkings you can find the answersbut I do this another way of doing it if this doesn’t work I will explain afterbut I use my thumb and digit why? because it’s always with me 24/7 andevery week of the year and so because I was never confident in the beginning andI struggled to make decisions which I shared in one of my videos earlier thisyear is um you contain it together it doesn’t matter how tighten this is rightso hold it together like this and I ask myself is my name Jo? so is my name Jo? and for me it doesn’t “re going through” now for you it might go through just know whatit does when you’re asking a few questions you know to be true that’s what we’relooking for something we knowto be true only to calibrate then I request is my name’s Sheila so is my name’sSheila it doesn’t matter Sheila Sheila right it doesn’t matternow two daughters says mum this doesn’t work for her and I say you have tobelieve it is currently working you have to believe you are connected to sorce we areconnected to source I then ask the question am I aligned to soul so am Ialigned to my spirit yes very rarely am I not and that’s because I’m flappingaround about something and I need to stop and accompanying myself back in the momentI need to let my mind realign with me my daughter still can’t get this but whenshe has a question she must trust it somewhere because sheasked me if I can do that and if I do this on behalf of two daughters I just askher person for assent if you are on your journey like I am this will makesense and if “youre not” there more I want to say trust and give it a go andit doesn’t work use the coin but regardless so this is it so then I would ask ayes/ no question and I would like to start with very simple things like shall I havemeat or fish shall I turn left or right shall I swim in the indoor puddle or theoutdoor fund when I stopped getting the answers and if I followed this outcomeand when I buck the system because we must view what happens if we buck thesystem I got a bucked arise I’m telling youI’ve got a bucked make it’s a great lane to find the answer another way is touse the coin I wish I had a coin with me but I don’t have a coin with me rightnow but just take a coin heads or tails and it must be a yes/ no question so canI trust this fragment of information can I rely myself can I rely this…whatever it is I’ll go back to intelligences for fish tushes for chicken so to speak butwhat you’re looking for is when you toss the silver it’s not the resultyou’re looking at but the resonance in your person you’re looking for thedisappointment or the ahhh and if he’s gone against you’ll still getthis resonance because if he’s gone for the answer probably you thought youmight like then your um you’ve got your verification but what ifyou craved something and the copper come up the other way and you look to thecoin it come up the other way exactly notice the vigor everything is energywe are all energy I say this constantly we are all energy so if you can use thekinesiology or the coin you will be able to move through this with more certaintyyou’d be able to see things more clearly that reverberates for you I’ve elapsed thisinformation on to parties and they either pull me down and say now it doesn’t makeany impression because media says this or this notebook feels that or this person thatsays this it doesn’t matter what they say it’s what feels right for you and ifyou’re doing something and you think it feels right for you you must check inwith your well-being check in with your immune system check in with your heartlove overcomes all what are you going to let go of this month in order to impel yourimmune organization do better what are you going to let go of this month in order to better tolive a better organisation are you prepared to be dictated to do you want your freedombecause if we don’t have freedom next year there will be chaos, chaos Imean 5 represents the number of chaos but it’s also the number of freedom but 5means to understand the 4 power and create a productive freedom we havebeen mind-controlled I talk about the conceptions we’ve beenmind-controlled we’re not good enough we’re too solid went too thin were tooshort we’re too tall we’re uneducated very trained I’ve been told endlesstimes that I’m too this or not enough that and it doesn’t matterwhat way I turn I’m never ever right to anyone it is therefore educated me a long time agothat you’ve got to be right to you you must be right to you that’s what mattersand if you carry on following a plan because you’ve been told you need tostep back and say does it feel right for me right now 9 is the number oftransformation how do you want to transform yourself how do you want totransform your life your family how do you want to transform humanity if thisis a natural or man-made’ Plandemic’ it’s still natural because the natural energyforce will always prevail no matter what have faith have trust in you use some ofthese implements I share in my videos I know a number of you have written to merecently and I attempt to write back but I’m challenged constantly no matter howmuch I want to do it’s like every email I reply to ejects so first of all connectwith me below the video let me know you’re sending an email I will findit and if I have to send a reply back on a different email I will merely look outfor me I am there I am connecting it’s just not working things get into your waywhen you’re working up when you’re moving towards desire and enlightenmentthere will be challenges it’s easier to clang down and I’ve crashed down so manytimes as I’ve shared in past me I want to help you guys to heighten to living loveto be loved to absorb love to embrace love to overblow adoration because love isthe vigour source you need right now if you want to know more I understand moreabout numerology or go deeper I do deciphers consultations and mentorshipsmentorships are my favourite I can’t switch something in a see I can onlygive you so much in a consultation and I am a devotee that you can’t deal withpart of you need to deal with the whole you need to deal with the whole get in touch let’s work at conjure thisvibration let’s share my videos let’s spread the kindnes if you haven’t yetsubscribed please do push the buzzer for notifications I know I’m a bit slow atthe moment because of what’s going on a mum being really sick and everythingelse but only bear with me because I want to gift you this stuff I certainly dofor now 9 is about letting go just let go and be and if it’s the end of theworld so be it but when you let go and be guess what you start to get thedownload you start to get the direction or the nudge and then you can takeaction this is a year to build the foundation sometimes there is a requirement to knockthings down to rebuild next month is June is 1 vitality let’s hope we’resewing brand-new seeds of impunity thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my nextvideo take care of yourselves look after yourselves and LOVE your soul

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