777 Hz + 432 Hz ! Attract Positivity + Luck + Abundance ! Reprogram Your Mind For Success

777 Hz + 432 Hz ! Attract Positivity + Luck + Abundance ! Reprogram Your Mind For Success

Soothing 777 Hz + 432 Hz frequency for attracting positivity, luck, and abundance. Reprogram Your Mind for Success While You Sleep. This combination of 777 Hz and 432 Hz abundance meditation frequency is not something you go after necessarily but something you attract by becoming an attractive person.

In 432 Hz you can hear the beat of the earth, some researches say this is good for our health and it just feels better. 432Hz music is the nature sounds. This can help you relax and ease your stressed and tight body. You can easily fall asleep listening to the calming and soothing sound of these music playing.

While, 777Hz ancient Solfeggio frequency enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love. This frequency can be used as a means for opening a person for communication with all-embracing Spirit. 777 is your angel giving you encouragement. Never forget that your angel is there for you even through the darkest moments of your life. 777 is proof it is there and guiding you. Remember to never give up!

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Artist: Supernatural Brainwave Power
SNO: R386
Gfx by Supernatural Brainwave Power Ltd.

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Benefits of 432 Hz Solfeggio Frequency
– Its natural existence creates harmony among listeners.
– 432Hz is associated with enhancing mood and alleviating fatigue.
– It prevents the listener from psychotic symptoms paranoia and anxiety that are associated with 440 Hz.
– Its softness and clarity are ear-friendly as there is no need to play loud music.

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Our inner peace & balance is manifested at the subconscious level. Our inner self always tries to maintain our body’s balance and health but our beliefs always interferes. So “If you believe you can, you can”. Positive energy that you manifest with every single positive thoughts, visualization and your hard work, are the key to success with the law of attraction. Our meditation music helps in the manifestation of the deepest healing at your aura level. It thereby helps deepen your law of attraction meditation, helping you ground and awaken your inner power source (spiritual awakening).
In this modern era, sound pollution has altered the natural frequency of our cells; as a result, we suffer from mental and physical conditions, diseases, illnesses etc.
Music awakes you, Music changes your mood, Music makes you happy, Music relaxes you, now feel the power of music to heal you and awaken you. Certain healing frequencies and rhythmic sound waves has the positive energy to heal the Body, Mind and Soul. Let our sleep meditation music flow the positive energy into your life, even while you sleep.

All rights reserved. © Copyright of Supernatural Brainwave Power Ltd. All our music are our original composition & production. They are strictly for personal use only. Do not re-sample, re-upload, reuse, bundle into app, re-layer another music track or perform any illegal activities with our music.

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