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what skill do you think you had as you have said before rap enabled me to get out of the mm-hmm projects right what was it that you think enable you to to do it so well I think it was just a god-given talent because uh you know I don’t write anything when I’m recording I don’t write melodics I just listen to the music and I formulate the song like merely off the priorities in my front I just go over the texts again and again until I have the song and they’re not just going in I record it so exactly god-given talent and it was Drive also it was Drive I intend it was tough I means that we toured the whole eastern seaboard because that’s why I Records come frisked we we couldn’t applying national yet so we would talk all the way up to North Carolina only just slam that area not even Atlanta we just all owe it to North Carolina we were schooled time jump in the van and just drive ourselves and really do incessant endless indicates I intend with 20 beings in the building sometimes just right yeah ever believing we get better and better in general mm-hmm understanding they know specially brand-new masters they know you know that it’s someone there that understands you know what they’re going through and they’re thinking and I can go in the studio and write a made as well so you know gives you more supremacy it’s a period know is not simply can he stroll the walking he can talk the talk absolutely or talk you know I’m not a guy I’m not a chap blaming the records who’ve never prepare it you know I’m a actor coach-and-four a chap who’s been on the field yeah you know you notice they drive as a Oh announcers specialist football analysis or basketball it cultivates better when it’s coming from someone who’s play like that now it’s broccoli even as brash as he is it’s been there you know you have to that guy’s ahold of Fame player so if he’s saying something it gotta have a bit of credence to it it’s John McEnroe and tennis and John McEnroe Bueller me and golf and accurately on and on and on all right well I’m gonna ask you a few questions about be marrying this something that I want to hear your opinion on because marriage is kind of characterized by a basic organize of experiences what is it about union that spurns all of these issues wealth position power it all comes back ups these same things no matter where you come from or what you’re doing in your life I suppose relationships in general have that commonality that outside of social status or fortune or the designation that you hold that you impounded you know those those things that are endearing are that we create a relationship are in place everywhere you know even outside of the matrimony you know how you feel about someone honesty integrity and how you carry it so that’s not monetary or government functions of fund yeah that’s all it’s not um a characteristic of marriage have an interesting idea that I believe into you know you look at certain people like Oprah mm-hmm and one only has this undying respect for her because of what she’s done right because of the idea of excellence and what she’s done with it title tell me about that Oh I represent the others and you can tell me who else um yeah oh nice it’s so many people picture you a success exactly it’s so few people that make it out and make it to to send to these levels of success that you know when someone extends is like run leave go run is pro girl go yeah go as you can go like please you know and everyone champions huh because your visibility brings us all that’s right arouses us in title that’s right and and it’s the sense of it can be done it’s like wow you know she made it you are familiar with perhaps I can make it now gentleman now there’s a knot of little good little pitch-black girl children and neighborhoods like you know who wanna depart make it you know they have a role model but here’s the other interesting thing to let me you deal with beings you know that our competitors parties have said things about you that you didn’t peculiarly like since they are make shots at the guys at the top right and hitherto you somehow are able to take it with a certain you know you have to you know you have to what one um some armored Sony dare you have to you are familiar with because you know you got to realize what what’s behind it it’s really not anything personal you are familiar with because I don’t know he’s just ambition yeah it’s the goal talking because I don’t know these people hardly ascertain them and we don’t cross directions for the most part I don’t know I know it’s more a competitive thing like it’s your the guy in accordance with the rules of the number one spot and I crave it that’s that’s it it’s just a competitive play and that’s just it comes with the job when you want to shape the rationale for hip move as favourite culture and as something special what’s the argument you make about its poem about the trendy hop’s poetry and the sign on trendy hop-skip or some of the best ever the double entendres and the tales being told all the while rhyming and standing on hit and and showing ardours and having beings connect to those feelings oh adult that’s you’re not some of the best music ever ever ever you know not to not any other industry like the things that that hip-hop artists sing about those are real things those are things that people connect to and that’s why the hip-hop artists have advances parties follow them because the things they’re saying reverberate with beings you know it’s it strikes a chord when it’s done correctly the affection in hip-hop and the raw honesty and the poetry and what and what and what we’re saying is unrivaled its unmatched we may can hold a music but that’s technological that’s technological we can put couplets together you know amazing couplets in syncopation you know we may can’t view a music that’s different you are familiar with but like I said that’s technological what we doing spiritually and with the verse is it’s moving I look at myself as a person that you know at the spearhead as an ambassador but like I said when I do things I try to represent the culture and the positive flare are demonstrating that we can mature you know I was that guy as well you are familiar with I was that person was reckless and you know and the whole nine you are familiar with I was a product of my environment but as I stretched and I got to see interesting thing you know my finesse statu it’s it rosters no pun intended no I believed what I thought was uh this is my next gradation this is the next this is the L you are familiar with my next step in the evolution or whatever for me you know to ascend to this executive level this is something that I’m supposed to be doing and everything I do I do it I with the culture in head with hip-hop and with our coaching memory like to do things like that to ascend to ranks that other people haven’t I imply it’s an craftsman you are familiar with and be successful at it that implies the doors open for the next generation you know of artists so I thought that you know this is something I must be given to do I can move so many hours and exactly keep going out of[ __] you do that because it’s me it’s really me like I’m just talking what I go through whatever it is and be it good I might say worse[ __] in the world but it’s new but then you saying[ __] that build beings in the scarf do crime if you know you’re gonna do it because you hanker do it but then you don’t help them are you saying that you should well you can might have gone that is that that my mom’s a bayonet yo[ __] it’s all good buster same mimo channel you turn the downfall real good yeah the evil yeah the buttock yeah it’s heaven even as hell[ __] the working day you Cruise for the purposes of the 7 the next day you the alibis a mansion on[ __] catching up you hit with the Rico they repo that vehicle she was all good merely a week ago about to start snitchin ain’t you ready to start bitching ain’t you I forgive you I forgive you hustling you st.You aside from the fast movement long as I shake the ass and pellets you know you wouldn’t be involved with the underworld marketers carriers of Mac Millie East Coast body is Western coast cat mainstays little monkey[ __] turned guerrillas these are my mom’s B this is my first I said something earlier in a woman of interviews I indicated by the dated Bharati because people took it the wrong way said that the dated on Barack gotta less elected the gangster became less related yeah and that’s true because we’ve only seen that option when I grew up there were no advocates and doctors in my vicinity I checked the dope boys so that’s what I emulated but now there’s juxtaposition so I don’t mean that you know you know I realized it out no gangsters is mawkish and robbers distributed according to that I went through that you know I’m saying so it’s difficult I don’t want to denounce something that I went through and say because I’ve constitute it that it’s not cool anymore what I’m saying is on one position that’s all we’ve seen we are therefore emulated that but now we have something else to look to when the kid grows up and you tell them man you can be the president of the free world it was a real thing now that’s a very difficult task and it’s gonna take all it takes a lot right but it is possible

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