Abundance Meditation 24/7? Awakening Positive Energy ! Miracle Law Of Attraction Manifestation Music

Abundance Meditation 24/7? Awakening Positive Energy ! Miracle Law Of Attraction Manifestation Music

We bring you this abundance meditation music for the abundance of positive energy. We invite you to listen to this 432 Hz music while you finish off your before sleep prayer, ask the universe or ask the god for what you want and let the divine source fulfil your prayer.
It is said that what you repeat and rehearse one day becomes a reality, This is true in the view of law of attraction as well.

Have you ever had that you are what you think? Well, this is not mere superstition. It is a fact based on law of attraction which is one of the laws that govern the universe. Ideally, the law of attraction is the ability to attract whatever things we focus on in our lives. This law uses the power of the mind to translate and materialize our thoughts in reality. For instance, if you want to attract money you should harbor positive thoughts of getting money.

Therefore, if you focus on a certain goal and positive thoughts, you will find a way to achieve your goals in a massive action. On the flip side, if you focus your mind on doom and gloom, you will remain in poverty and lack. Every day, deliberately or otherwise, we send out thoughts waves and emotion and attract more of what we give out. It is very easy and consequently dangerous to leave your thoughts unchecked. The reason is that you send out wrong thoughts and attract unwanted events and emotions in your life.
Final Word

This law can help you attract money. Practically, you should fill your mind with thoughts of you having money. Think about yourself as a rich man. In a nutshell, it is prudent to learn how to control your mind by entertaining good thoughts. You will be amazed by how successful you will turn out to be.
More about the secret of the law of attraction meditation can be found on our website here: https://SupernaturalBP.com/manifesting-anything-and-everything-you-need-through-law-of-attraction/

This music 432Hz tuned so it resonates with the nature vibration and connects you with the universe frequency. The sleep meditation music is very soothing so it actually relaxes your body muscles that you enter a state which you would be dreaming. But at that point of time, you are manifesting and already thinking of your goals and desires for the future. Read more about this on our website here: https://SupernaturalBP.com/why-432-hz-tuned-music/

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Artist: Supernatural Brainwave Power

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Spiritual Abundance: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGtkSYTrNehEDLQilSNJiXwAGp4qkWjac
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Miracle Meditation Music: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGtkSYTrNehGU7O6B5KyzF9-khSbkRgRG

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Dear Pure Spirit,
Welcome to Supernatural Brainwave Power. From the deepest part of our heart, we wish you unconditional love, light, peace, health and wellbeing.
We wish to bring balance, healing, spirituality and connection to the universe rising your vibration enabling your connection to the ultimate power source. We want to offer you music for prayer meditation, deep reflation, relaxation and prayer so you can feel relaxed. We want you to be in a good mindset to ask the Universe to bring light and healing onto your life.
We put all our heart and soul in creating every music and video to the best of our abilities to bring more healing, love, light and good vibrations into this world.
All rights reserved. ? Copyright of Supernatural Brainwave Power Ltd.

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