HOW TO MANIFEST ANYTHING (Love, Money, Health Etc.)

what is up Light Fam welcome to anothervideo my list is David hey ever wonder how tomanifest anything that you want more lovemore money more state well today we’re going to learn just how to doexactly that let’s go if you are new to the channel and thistype of content reverberates with you please smash that notification bell soyou don’t miss the twice weekly spiritual seminars also if you want tosee more videos on how to manifest anythingplease demolish that agree button noisy motorcycles are my absolutefavorite likewise remember to have a look around thedescription box below we’ve got a free 30 -minute navigated reflection on abundancewhich actually coincides with the entitle of this video quite nicely how tomanifest anything so I envisage the 30 -minute guidedmeditation on abundance is a nice companion to this video they cultivate handin hand quite nicely also we’ve got someone-on-one coaching down below we can also ordera personalized video addressing your specific spiritual stumbling blockslet’s get into the video alright chaps so we’re going to approach things from alittle bit more of a scientific direction today Light Fam we’re going to talkabout quantum physics so quantumphysicists have observed that the smallest particlesof environmental matters actually respond and even behave differentlyand change forms once they are observed so the hypothesis is that there are aninfinite number of potential realities and then once youobserve current realities that you wish to experience and you become awareof that actuality consciously that you wish to experienceand then you catalyze those corpuscles with youremotions and that is excitements of grateful that you’ve alreadyexperienced it then it’s like you’re programme thoseparticles to constitute and condense tomatch the frequency that you are emittingso they’re almost in this formlessnebulous cloud of potentiality and then youcatalyze it and solidify it by observing the reality that you wish to experienceand then you pump it with your passions of gratitude that you’ve alreadyexperienced it and then you simply experience it now i know that thatsounds very simple right well actually it isi’m sure you’ve all recognize the memes that say the universenature is simple man ego is complicated and it certainly does worklike that the question is how pureare your notions how unadulterated are your meanings how pure are youremotions when you’re was intended to vibrationally are in compliance with that potentialreality are they pure sentiments of unadulterated 100% grateful that it previously has happened is your belief 100% truethat it is real according to your idea be it done unto you right and thisis where it gets a little tricky this is why we need to get the egoout of the method because the ego will step in and say things likeyou don’t “ve earned it” so when we’re trying to find outhow to certify anything we want this is where we stepinto unity consciousness formerly you understandthat everything is already an extension of yourselfnow we can take deserving and good enough and sacrifice andpassing some cosmic tests and all that nonsense out of the equation it’s nolonger about are you doing the rightthing when the wrong thing is being done to youhave you been naughty or nice did you sacrifice enough did you work hardenough did you work your face off none of that stupidity mattersbecause you don’t need to earn something that is already you youwouldn’t look at your hand and say oh did I make this hand did I deservethis hand did I work hard enough for this hand none of that makessense so when you understand that everythingis frequency you’re either vibrationally aligned with what you’re trying to sharethe same space with or you’re out of adjustment with itand you simply will not experience it it’s this sense of break andduality which causes us to alienate the things that we want and call in toquestion our own worthiness and deservingnessor to make it on a pedestal which simultaneously makes us out ofvibrational congruency with the thing that we want because now the thing thatwe want is out of alignment with our ownperceived self-identity for example if you don’t self-identifyas love itself how do you expect to experience the physicalreality where you are adequately loving yourselfand adequately receiving desire from othersif you don’t self-identify as abundance itselfhow do you expect to experience the physical reality ofabundance if you don’t self-identify as ultimate health itselfwouldn’t it make sense that you would be sharingthe same vibrational gap with sickness and sicknes so we’re going tostick with the theme of science now and we’re going to useanother scientific expression you heard me say solidarity consciousnessearlier it’s my opinion that this is the samething that physicists call quantum intrigue soyou are quantumly caught with everythingand even more so with that to which you give your attentionand your awareness retain when I mentioned that kind of formlessnebulous shadow of potentiality that we talked about earlier where onceyou become aware of something and you catalyze it withyour spirits of grateful that’s whatcauses it to take a physical way well exactly what we spirits vigour in motionwhat is energy vibration frequency nikola tesla said if you want tounderstand the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequencyvibration opposed frequencies can’t share the same spaceso how are you able expect to share the same space vibrationally with loveif you’re not on the cherish frequency so that represents if you haveanger issues or you’re regard a animosity against your ex or somethingyou can’t share the same space vibrationally with love you’re onthe wrong channel you gotta change the canal manyou gotta get on the right vibrational frequencyhow are you able expect to share the same vibrational seat withabundance if you’re thinking in scarcity and scarcitythat’s why it’s kind of almost a snowball effect a self-fulfillingprophecy if you’re worried about your greenbacks whoever doesn’t haveeven more will be taken away why is that true not because it’s aa bible ballad or because there’s some sanction for what you did wrongno you’re a vibrational parallel to know-how more lackeverything is frequency everything is vibration this is what we mean when wesay BE the alteration that you want to see what dowe make by BE the conversion we make be the frequencyof the thing that you want and how do youBE the frequency of the thing that you wantyou self-identify as the physical embodiment of that thingitself and now you will emit that same frequency to where you canshare the same vibrational room i.e physical realityas the thing that you want and that is how you show whatever it is you wantnow question of the day do you believe that the things that youwant are not likewise you do you believe that they’re separatefrom you do you believe that they’re out thereor are you living in unity consciousness and you are quantumly mired with thethings that wishes to and you simply experience them leavethose explains below i would love to hear your thoughts onthis subject if you liked the video then please likethe video if you want to see more videos on how tomanifest anything that wishes to and step into 5dconsciousness please click that agree buttonalso go ahead and supplemented me over on Instagram @ _ lightways I do answer a lot of questions over thereas well don’t forget to have a look in the description boxbelow we do have a free 30 -minute leader meditationon abundance and again if you have watched this video that meditationcoincides quite nicely with this and you will be living a life ofabundance in no time if you stay consistent with themeditation we also got some one-on-one coaching inthe description below I can also make a personalized video 30 minute video addressing your spiritual stumbling blocks relation forthat in the specific characteristics below as well if you know anyone that is strugglingout there they believe what they want is something outside of themselvesplease share this video with them it may give them the insight that they needto create the life of their dreams and live their greatest versionwhat else we got oh remember to smash that notification bellso you don’t miss the twice weekly spiritual tutorials you are familiar with I got tothrow that in in the video somewhere all right guysi believe that that is it i will see you in the next videoas ever light-footed affection and abundance to all that are watchingand to all you adore quietnes chaps

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