How To Manifest Money Fast! – This Is The EXACT Formula I Use

Welcome to the Money Manifesting Mini Course. I'm Mary Kate, and I'm a mindset coach, manifesting
expert, and founder of In this course I'll show you step by step
methods on how to manifest money into your life effortlessly and easily. I will also help you uncover exactly what
is block you from attracting abundance. So let's get started! In order to start attracting money into your
life, you have to first have an understanding of what money is, and your relationship to
your finances. That sounds like such a strange statement
to say, "your relationship to your finances," but we all have feelings and relationships
to thoughts and objects.

How you feel about something determines how
you can attract it into your life. Everything is energy and in order to attract
certain things into your life, you have to be an energetic match and understand your
relationship to that object. Love is one of the most powerful vibrations
you can tap into. So whenever possible, shift your feelings
towards love. So what is your relationship to money? Be honest with yourself! Do you get nervous to check your bank account? Do you feel anxious that you don't have enough
money? Do you constantly tell yourself that you can't
afford things? Do you think that only lucky people deserve
money? Do you think you have to work longgg hours
at a job you hate in order to earn enough money? I used to have that last belief, and I was
stuck for wayyy too long at a job I hated, working crazy long hours to support the kind
of life that I wanted to deserve. And once I shifted my mindset, I realized
that none of that was worth it.

Once I shifted this mindset, everything started
flowing to me so much quicker and easier, and I wasn't stuck at a job I hated anymore. I want you to write down a list of everything
you feel towards money. All of your thoughts, feelings, emotions,
doubts, opinions…write it all down, get very clear, and be completely honest with
yourself. Pause this video now and take as much time
as you need. After you write down your belief system about
money, look at specific areas at where you can improve your money mindset. For example, are you scared to check your
bank account? How can you turn that around and make it into
a more positive action? Can you start checking it more often and release
that fear that you don't need? Can you use a positive affirmation each time
you look at that statement? Can you meditate and visualize your bank account
six figures? Do whatever is in your power to shift your
money mindset so that everything lines up to be clear and positive.

By understanding your relationship with money,
and releasing the fear and negative feeling surrounding it, you can be open to attracting
more of it into your life. How can you emit the frequency of LOVE surrounding
money? The vibrational frequency of love is so unbelievably
strong, that if you can tap into that power, money will flow to you at record speed. Trust me. There are so many ways to add the frequency
of LOVE into your money mindset. For example, you can visualize how you would
spend that money on the people you love. You can start loving the money that you currently
have. You can start generously making donations
to people in need and coming from a place of love.

You can make vision boards of all the things
that you would treat yourself to with that money. Give yourself some self-love. You can meditate with the feeling of love,
while visualizing complete financial freedom. Or, one of my favorites, you can visualize
your heart as a powerful magnet, strongly attracting money directly into your reality. Try out a few of these and see which one works
best for you. Now that you're clear on your money mindset,
and infused it with the vibration of love, I want to share with you the magic formula
for manifesting. This formula is something I go more into depth
in my digital course, Abundance Academy, but because this formula really works, I want
to share it with you. Thought has a magnetic force. Thought coupled with feelings is even stronger.

Thought coupled with feelings, mixed with
inspired action is where manifesting occurs. Or put simply…thought + feeling +inspired
action = manifesting. Welcome to manifesting math class. Like I said earlier, everything starts with
thought and mindset. You have to be clear and understand what your
thoughts are towards money before you can start to manifest it into your life. Once you are clear on your thoughts, it's
time to infuse it with feelings. I suggest infusing with love, because it's
the most powerful frequency, but if you want to choose another feeling, feel free. Do whatever works best for you. You can try joy, excitement, happiness, comfort,
peace of mind, or any feeling that you can emit at a high frequency. And this last step is one that most people
miss or skip in their manifesting process…inspired action. Inspired action is one of the most important
and most overlooked steps. Taking inspired action doesn't have to be
a huge deal.

It doesn't have to be this overwhelming stressful
thing, so don't worry. Inspired action can be as simple as writing
a check to yourself for $100,000 as a hint to your subconscious that that's what you're
trying to create. Or making a small donation to charity because
you are doing it from a place of abundance. Or following that urge you had to write that
blog or start that business or follow up on that email. Your intuition is always trying to communicate
with you and by taking guided inspired action, you are directly aligning with whatever it
is you are trying to manifest.

Get in touch with your intuition and see what
inspired action you're guided to take. There is ALWAYS an option to take an inspired
action, so take advantage of it. Think of your intuition like your fairy godmother. You follow your manifesting formula of thought+feeling
and your intuition or "fairy godmother" will guide you to exactly where you need to be
in order to manifest what you want. But it's up to you to follow that intuition
and take that step or inspired action. With this mindset work and manifesting formula,
you are well on your way to start attracting money into your life easily and effortlessly. But you have to remember that you are in charge
of redirecting your negative thoughts or feelings about money when they come up…because they
will come up from time to time. And just remember that you are in charge of
shifting it right back to where you need to be. You need to get to the point of ignoring your
current or outside circumstances and standing firm in a place of faith that you are abundant. Whenever you get a bill in the mail, pay it
and be grateful that you're contributing to someone elses financial betterment.

Whenever you feel stressed about finances,
redirect yourself. And realize how lucky you are that you have
a roof over your head and clean water and people that love you. And send love out to those that aren't as
fortunate. Whenever you feel like you can't afford something,
this is my favorite, just go virtual shopping! Start coming from a place of financial freedom
and clicking and putting in your cart all those things you want to buy online. Pick anything you want! The sky is the limit! You don't actually have to PURCHASE anything! But by virtually shopping, and feeling that
financial freedom and adding those things to your cart, you're sending a clear message
to your subconscious mind that you can have that and it will be on it's way. Feel powerful that you have this superpower
knowledge that you are consciously creating your reality. Use this power to shape your reality and banish
the negative beliefs you have around money. Our society will constantly condition you
that you need more of this or better things and that you have to work really hard to achieve
things in life. But not for YOU.

You now have the knowledge that by shifting
your mindset AND taking inspired action, money will flow to you without all the other stuff. So, Congratulations on taking your first step
towards financial freedom. Remember that you are powerful, you are worthy,
and you are abundant! I attached a PDF file for you in this mini
course, (linked down below). Also with my 5 secrets to manifest money fast. And I also wanted to invite you to join my
ultimate manifesting masterclass, Abundance Academy. Abundance Academy is a one of a kind, digital
manifesting breakthrough course designed to get you the results you've been looking for,
in record time. I've been there before, I've read all the
books, I've followed all the steps, I've struggled, and struggled some more until I found the
key pieces to what's missing in the manifesting process.

This is unlike any course you've taken before,
because it's designed to get results for YOU based in YOUR unique learning type and YOUR
personality and YOUR belief system. With this course, and after going through
this course, I've manifested thousands of dollars in 24 hours and such amazing situations
and circumstances and I would love to share it with you. So, if you're interested in discovering what's
missing in your manifesting process, and if you're looking for a step by step guided process
that will work for you every single time, you can join abundance academy now for instant
access to all of the methods and guides and training videos, and you can sign up online

And you can also find some more information
there as well. Here's to your abundance!.

Looking to better your life and increase wealther?

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