How to Astral Project with Ryan Cropper – Ryan’s Top Tips

How to Astral Project with Ryan Cropper - Ryan's Top Tips

In today’s video, let’s dive way wayyyyyy deep into the astral realm, with my friend and astral projection expert, Ryan Cropper.

Are you considering astral projection? Are you wondering where to start, or trying to figure out if you even CAN astral project? Ryan and I discuss techniques to astral project/travel and the insane mystical experiences the both of us have had!

Check out Ryan Cropper’s COMPLETE 10-Step Astral Projection Method if you want to travel outside of your body and access the astral realm:

Listen to the full episode –

Ryan Cropper:

Timestamp Menu:
[2:30] Who can Astral travel
[4:00] Take Astral Projection Off The Pedestal to Get Started
[6:20] Techniques For Beginners
[10:45] Body Mind Partnership
[14:45] My Mystical Experience

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