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welcome welcome welcome back family welcometo the Reiki healing Hope Community a lieu to unwind be yourself and be surrounded by peoplein a community that really wants to see you blossom I am Jessica I am a Reiki Master practitioner andan intuitive and today we have a special session a healing beloved attractivenes sessions that you seewe have our climb quartz we’re gonna be using our zebra striped agate and our theatre lien to justhold the seat but this is the crystal we’re gonna be using and I have my climb quartz and heelsbecause next Monday for two weeks we’re gonna be doing a ardour pull beloved healing healingpast beloved disfigures luring brand-new adoration working on self for Valentine’s Day or what I used to callsingle person Awareness Day and it is all good and it’s all gonna be a space to attract thatlove build up that self inspect and merely feeling treaty and be in love yourself with another personmaintain that relationship in your life so let’s go ahead and get started now if you need anyplaylists specific a compassion playlist you can check the description box below and if you’renew to the channel remember to Like comment and agree but most importantly to commentbecause I love you I merely question that if you do statement you note for the most prominent vibrationof it exclusively if we are to be able stop this a safe community that everybody adores coming back to and if youwere watching this Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m.Est I’m on live converse so come through show melove sending you a middle so to get started let’s begin by lighting our candle “were having” our firstcandle kind of like a beacon our second candle I’m gonna go and set that one down now no candlethe super important the reason why our candle is important is because as we pluck force that nolonger serves us we’re making that we’re sending it to the transformational loudnes of saint-remyand that is represented by our candle and so we talked about how to impart our candle before ourprevious video we talked about the importance so if you want to learn more about the thought I’llleave that connect in the description box but let’s go ahead and is starting so the road that we startout every rehearse is we start with a devotion it is not a religious prayer only a petition to connectus to our individual healing ordeal as well as community so do I have your permission to saya prayer okay man take your hand because you are a part of community do your mother fatherGod and all four eyes good please connect us to the Reiki captains the ascended mastersmaster Jesus master Buddha master kotomi Ocean Mao who I turn all the tourists please connectus to our ancestors our ancestry or heart navigate heart animals arc angels and furnish our highestvibrational good only please fruit is done in our individual healing know-how and connect usas parish and I say all of this the name I am a dishonor I say I say Amen y’all just take a deepbreath three penetrating sighs two more final gulp breathe deeply I’m just gonna do pulling outfor any kind of presumptions we might have this love attraction is anchored in bringing thatlove that wishes to into their own lives from a target of healing from your highest hum soyou’ve gotta have what you want we gotta get you there so we gotta clear out this goodstuff we’re gonna do our springtime cleaning now when I went still now you can focus on the rosequartz as well I selected these other two stones to simply keep us grounded so that we don’tfloat off in apparition or disillusion that we’re not pull something that reallyisn’t for our eyes it’s just what we think we want rather than what we truly want or wetruly need okay good enterprise now wherever you’re at time allow your gaze to lower or you can kindof stare off in the distance you can stare at the candle extremely and just relax your eyes and asyou’re breathing in as you’re breathing in I require you to think about the characteristicsjust working on your halo and your chakras here I miss you to think about the characteristicsthat you want your true love to be it can be if you’re attracting a adoration it can be self-loveor it can be to anchor down below in your life okay “ve been thinking about” it what kind of health doesthis person have does this person that could help what is the finances of this person are theyable to take care of themselves I’m into salving are they into the things that you’re into you alldon’t have to have the same diversions but have an understanding personality that if you’re watchinga Reiki healing video on YouTube they’re not gonna find that weird they might be like oh that’scool regardless if they want to participate or not it’s gonna you know let you do your thing howabout what they look like now instead of choosing a face of maybe somebody you know how about justkeeping an open thought of what you like so if you like somebody who’s physically fit add that toyour roll or if you like somebody who’s a abrupt dresser you like somebody who fragrances delightful youlike somebody who carries themself a certain way or a combination of all those prevent an openmind that instead of thinking of this one person that you’re like oh I want that person relaxedallow the universe to “ve brought you” the claim person that could be the person or it could be someonebetter and I know when you’re by yourself or you feel like oh I’m not happy at this moment if youthink of someone that you think might work and you haven’t you know allured the right personyet how can I get better believe me it can get better it can get a whole lot better okay don’tsell yourself short that’s a part of it now what I want you to do here is I want you to see youtwo going on the date what the hell is you be doing how would they know would you form them feelhelped they obligate “youre feeling” no I want to see you living with this person you all are living ina home together going through your actual daily routines what does it look like are you racingeach other to the shower each morning to see who gets into the bathroom first what’s going onthere now I miss you to imagine grocery shopping with this person what are their favoritefoods can you cook if you can’t cook perhaps you decide that you want to try perhaps they are abetter cook maybe that’s what you want you demand someone who can cook themselves now dependingon your desire male/ girl anything in between only focus on that energy if you experience thatmasculine force if you experience that feminine force if you like someone who plays with thatenergy whatever that ought to you I miss you to breathe him I want you to feel how that feelswhen you two are together I miss you to lay on their dresser and either wrap your appendages aroundthem or have them wrap their arms around you and describe that feeling it’s safety is itlove what I mean emotionally security it could be you know this person is bigger than you andyou like that or it can be um that’s physical but or it was possible to psychological refuge this personmakes you feel good you have good energy okay now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna challenge youfor the rest of the week I demand you to continue to walk about your life as if you were living withthis person every time you get up in the morning you caresses them on the buttock you tell them goodbyeeven if it’s just in your brain you take them on dates or they take you on dates you talk to themyou’re close to them you do everything that you would want them to do you promote this out so rightnow what I’m feeling is mmm nervousness from you because I don’t think you believe it can happen Ithink that it’s split up so for the single people I don’t think that you believe this can happenquickly um I think you’re thinking that it’s more complicated than it actually is it is actuallyvery simple at this moment mm and the letter I’m getting for you is the universe is saying justtake it easy on yourself and love yourself if you can find intense self love for yourself thisperson won’t come sooner but I think that you get into the cycle of all this person that’s nothere hitherto I’m trying to digit myself out that it that you can’t even break this repetition because themoment that you step out of that round you have intense anxiety because you don’t want to fall againyou don’t want to feel like you tried something and it didn’t work out and the universe is sayingforget all of that nonsense literally beginning down and connect your heart and know that you are worthyand walk through if you don’t see the life that you want with this person they’re not gonna comein oh and an important thing is the person that you see in your life make sure that they areavailable cuz that’s not gonna move you happy if they’re with somebody else and you want them toyourself so determined that desire they are available that no one is coming in between you that theyhave the same long-term judgments as you intending if you want to get married or if you want to havekids either or whatever it is you time want to have a long-term partnership that they share those viewsas well because that within itself can cause the dissonance within a beautiful relationship sofor those single people just take it easy merely use this time to understand and solidify what youtruly want because you know I precisely enjoy it it’s okay if you feel a little crazy while you’re doingit that’s fine we off a little crazy from time to time but precisely get it on I demand you to feel it now andI don’t want you to have to wait until he being shown in in your life to feel it feel it nowbe open and responsive to that title party not this person who has 50% of what you want butthis person who has all of what you want and that you are they are attracting you as well thatyou are everything that they need probably in the past you’ve been settling for people who aren’twhat you want but you just want to make it work because they maybe have some of what you want oryou want to work on them there’s tons of things that wonderful pairs are still gonna have towork on okay so the not that a relationship is gonna be perfect but goal it is a way of like I’mdeserving of such person or persons in they are deserving me tell us lure one another now for my family whoare in relationships this is a little different because when you’re single that first impressionyou have a hundred percent verify over even if you think well I don’t want this president I thinka certain way when you get into a relationship you all can get stuck in roles and it is hardto break what you all dupes are but this is a time for you to really step out on your ego alove tour and this is a message for those in a relationship where those who are just seeking todeepen their self-love this is the time for you to step up on your self-love journey you do not needyour partner’s permission um you need you do not need their buy-in for you to feel good to feelhappy and I think if you’re able to unplug that that need in that desire that well they needto share this experience with me well I’m gonna wait for them so that we can do this togetherand start securing township of yourself they’re going to see you happy even if in the beginningthey’re like hating on you or something like oh you think you’re out there trying to do X Y& Zokay whatever you know don’t even think about it merely stop keep it moving but as soon as you gethappy it’s gonna be infectious they’re going to want to be around you more they’re going to wantto do the things you’re doing because that’s what it is right now if you have a repetition of just likenegativity or it doesn’t even have to be that is so horrible it could just be like things arestagnant you know and it doesn’t mean stagnant like you don’t wanna be together anymore asI’m like that exactly sluggish happens it’s a regular thing so being in this rotation you haveto be the person to break it you you can’t expect them to do it because you have to be the leaderin the relationship when it comes to this and there’s nothing wrong with being a leader evenif you want someone to lead you you are well aware instead you if you’re a chap or girl you’re looking forwhatever or someone in between it’s okay you have to take the reins now and you have to show howto do this because when you have that courage it teaches other people to have that fortitude tooand sometimes if you try to break it down to them they are also won’t get it I am trying to becourageous I demand you to be courageous extremely you just have to do it they’re gonna appreciate youmore by actually living it out then if you tell them you know easier said than done so if you doit they’re going to buy into it and they’re gonna love you and they’re gonna want to be around youthere might be a little dissonance because people don’t like when you undermine a routine so that’s okaybut getting to the other side and most importantly you are the person who holds your merriment no oneelse your partner is here to share that happiness for you all to share experiences but you have tohold that happiness within your mind don’t shape me or everything okay I’m not gonna stir you myeverything what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna work on myself root down in things that spawn me happyso that when I’m around you I do not fetching any negativity to you that we share experiences thatwe share memories that we are in love together and we are in light together but we’re not relying onthe other person to complete you know you that’s more of like this toxicity because sometimespeople can do it and you fall off you feel like oh my gosh what have we done XYZ so for thislove attraction you all have done a stupendous position so you really really experienced this handling inthe ceiling topic starting February 3rd we’re going to be doing two weeks of a desire exclusivehealings so we’re gonna be doing paw progress whisperings pulls made use of a station so we’regonna do this work exclusively to create that 11 to your life plucking and protruding and all thatstuff so you did a superb errand today category let’s go ahead and clear you out I’m gonnaput our crystal down our climb amber quartz and somewhere advice would be to feel free tocarry rose quartz with you I like rose quartz in pitch-black tourmaline Black Tourmaline kindof thrusts away lower vibrational intensity and rose quartz opens up that heart reallythat reputation of desire and I hope that you can see my fingernails let me witness my arise quartzpeels so let’s go ahead and clear you out consuming miss to time allow you to feel the best foryourself is tremor and because we believe in reciprocity for myself thank you all my love’s sono one has said it to you to sit today I’m gonna go ahead and “re saying it” I love you I’m so proud ofyou and I cannot wait with the beautiful things that you continue to do and until next time takecare of yourself and rightfully be in love with life if you want to keep watching click on the box

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