Astro-Numerologist Predicts 2021 For Numbers 1, 2 & 3

Shree Ganesh! I am Astro-Numerologist, Sanjay B Jumaani And I welcome you all to this annual forecast video! Firstly, here’s bidding everyone a very prosperous year ahead! I is our sincere hope, from the bottom of my middle that As opposed to last year, 2021 is indeed a HAPPY new year! People often say that 2020 left them speechless! But we had forewarned them all- In our 2020 Prediction video. Where we denounced the year without any hesitation! I feel, our choice of words were quite unpleasant. But we revealed exactly what the numbers uttered. And unfortunately, our worst panics rang true! This year was nothing less than a cruelty movie; And if you are watching this video, Cocooned between the walls of your home/ role, Consider yourself consecrated, and be highly appreciated. Here’s a view of what we had predicted about’ loathsome 2020 ‘, last year- To watch countless such astounding prophecies, Do like& subscribe to our canal, And too share this video with your loved ones. Youre probably aware that no one other than us Jumaanis Had marked China to raise the world on its knees, And numerous such astonishing predictions! So this is your Captain Sanjay B Jumaani taking off- To a wander is how 2021 shall fare for all numbers from 1 to 9! If you are born on the 1st, 10 th, 19 th or 28 th, You are governed by No. 1, represented by the Sun. As per your sort, you are not easily welcoming to fiats/ words, As you tend to have natural lead knowledge due to the influence of Sun. However in this mercurial year, pandemic or no pandemic, Try and elect the diplomatic route. Remember, if need be, we even resort to throning a mule. 2021( Number 5, Mercury) defrosts due to the heat of the sunlight rays. In detail, it is the planet closest to the Sun. So bracing yourselves for some ups& downs. It wouldn’t be safe to indiscriminately trust others, As the ground may be slippery, just like Mercury found in a thermometer! Before venturing into any partnership/ treat, Get down to its nitty-gritty. In matters of finance, you will progress significantly as to report to 2020. But are substance additions and fund indeed everything? Cherish your relationships, and shell out quality time for your loved ones. The outspoken approaching has not been able to always be your best bet! At times, let your heart decide for you. Go that extra mile for your loved ones; it will be worth it! At ages, you may find yourself preferably disorient while determine something.Due to the proximity of Mercury, that is precarious. Without stressing any further, take each step as it comes. Sometimes it’s best to spectate instead of steering through. In matters of health, you will have abundance of energy, But it is essential that you channelize it correctly! If you are born on the 2nd, 11 th, 20 th or 29 th of any month, You are governed by the dreamy, nostalgic and clever Moon. The force of Moon would save you sucked in your dream-land! However, you must remember that in order to fulfil your dreams, You need to snap out of them and stay awakened! If you succeed in giving tour of bygones& antipathies, You will be able to get rid of the harmful negativity encircling you! This year, foster yourself to influence your dreams& intentions. Enhance your prowes to show your knowledge the light-footed of the day! You will also get a platform to showcase your knowledge this year. The positives that you must focus on/ work upon this year are- Speed, communication, force& compatibility! Tread carefully while dealing in fiscal substances. Exclusively forestalled endowing exactly because others are doing so.People working in service require environments like Teaching, Coaching, Law, Accountancy, Interior/ Dress Designing, Yoga, Spa, Beauty Parlour, Reiki, Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, etc. may make more name and glory this year! Keep your feelings in check, As number 5( 2+0+2+1= 5) is represented by’ slippery Mercury .’ A late start doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the party. Lastly, combination your practical believe with your sixth sense. Make every effort to become a slave to your own mind& centre! Yenna Rascala! Like Mr. Rajnikanth, you are governed by No. 3 more, If you are born on the 3rd, 12 th, 21 st or 30 th of any month. And you are influenced by Jupiter( Guru) – the most difficult planet! Jupiter is a establish planet, also known as the Teacher, And digit 5 of 2021 represents Mercury or Knowledge! There is no wealth like lore, and no poverty like knowledge. Students “whos been” their exams/ strives pending this year, Should work hard, as the stars are already in your favour.But during my 10 th tier, when I fasted in the name of Goddess Santoshi, Im certain that I did not clear my quizs simply because I celebrated a fast. Professors are also students, since life is the biggest teacher! So those of you in the education field can glitter too, Be it a schoolteacher/ student. Jupiter is the biggest planet which stirs you ambitious& emphatic. You may even scale to newer& increased streets in 2021! Financially, this year may be more decent than last year, Provided you utilise your coin in an appropriate fashion.If you prioritise well, you are eligible to even shave off some pays comfortably. But if you choose stubbornness& ego over Practicality, then you may have to pay the price for it. Lean which mode high winds is blowing to turn the tables in your promote! Even though you are family familiarized, and undoubtedly you love your family, Try to show the ardour by is becoming more expressive. You will earn more love and respect than what the hell are you establish, Especially with respect to their feelings and feelings. In the interests of your health, stop over-thinking.Blend Nature, friends and harmless enjoyable with your turbulent work schedule. The best news is, 2022 supplements up to 6; One of your best times is just around the corner! If you have any assets, finance or dimension distributes that are in the pit, You can come out of it by the end of 2022. Amethyst, a semi-precious stone will be rather treasured for you. So unlike last year, this year will be prospering. Yes. You heard it right , not phosphorous.And I hope that this year we recover 5 times faster. So here is wishing you all a 5-star year! Happy rejuvenating 2021! Thank you for watching this video so patiently. I hope you liked this video. If yes, then delight like, share& subscribe to our path. So told you soon in 2021 with some brand-new projections. Shree Ganesh !.

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