444 ANGEL NUMBER FREQUENCY | 444Hz + Subliminal Affirmations (Law Of Attraction Sleep Meditation)

444 ANGEL NUMBER FREQUENCY | 444Hz + Subliminal Affirmations (Law Of Attraction Sleep Meditation)


If 444 Angel Number has appeared in your life, don’t ignore it. When 444 Angel Number appears in your life it’s a sign you’re on the right path and should keep going. The angel number 444 can often show itself when we feel down and depressed, it’s purpose is to reassure you that you’re on the right path and to not give up. This session was designed with 444Hz frequencies and subliminal affirmations to prime your mind to more easily identify the 444 Angel Number in your daily life.

Angel Number 444 is highly symbolic. 444 points to the 4 elements (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) these elements all hold energy that push nature forward. This means 444 is three times more powerful and if acted upon can create a massive difference in all aspects of your life, especially in your business and relationships. 444 Angel Number also represents the 4 main directions North, West, South, and East. When you see 444, it means that your Guardian Angel is guiding you to analyze your next major decision closely, a lucrative hidden path may be uncovered when 444 is presented.

444 Angel Number also holds biblical significance. On the 4th day, God created all the heavily bodies and the lesser light of the moon and the greater light of the sun. When you see Angel Number 444, it means that you should look deeper into your current situation and be open to new ideas and suggestions to light your path towards success.

444 Angel Number should not be ignored, if you feel lost or confused when 444 is present – ask for guidance and be receptive to the opportunity waiting right around the corner.

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? For best results, play the audio throughout the night as you sleep – with or without headphones.?

? NOTE: Volume shouldn’t be loud. Audio should be played at a low volume that allows you to fall asleep. ?

?? Sleep Meditation Playlists Below ??

? Angel Numbers: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6JJnvmXZbsuCw9kupX1AfD4uuqidmoZf

? Lucid Dreaming: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6JJnvmXZbstdjO85dpfpkzqqynkUU9VX

? Wealth: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6JJnvmXZbstHfjZcljGl-bbSdA25fyxu

?? Love: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6JJnvmXZbsvtdeop-FWS97_pHKb7gXOF

? Health: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6JJnvmXZbss8mySf8l_gkKRD5ABj-AVJ
?? Timestamps:
0:00 Important Info
0:20 Intro
0:25 Meditation Visuals
20:30 Sleep Meditation (Dark Mode)
? Subliminal Messages:
1.) I notice 444 in my life.
2.) I?m looking for guidance in my life.
3.) I ask for 444 to appear.
4.) I am open to seeing the signs.
5.) I am connected with my Guardian Angel.
6.) I know my Guardian Angel will give me aid when I need it.
7.) I see 444 everywhere.
8.) I know 444 will appear when I need it most.
9.) I know my Guardian Angel will guide me to success.
10.) I know my Guardian Angel will guide me to love.
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We hope you enjoyed today?s 444 Angel Number meditation. Please share your 444 experiences in the comments, it means so much to others on their path to hear it. Wishing you much happiness and many blessings!
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