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in this episode we’re here with ReganHillier an entrepreneur and personal blooming tutor who helps peopleachieve the mods that they need to succeed and develop their business Reganhas been in the industry for 10 years and has had an online business for twoyears that allows her to travel and live around the world today she shares whatyou need to do to take an aligned action and chief success from inside to make abigger impact with your business if you own a gym or it is necessary to a gym this is yourguy my reputation is Mike and I cure fitness studios that are ready to take actionwork hard and stretch their Studios in this very saturated manufacture there’s tons ofcompetition but the opportunities are incredible we’ll cover the most commonchallenges in the fitness life and invite guests in the show that havelearned to overcome them and share their strategies with you this is the GSD show what’s up everybody and welcome back toanother episode of the GSD show and today I am here with Regan Hillier myname is Mike RC and I wanted to make sure you guys understand how importantthis episode is this is a transitional episode we are going on a hiatus afterthis chapter and I require you guys to start checking out the fearless demo whichis going to be the next thing that we’re doing shocking guests on that appearance and Iso appreciate all you guys following and watching and listening in and we wantedto make sure this last-place bout was incredible and you have the rightmindset to go into the next phase of your outing now as an industrialist andI couldn’t think of a better practice to get it on then with this person right hereRegan Regan thank you so much for coming on the GSD show thanks for having meMike it’s awesome to be here if there’s anyone that knows how to get shit doneit to you so I asked you earlier today where’s home would you say the worldliterally that’s a big house it’s a big house all right so let’s talk about homewhat do you want by that the world is your home what do you know well I feelhome in a lot of different places and I stay in a lot of cool places buttechnically speaking I’m trip full-time I’m speaking I’m runningevents I’m jumping literally all regions of the world but some of those wanderings arejust for pleasure right yeah well actually it’s always with purpose andthen I ever tag pleasure on through that okay so I tend to design it whereit’s like ooh I want to speak there find an episode there and we do that and thenit’s like okay let’s stay there for a few weeks or two and this is normal for younow oh very normal but it’s not ordinary for most world-wides right right you get ahouse you get an apartment that’s the way it undertakings so let’s talk about normalin the sense that everyone else thinks is normal rightwhen was your life ever regular did that was her everything before this with theworld was your room right it used to be very very normal okayso growing up I grew up in New Zealand in Auckland and I had a very normalfamily still do they live in one place and you know they very much believed ineducation so they were like you know go to school work really hard get goodgrades follow information systems go to university college and sorry I did thatand I “d no idea” what I wanted to do my dad always said you know if I had thatopportunity I would have been an architect so I’m actually deemed to be ornot and architect even though I’ve never practised or use in an architecturalfirm ever in my life but I finished my grade but it was at that point in timewhere I actually had a university lecturer come in and get us to visualizeour future like 20 times out and I started examining myself in one place bythe nature sitting in a job that I didn’t reallylove and I started reflecting wow you know what is this what life is really allabout and that’s what flip me into personal development and wealth creationand looking at what is the location free life like like that’s where itreally all started this like vast pain and really only not being satisfied withwhere I was going some specific examples of where it all started I necessitate who wereI know Tim Ferriss talks a good deal about that but were there’s influencers thatyou were like I can do that because they’re doing that I can do it very yeahdefinitely well Tim Ferriss was one of those people I literally predict his bookas a Bible over and over and over again but my most highly very first mentor was aman who is am located out of Australia called Jamie McIntyre self-mademulti-millionaire pretty well known in Australia and New Zealand and I was atuniversity and googling how do I discontinue my nine-to-five job now I didn’t even havea 95 place so I was trying to quit it for I was in it right and then I came acrossan e-book like I’m this generation right and the e-book I read it and it was itsomething like him you know the things that I didn’t learn at school but wish Ihad and live into a free four-day event and fromthere that’s when I started ascertaining Wow oh my gosh there’s business thisstrategy there’s property there’s this there’s that and I did a good deal and becamesuper overwhelmed but that’s another story but that’s who my passage reallystarted with all that so how do you make a living where does your coin come fromto be able to grow and trip and do all the things you do unquestionably so I havemultiple different businesses and I invest in property and do a great deal of coolthings but my core focus and passion is my education company which is ReganHillier international and you know we started this approximately two years ago twoyears ago now and I’ve been in the coaching and personal developmentindustry for nearly ten years but been online in this business for twoyears and you know it was a transition of working initially as a one-on-onecoach getting on the phone coaching parties maxing myself out literallycreating myself a racket to then speaking looking at how can I replenish rooms and dothis in a more leveraged lane and from there basically maxing that out eventhough that business was doing an excess of a million dollars a year I had to bein Australia in New Zealand to make it work and I precisely thought you know what Iwant to travel I want to do cool things I want to help more parties as well andso then that’s what transitioned to me online a couple of years ago because Iwas so drawn to wow it really is unlimited when you start playing withthe internet “youre talking about” education so we’ve we’ve had parties on the show thathave demonstrated how people in the fitness manufacture could use the onlineopportunity to grow in generate income from outside of exactly a brick-and-mortaryeah so I miss you to imagine this right here I put you in a hypothetical yeahimagine your anger is Fitness you merely enjoy it you adoration helping people get inshape you desire helping people look better feel better have more confidencethat’s what you cherish that’s the only thing you want to help people with butyou also know that you want to travel the world and you want to be able to nothave a home unless it is the world all right right so how do you marry thosetwo things together if you are at that beginner level absolutely ogle these twocool things I’d start by doing firstly you need to knowyour own in a game you know there’s so many beings that are doing strategicthings and trying to get into the online world but they’re not aligned to succeedfrom within right and then mostly they go out and they do all the stepsbut they culminated up being stuck in fear or self sabotaging or not believing theycan do it and all this stuff comes up so you need to do the inner undertaking firstly andthen furthermore I’d be looking at how do you proliferate a personal brand around yourmessage and beyond what do you do in this world like for example this personmight be a PT for example what is your message like what do you really careabout why are you doing that what is underneath that what pulled you in whatis your personal narration how do you brand yourself around that and then monetizethat send in terms of products and services online right okayso let’s suppose I want to create kind of like an online coaching program rightso let’s say to course on how you can lose 30 pounds the way to eat and theproper things to start doing with utilization we are therefore do that where do I startlearning this trash like what are some resources because you know most peoplejust the hardest part about getting it done is getting it started right becauseyou know what I represent when I firstly started my passage as being anentrepreneur I didn’t even know business notebooks existed right no networking wasgoing on I didn’t think about forums these things weren’t aroundfor me yeah and then I started learning and then I started get anymore intopodcasts and YouTube videos and all that so for you where would you recommendpeople start that journey of Education to learn how to be able to accomplishwhat you just said it’s hard alee look there’s so many different boulevards somany that people can go down to the point where it’s almost immense forsome people but I feel like you know if you’re sitting at home right now and youknow that you’re introduce here to got something big and important and you feellike your message really is here to inspire and help the world I’d firstlyget clear on your seeing like what are you actually looking to create in yourlife in your business like so many people never achieve what they demand sothey never actually strengthened in and claim what they want right and they’reairy-fairy oh no they say I demand monetary flexibility it’s like well howmuch money is that right and so really going into those specifics from thereI’d look at who is your soul mate tribe like who you applied now to serve becauseif you go out there and try and serve everybody you’re gonna serve nobody soI’d be looking at who these people who’s a community that you want to tap intoand help but then too under endure them at a deep grade so fitnessis a great example I wouldn’t be looking at their women they’re twenty five toforty five did this their I wouldn’t worry about that so much I wouldliterally be looking at what are their dreams what are their lusts you knowwhat keeps them up late at night when they can’t sleep like what are theirdeepest darkest fears what are the things that they privately have asambitions in their life but they’re not willing to tell anybody else until youspeak to them and they travel how’d she know that right right so get into theemotional material behind your tribe which is gonna start magnetizing themtowards you when you start speaking to that and then thirdly I’d be looking atokay within that tribe in that community what are their biggest problems orchallenges or things they want to achieve in their life and how can yousimply move them closer to those outcomes and that’s where your productsand assistances come in awesome so what do you help people with the most like who’syour excellent customer yes or my perfect customer a tranquilize client patron let’sride mortal bad representative it’s how do we try okay so try members who’s your perfecttribe representative my ideal tribe is someone who really being of the opinion that they can’t haveit all in their life and it might not look like that and they just don’t knowyeah yeah or sometimes that one area of life is slightly out of kilter to theother okay so it’s like oh you know what like I am in a great relationship butI’m struggling financially or vice versa right and and they actually want to allacross the board and so they’re beings that strenuously no one believed in theinternal game and they know that they need to align themselves to succeedfirst and foremost and then of course they’re willing to take massive alignedaction and they’re willing to do the undertaking what do you convey by align ego likehow do you align yourselves if somebody like you and me we kind of get thatright you have to get all the things that you want in life and get clear onit but what do you what’s your interpretation for the person it’s like Idon’t know how earnestly and I get asked all the time you know what doesalignment actually aim I feel it it’s kind of a buzzword actually right nowit’s been kind of thrown around I get asked all the time you know how do youlive in alignment and I ever say well what are you aligning to right so I’m amember I see that first step was to get into alignment with your imagination so youneed to be clear on where you’re actually moving and then it’s a verysimple question Oh should I turn left all right well which mode is going tobring me closer to that image right what higher part of myself do I need tobring to the table which is going to bring me closerto being that version that evidences that see right so again it’s comingback to going clear on where you’re going so does that planned say no to a lotof things utterly I’ll talk about that a little bit perfectly you have tosay no and you know what I’ve kind of learned this the hard way because somethings which you’re gonna attract you even slightly out of alignment they can besexy they can be shiny they can be wrapped up with a prohibit they can be inflashing light so you think wow this thing ever and you say yes sometimes andyou run with it then you recognize six months down the track like wow you knowwhat I wasn’t listening to myself I didn’t chicken I didn’t say is thisgetting me a little bit closer to my dream in fact it’s just been a really greatdistraction which has pulled me away for the last six months now do you feel likesometimes you have to do things that aren’t in alignment as a stepping stoneto get there it’s a really great question you know what I envision Mike thatit’s not about doing things that aren’t in alignment but I think it is aboutdoing some things who the hell is embarrassing right right and so I feellike if you’re acting in alignment it’s not always easy it’s not always rainbowsand fairies and climbs right like sometimes it’s like okay I’m gonna sayyes to this because it’s an adjustment with my large-hearted eyesight but my knees areshaking and I’m sweating and I’m scared but I’m gonna get it on anyway right so thatdoesn’t necessarily mean it’s not an alignment it represents it is an alignmentbut “youre supposed to” like get past again your internal restrictions in order to moveforward so let’s talk about those drawbacks why do you think so manypeople have restraint ideologies yeah that’s a great question I I think we’re humansat the end of the day I believed to be you know a ideology siddhis thoughts right andso we’ve mostly increased all these ideologies from our parents from societyfrom institution from you know so many things from other people’s creeds which we’veunconsciously fought important right and so we kind of time accumulate them andthe unnerving thing is is that most of them sit under the surface unconsciouslywhich means they’re basically underwriting in control in thebackground and what I love to do with people is start generating some awarenessto “whats going on” unconsciously so then we generating it to the surface andwe can look at it consciously and travel WOW okay I’m now aware I have this beliefand then that’s when you can play with it until you’re aware of it you can’tchange anything unless you’re actually consciously aware of what is going onwith your most success four tribe members what do you think isthe reason they end up being so successful what’s the driving forcebehind it yeah gaze I feel like there’s several different things I certainly feellike they do that in a drudgery I feel like that is the biggest thing you know Ihelped a range of parties from people that are just starting out perhap they’rejust starting out in their life and their business and right through topeople that are realise multi millions and scaling you know there’s there’s abig reach of beings but the people where it’s not definitely with the biggestresult but who shape the biggest quantum leaps and the outcome and travel the furthestare always the people with they’re doing that internal undertaking they’re very wiringthemselves they’re looking at themselves they’re asking themselves daily you knowhow do I generating the highest version of me to the table right now what does thatlook like how does that version of me accompany and talk and accomplishment and think and whodo they encircle themselves with and they’re kind of preoccupied with it to behonest and I know I’ve moved those people because I’m really haunted withit but it works for them and then the people that kind of get a little bitlazy on it and you know they’re their daily practice is like formerly a weeklypractice you are familiar with I be seen them not move as quick do you think sometimesit’s not inevitably laziness as much as it is fear it can be and that is part ofthe internal sport right how do the internal game is recognizing that wow Ihave a lot of suspicion around this but how do I play with this and look one of thebig things I told me to parties is that there’s a lot of parties out there sayinghere’s how you get rid of fear and here’s how you you know precisely you knowdiminish all the fear and all this and it’s cold well hang in like we’re humanand fear is actually a great thing it’s here to keep us safe you know if we hadno fear we’d literally stroll to the end of the cliff and only tread off right thefear is there to protect us now it undoubtedly doesn’t help us when it’strying to protect us and keep us in our solace zone because that’s not where wegrow so the route I look at it is kind of like you’re driving the car of your lifeand your dream and you’re driving along and you look around and you can see fearin the back seat right and then all of a sudden when you get closer to whereyou’re going fear starts to come true and it may be it floods your eyes ormaybe it grabs your cervix and this is we have a choice you can choose to jump outthe car and extend oh I can’t handle the nervousnes too much I’m just gonna stop thecar and got to get out and stop driving towards my perception or you can go okay fearunderstand actually to keep me safe but I’m in thedriver’s seat let’s breathe on this and keep going okay claim do you thinksometimes when people start start get into this cuz “youre talking about” theflashing beacons and all that I think there’s a lot of twinkling lights aroundbeing an entrepreneur today yeah you know that with the Gary Vee videos andyou know all the stuff that you construe I think there’s a lot of things thatpeople travel I want that well it’s almost becoming a thing like being a basketballplayer a baseball player being entrepreneur I’ve had a friend of mineclose friend of mine that started a business because of that and thenrealize that’s not what he wanted to do right and went back to being a part of agreat team do you think or are you or had ordeal where that’s happenedwhere you go maybe you’re not supposed to be as it sounds like you really likegoing back to your own yard your job it’s what you really like have you everhad that yeah look absolutely and I unquestionably recognized people go on thosejourneys and and I I praise those people I actually do you know I’m TylerFez made a great comment the other night here at this event and I don’t rememberthe exact representations but he basically said like the biggest chunk of entrepreneursand their first yeah after verse and everything end up fixing less than likea minimum wages in America like it’s kind of crazy I make dancezero it’s it’s totally crazy when you look at it and so you have to reallyreally really want it and and this is why I ever begins with parties arounddefining your image not what is your vision as an inventor because noteveryone is and there’s also industrialists on on different scaleslike I get asked all the time is entrepreneurship carry or is it bred likeis it something that you know you’re literally assume with or can you learnyour mode into it and I think there’s two reactions right I think you really whenyou look at someone like Grand Coteau and you witness Gary Vee like you seesomething in their sees where it’s literally like holy shit this person isunstoppable and you literally see it and feel it in the core of their being anddoesn’t that mean that someone who’s been in a job or their life who’s asingle mom who’s like working three part-time chores can get some educationand learn to constitute 80 majestic a year on the side utterly it does but is she gonnabe Gary Vee probably not right so I think it’s about receiving your flow andalso tuning into your soul and looking at like what am I really applied here to doand and biding again in alignment with that rather than trying to be somethingyou’re not now you’ve had some really great successstories yeah with purchasers so tell me about two or one or two great successstories like your favorite ones oh my gosh there’s so many is genuinely so manyand I mean yeah how to when you ensure so many how long have you been doing thiswell I’ve been coaching for nearly 10 times 10 times yeah so for the last 10 times you’ve been helping people break out of their husk and finds what theywant to do and be happy right all right so let’s go back to favorite fib sowell one of my favorites is an stunning girl announced Robin and Nikoraand she actually was in a corporate job I believe it was about 18 times inAustralia literally detested it and she actually came back one of my brandingmasterminds and on the first day we said okay now we’re gonna get Claire on yourmessage that you’re born to share with the world she literally said to mewhat’s a meaning like that’s where she was actually “d no idea” about thisother world and you know since then it was about probably a year and a half agoand she now moves her own business she lives point free she’s actually basedout of Bali now very much living a dream life and helping people and what’s coolis that we take her and corporate institutions as abilities rather around changemanagement and project management so extremely corporate kind of things and thenpackage them up so she could help entrepreneurs with their organisations sothere’s lots of cool routes we can pivot and I cherish those transitions for thosepeople that are hungry and certainly craved and you are familiar with I convey I could sit here andshare lots of big-hearted tacky solutions around buyers that were at 1 million andscalebar beyond that but sometimes honestly it’s it’s the small little textmessages or the messages I get on Facebook from person saying hey like Iwatched your $97 produce and I’ve watched it like 27 experiences and you’ve justreally made me meditate differently and now I have confidence to go and tell mypartner what I actually think and what we need to do with our lives you know forme sometimes it’s those minuscule things where I’m like this is why I do what Ido that’s how it is in the fitness industry too you know the the greatestsuccess narratives aren’t the chap that objective up with a 6-pack it’s the womanthat you know had 60 pounds to lose and wasn’t self-confident and was able to youknow drop 30 of those pounds and exactly were completely deepened it’s that clear freedom soquestion I have for you is you know you’ve got you plainly not onlylearned how to make a great life for yourself butalso make a great life for other people there’s a lot of parties that arelistening and watching the reason they’re listening and watching itbecause they want to learn they want to learn how to do things better so thatthey can be better so they can have a better life that’s what you do ifsomebody wants to learn more about you and how you can help either them orpeople they know that they may want to help but don’t accurately know how to do itthemselves that’s a third thing we don’t have a term where can public learn moreabout you and what you do yeah absolutely well if you go to ReganHilliard comm you can subscribe and get all my updates there but ogle I’m onevery single social media stage someone asked me the other day you knowwhat’s what’s your goal in Lyon I was like well to be the queen of theInternet undoubtedly there’s a lot of free content which get out there on everyplatform and yeah I just urge you to reach out and say hi I’m a real humanand I adore connecting with you guys and let me know you came from the demo aswell extraordinary sounds great well with that I simply want to thank you so much better forbeing the end to our season now at the GSD show and for those of you watchingand listening remember that the education doesn’t stop here we got somecool stuff coming up but you can now start watching the bold show it’s minebodies podcasts I will be the host of it and we’re gonna be doing very similarstuff having immense guests on like Regan and like many others we’ve had and evenbetter ones coming up that can specific help you and things thatyou may not know how to do or Regan hasn’t specialized in so keep watchingthe adventurous depict go back watch every GSD show get in contacts with Regan and manthank you so much yes I welcome and we will see you on the daring demonstrate good itwas we’re 70 episodes of enlivened episodesthanks so much better for participating us today if you like this episode then subscribe toour podcasts on iTunes Google Play or stitcher and to our youtube direct tonever miss an escapade you can get all the links by be present at the GSD show calmthanks and see you next time

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