Here’s how to use numerology to see what’s in store for you this year

well numerology is basically is a study of the numbers and it predicts their life path for the person the passion the essence what their challenges would be and the years obviously is okay so 2016 you were telling me before this interview is the number nine yes what does that mean 2016 is a number nine if you add the numbers together digit by digit you will reach number 99 is a last number of the circle of numbers of 129 if you look at it that's because it's the last number the meaning of it is the wholesomeness togetherness unity ending and leading to a new beginning so globally when you mean look at 2016 it indicates that 2016 could be a completion of a cycle for the whole globe for Humanity as well reaching a peak level of understanding not standing for certain beliefs and starting new and so and also because it's a to me 2016 pretty much a lot about money and finances and number nine indicates look into your own finances and what is going on within your life also globally and might be crises around finances that comes in there might be growth small growth but there might be crisis as well so look into where you're investing your money where you are going is the company that you invested or share or liz is that company is wrong what you would like to do with that also is a year of community coming together standing up with other and having compassion and empathy towards one another it's a lot for standing for one another and it's also a year of black and white it's almost like there's no gray area either I'm going to be this or that I'm going to if I'm going to lose weight i'm going to lose weight if i'm going to be financially driven and successful i'm going it's not a year of doubt and uncertainty is a year of action driven now that's that's kind of a broad look at what's going to happen globally if people want to find out what their own personal numbers are and what they mean how lady that ok for example can't have your first two digits of your birth date ok my birthday is februari 11th ok februari is number two you add that to your month our month and the day of your birth so 11 it's one plus one digit separately one plus one plus two that gives us and for ya right to and then we add that to 2016 so 2016 is to + + 0 + 1 + 6 that gives 9 2016 is 9 plus for that you had is number 13 feel like we're at lesson now yeah it's very simple so then again when we reach two digits except if they are 11 22 and 33 the risk of double digits becomes again one plus three equals four so your number becomes four so any double digits besides 1122 and 33 again going to be reduced to a one-digit number alright so your number is not before ok and that means that your year is a year of creating a structure is a year again because number four is ruled by element earth is a lot to do with foundation creating the structure looking after their finances again investments looking at if you would like to buy or sell properties to do you can look at that and but pretty much it emphasizes on your finances all right so does that mean I'm going to have good finances well it depends on your decision-making you see the year before it was your personal ye're number three that means that your decision makings already been supposed to be in place okay and this year you needed to take action for it so two years ago yeah I go back it was a year of uncertainty okay that's and in yet before that go three years ago it was a new beginning for you so something ended something begin and began and now you are into your cycle three years and you're moving into 2016 your fourth year wow that's very exciting for me all right now if anyone watching this video wants to work out their number like we just told them how how can they find out what their number means when there are many sites under niche that they can look at into numerology and I'm sure they can see the meanings of number it's very easy at the moment Google thanks is helping everyone

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