4 Things to Expect for the NEW MOON in Cancer Energy Update July 9/10

4 Things to Expect for the NEW MOON in Cancer Energy Update July 9/10

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An in-depth discussion about the 4 main themes for the new moon in Cancer on July 9/10 – watch now so that you can reap the benefits of the cosmic energy coming your way!

In this episode, we discuss:

– The 4 Main Themes For The New Moon In Cancer
– New Moon Manifesting Ceremony
– Potentiality for New Romantic Relationships/friendships
– Making Your Manifestations Extremely Specific
– Your Soul Family Taking the Form
– Being Clouded By Neptunes Energy
– Receiving Mental and Emotional Clarity
– Improving Familiar Relationships
– Deep Healing Within Family

Timestamp Menu:
[3:10] New Moon Manifesting Ceremony
[5:00] Potentiality For Romantic Relationships
[7:30] Letting Go For The New
[9:50] Receiving Mental and Emotional Clarity
[10:50] Reconnecting With Family Members

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