5 Ways to Make This NEW MOON the Best One YET! 🌑♍️ New Moon in Virgo Energy Reading

5 Ways to Make This NEW MOON the Best One YET! 🌑♍️ New Moon in Virgo Energy Reading

Earthy energy incoming! In today’s video, I talk about September’s New Moon in Virgo on the 6th/7th and how you could best use the energy to manifest. I also share the 5 things you should be doing during this new moon!

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September’s New Moon Energy
Tending to your past manifestations
Re-committing to your routine and your goals

(05:05) Changing Something Significant In Your Life
(08:50) Bringing Order To The Chaos
(10:35) Recommit To Your Daily Routine
(11:35) Tend To Your Manifestations
(14:00) Be Of Service

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