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In this video, we talk about the two simple things I do in my own life – that some of the greatest minds in history have done – to call in inspiration, get creative, problem-solve, and overall just think better.

We can utilize the theta state to become more productive, creative, and take our lives to the next level. These two techniques will help you have your EUREKA moment!!

Time Stamp:
[4:30] Thomas Edison
[5:30] Naps and Long Walks
[6:20] Theta Brain Wave State
[9:30] Manifesting Through Napping
[11:00] How to Remember Ideas in Naps
[13:20] Walking for Divergent Thinking

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This video and all videos on this channel are a means of social support. I have no professional training in life coaching. I simply talk about the things I’ve learned that have personally made my life better.

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