How to Handle Your SATURN RETURN with Astrologer Galit Raiman

How to Handle Your SATURN RETURN with Astrologer Galit Raiman

If you’re in your late 20’s, entering your late 20’s or astrologically curious, this episode is for you!

In this video segment of Inner Worlds, we chat with my friend and astrologer Galit Raiman all about how to handle our impending Saturn Return.

Galit’s love for astrology spans 40 years, and Saturn is one of her favorite placements.

A Saturn Return is when Saturn returns to the sign it occupied during your birth year – which right now happens to be Leeor’s first Saturn Return and Galit’s second! (Saturn in Aquarius)- and in this episode Galit and I deep dive into why your Saturn Return is important, and how you can make the best of it, to live your best life.

Galit Raiman’s Instagram: @astrologydome

Time Stamp:
[1:04] Saturn Return Explained
[3:00] Saturn in Your Chart
[4:05] Other Planet Returns
[5:20] Age of Aquarius/Saturn in Aquarius
[7:50] When Is Your Saturn Return?
[10:35] What Happens In Your First Saturn Return

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