and that’s when you know that whatyou’re trying to evident is working and it’s on its way to you hello everyoneand welcome back to my direct if you’re new my list is Mary Kay and I’m amindset coach manifesting professional and founder of MK magic ifyou’re brand-new now my canal is all about law of attraction manifestingmeditations and more so is secure to subscribe and we would love to have youin today’s video I’m gonna share with you specific indicates that picture you thatwhat you’re trying to show is working and it’s on its way to you howmany times have you sat there wondering if what you’re trying to manifest is onits highway how many times have you wondered if the universe heard you or if you werespecific fairly or if you need to keep following the steps and obstruct holdingthat feeling and remain wondering if what you’re doing is even working how do youknow that you’re manifesting process is working and how do you know that whatyou’re trying to create is on its way to you so many beings get confused whenpracticing the law of lure because there are so many different resourcesand I definitely sounds like everybody locates another way into certifying and usingthe law of attractivenes I we say that revealing is such a personal processso well the concepts are all universal and while the concepts are all the samehow you apply them is going to be different for each person so howeverlong you need to hold a feeling for it to manifest in your life is gonna bedifferent than somebody else’s when you need to surrender how long that takesisn’t a begin era for every single person this is honestly what I teach inside oneof my digital track is called abundance Academy inside abundance Academy youlearn how to manifest based on your unique memorize type and yourpersonality because what works for one person might not work for you and I findso many beings start struggling with the law of attraction because they’re tryingto apply principles that don’t reverberate with them and if it doesn’t resonatewith you you’re not gonna be able to allure it into your life because it’sall about vitality and feelings and exertion and feelings don’t lie you can’t fake itso in today’s video I’m gonna show you specific signalings that what you’re tryingto certify isn’t working and it’s on its action to you so you won’t have to sitthere I wonder and if what you’re doing is working when you determine these signalings youknow it’s working and you know it’s on the way but Before we jump into today’svideo be sure to give this video a thumbs up that little button right downthere it helps this video reach more people and ithelp stop my path and I love making these videos for you so just take asecond and do that and let’s hop right in so the first signed I want to sharewith you is one that I get message about all the time because it freaks a lot ofpeople out so what the first signed that room you’re trying to evident is workingand it’s on its way to you is things start feeling like they’re falling apartmaybe you go through a breakup perhap you lose a job perhaps you know you reallywanted something and it became the other way like you didn’t get the job youwanted or you didn’t get the boyfriend you crave it or you gone on at that datejust something feels like it’s falling apart and I see a lot of beings getreally freaked out about it because they think that you know using the law ofattraction is starting to create this negative thing in “peoples lives” so I wantto clarify something because I get a lot of sends about this too the law ofattraction isn’t some like night wizard you can still be religious and use a lawof attraction to manifest what you want it doesn’t have to be this battlebetween the two and you don’t have to choose you can still believe in God andmanifest the things you demand it’s not an resist you are eligible to have both but whenthis starts happening in people’s life when things start feeling that they’refalling apart you’re really trying to manifest something so many people giveup and get intimidated and think that it’s not working and they get frustratedand then they just give up but there are a few rationales that things start fallingapart whenever you’re trying to evident something but this is a sign that whatyou’re manifesting it’s on its face so don’t give up so here’s how it workswhen you’re proving and using the law of attractiveness about energyfrequency what you expect it’s it’s literally precisely forceful shiftings to beable to attract new things into your life so if you go through a breakup ifyou lose a job if something like that happens it’s not because you didanything wrong it’s because the universe is rearranging the situations andcircumstances to support what you’re trying to manifest coming into your lifeso maybe that person had to be out of your life to make room powerfully forthat thing that you’re trying to evident to come into your life and youwill drive yourself crazy if you sit there trying to analyze every singlething and wonder why and trying to learn the lessons right off because most ofthe lessons you learn are in hindsight everything learns you a reading becauseeverything is contrast you learn whatever it is you wishes to from suffering what youdon’t that’s a entire nother reading but whatI’m saying is when things are falling apart keep the faith prevent trusting thatit’s all being arranged for your higher good because when you come from thatplace of knowing that everything is always working out for you and holdingthe vigour of what you intend to evident without any disbelief withoutgripping or fright when you can hold that energy knowing that you are alwayssupported and take better care by God or by the universe or whatever higher poweryou believe in see it doesn’t have to be religion versus principle of allure if youstill believe in God still be supported so whatever higher power if you knowthat you were being fully supported and you know that you were viewing theenergy of what you intend to evident you can let go of that panic of thingsbeing moved around and changed in your life because you know it’s all workingfor your higher good so when something happens like that when you feel like youhave a setback or something’s not working or things to feel like they’refalling apart try and look at the bigger picture and know that it’s co-creationyou ask the universe God whoever for guidance you follow that guidance andthen behind the scenes the universe God infinite power rearranges all thesituations and circumstances the hell is outside of your mastery so you have totrust that process because you don’t know what you don’t know we say that allthe time you don’t know what you don’t know you don’t know the best path forsomething to come into your life you don’t know the best way that you’resupposed to manifest a specific thing so many different beings are always askingme to pick them lottery lists or they just wanted to win the gamble this year thePublishers Clearing House whatever what if that’s not the route you’re supposed tomanifest that fund why does it have to be that way like why why do you have tospecify the direction you demand something to happen that’s restraining that’s tryingto control the way something’s happening and that’s not the lane that you manifestthings you evidence things by going into a lieu of calmnes and adjustment andknowing that it’s going to come to you and not am concerned about the how the howis not up to you so exhaust the inferno know that when things feel like they’refalling apart they’re not because everything is always working out in yourfavor try that pronouncement everything is always working out in my spare I’malways being supported find a way to affirm that you were always being takencare of and simply harbour the opening for what you’re trying to manifestand no it’s all gonna be okay because it will the next thing I want to talk aboutis accompanying signals everywhere I ever like to say the universe is alwayscommunicating with us and it’s up to us to listen so what I like to do iswhenever I’m trying to manifest a certain thing and I want to know if I’mon the right path or if I want to know you know have advice for what I’mtrying to manifest make sure I’m doing the right things on my own part I ask theuniverse for a specific sign this can be any kind of symbol that you want tochoose some people choose butterflies some people choose you know a specificanimal there the sky’s the limit merely pick a emblem that symbolizes something toyou it doesn’t even have to mean anything to you I like to say that mysymbol is fund I if I if I find coin on the storey I know I’m on the rightpath so that’s a entertaining one to play around withbut exactly pick a sign ask the universe simply register you that signaling when you’re onthe right track when you’re following the right steps when you’re taking theright aroused action exploit that as a clue that whatever it is you crave is on its way ask theuniverse for signals that whatever it is you require is on its way and then be on the lookoutfor them don’t put your blinders up it is so easy to go through life with allof our engineering with our phones or computers at TV there’s so manydistractions so we all have our blinders up but the universe is trying tocommunicate with us if you think of it this practice it’s so stymie because Iam sure that you’ve tried to show certain things and the universe hastried to deliver them to you and try to give you answers and try to give youguidance and try to give you signals but if you’re not listening you can’t doyour place you can’t follow that inspired activity you can’t follow those signalings sokeep your blinders off and look for those ratifies asking questions a clue follow it beon the lookout for it and just be connected to what it is that you wantand here is another sign that what you’re trying to attest is on its wayto you and these sorts of travels hand-in-hand with the signs so I’m notsure if you’re aware but there’s something called angel counts wheneveryou recognize a sequence of numbers they’re called angel crowds and they all havedifferent entails if you follow me on Instagram I ought to have affixing latelythat all the time I am insuring the numbers 444 each time you look at theclock is always 4 or 4 4 or 2 to 2 or 3 3 3 those are like the angel numbersthat I’ve been getting lately and also if you’re not following me on Instagramyou’re going to want to do that I post tons of Regulation of Attraction contentaffirmations inspiration and so much more sobe sure to follow me at m’kay magic mindset but what I’ve been announcing on myInstagram lately is I’ve been taking screenshots everytime I appreciate the clockhit a certain triple number thing and then what I do is I look up the angelnumbers and then I affix what it’s about and the crazy thing is is that wheneverI’m seeing constant angel amounts over and over the messages that I’mgetting when I read through what these angel numbers mean they’re alwayscorrelated with the answers that I need in that moment so if there’s somethingyou know I’m inquiring or if there’s something that I’m following all ofthose angel digits ever substantiate exactly what I need to know so be on thelookout for those angel crowds they are so strong and they put together piecesof your manifesting excursion and the last sign I want to talk about is somethingthat likewise improves your ability to perceive the things that you want thelast sign that what you’re trying to reveal is on its way is feeling goodwhenever you feel good you put yourself in a state of receiving whenever you canbe in this place of loosening is when you can be open to receive so as much aspossible if you can live in that energy of time being relaxed and open and happyand aligned and merely that feeling like I said during the first mansion of really trustingthat everything is going to work out for you if you can live that affirmationthat everything works out for you you are supported and that thing is good tobe easy for you that’s how you know that what you’re trying to show is on itsway that’s how you know that everything is going to work out you don’t have tokeep wondering because you know so being in that feeling is not simply corroborates thatwhat you crave is on its way to you but it’s also the best direction to be open toreceive the things you demand so be on the lookout for science that the universe iscommunicating with you and that what you demand is on its way because when you doyou don’t have to sit there wondering or exasperated or give up at the first signthat something didn’t lead precisely as meant because you are supported at alltimes ever always ever so cartel it andlive in that energy I really hope that members can experienced today’s video if you did be sureto give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and touched the bell notification soyou get notified whenever you post a brand-new video and also be sure to follow me andGraham @ mk magic mindset and be sure to check out my website MK magic mindsetcomm there I have tons of digital courses assets Law of Attraction tipsand so much more so be sure to check it out and I willsee you in the next one

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