GET LOST LOVE BACK | Manifest Your Ex Back *POWERFUL* (Law Of Attraction Meditation w/ Subliminals)

GET LOST LOVE BACK | Manifest Your Ex Back *POWERFUL* (Law Of Attraction Meditation w/ Subliminals)

Get Lost Love Back with this daily law of attraction meditation with subliminal messages. This session aids with manifesting your ex and/or separated twin fame back into your life. Made with 432Hz frequencies and subliminal affirmations, this law of attraction meditation works by shifting your subconscious mind and external energy to match your goals and make manifestation work faster. This is also our first ever daily law of attraction meditation that’s only 11 minutes and just as powerful as our sleep meditations!

✅ For maximum benefit, listen to this full 11 minute session daily, for at least 21 days or more. This session can be used for as long as you’d like, even after your desires are manifested to maintain positive results in your life.

⚠️ Important Note: It’s okay to miss a day or two on occasion (totally get it, life happens)! However, missing many days often could result in unsatisfactory results. So make sure to make this session a daily habit so manifestations happen rapidly!

🎧 Subliminal Messages:
1.) My true love is coming back into my life.
2.) My true love is obsessed with me.
3.) My true love is searching for me, as I search for them.
4.) I am worthy of love and affection.
5.) I am happy and confidant about myself.
6.) My true love and I heal from all past trauma.
7.) My true love wants to grow with me, and become the best we can be.
8.) My true love and I fall deeper in love everyday.
9.) I am ready to meet them and know they will come into my life soon.
10.) Our energies are reuniting now, and soon we will be reunited physically.
11.) My true love and I have self-love and will be happy together.
12.) Everyday I feel empowered knowing the universe will fulfill my desires.

🕒 Timestamps:
0:00 Brainwave Therapy
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0:15 Instructions & Important Info
0:28 Visualizer

We hope you enjoyed our first ever 11 minute daily law of attraction meditation for manifesting your ex and/or separated twin flame back into your life! If you have any questions, or want to share your experience please leave it in the comments – I always make time to read what everyone comments.
Other Important Info:
💠 For best results, play the audio throughout the night as you sleep – with or without headphones.

🔆 NOTE: Volume shouldn’t be loud. Audio should be played at a low volume that allows you to fall asleep.

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