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law of attraction how to reset your internal programs to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises over the course of several decades research in the field of human potential and performance shows the amazing abilities to every person has and how each of these persons is capable of tapping into these abilities one of the greatest discoveries made during this research is how the subconscious mind it’s programmed and how it controls almost everything people do perceive in their reality to understand your true potential you must first understand that the intelligence that created you made no errors in its creation we are pure intelligent energy with amazing capabilities while you’re about the years information that can and will drastically change your life if you take the time to understand it and use it your brain has very distinct responsibilities one being the fact that it is a psycho cybernetics mechanism term psycho reverse to the mind and cybernetics refers to his self regulating speed bag system in more simplistic terms it is a system that operates automatically as an example of how a cybernetic mechanism works think of the thermostat in your home and imagine that is set at 70 degrees if someone were to open a window and the Heat were to come in the control center or the brain of the thermostat would recognize the deviation from the set program of 70 degrees and automatically send a message through the electrical system to the furnace at the air-conditioning should be turned on hold this happens within seconds and as you probably know the air will turn on until “law of attraction” how to reset your internal programs to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises the temperature reaches the original set program on the thermostat your brain has a very similar automatic response to stimulation as children we are programmed and condition to have beliefs in each area of our life the first seven years of life were spent downloading information during these years the brain is in beta mode so that may learn how to respond to life how to behave how to form other distinct knowledge regarding who you are as an individual no conscious effort is put into this process all of our beliefs about our potential and each and every area of our lives were instilled in us by our parents peers teachers in any other influential persons surrounding us in addition we form beliefs from experience and the sensation that those experiences create within our physical bodies he’s mentally program beliefs are housed in the subconscious mind and operate automatically the repetition of mental programs created in the subconscious mind the mental programs that each of us have our not good or bad they just are some service better than others once they are embedded in the subconscious mind they operate automatically in the same manner as the set temperature on the thermostat this is to say the mind is interfacing the world we each perceived as well as our biology and our behaviors so the mind is what is in between the world and you it is what influences what you see and how you respond when attempting to make an alteration within our lives the system has difficulty in implementing the changes for any permanent or lasting results no different than the thermostat on the wall your brain since the deviation from the existing self-image law of attraction how to reset your internal programs subconscious mind to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises or set internal program for whatever changes being attempted it then does everything it can and must do to keep you within the program boundaries that are established in the subconscious mind ninety-five percent of our life comes from the subconscious program the subconscious mind does its job with supreme accuracy and it all happens just as fast as in the example with the thermostat your nervous system operates at lightning speeds consequently unless you change the image on the inside first the outside will never reflect the new you for very long your subconscious mind is truly your power source for example let’s say that you want to increase your financial status that you do not reprogram your subconscious mind accordingly you may have a great few months and make a lot more money than you ever have before as soon as you start to produce better results than you have in the past your cybernetic mechanism to pick up a deviation from the existing financial self-image and will automatically refer back to behaving in total sync with the current internal image you carry of yourself subconscious mind will begin to do everything possible to keep consistent with the old self image without you even being aware of it except now you are here analyze the frustration for so many people trying to create what they want for themselves many macy temporary results and some progress towards their wishes but they often revert back to a rigid way of living life when this occurs build attempts can leave a person questioning whether they really have the ability to create their reality the answer to that question is most certainly yes the internal program or self image according to the subconscious mind must be changed first if you truly want to learn how to reset your internal programs to achieve greater results than ever before you must identify these programs and work consistently to make those changes in other words you must become consciously in charge at the changes you desire your law of attraction how to reset your internal programs to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises body and brain are the most sophisticated piece of equipment known to man the two minds conscious and subconscious learn differently conscious mind is called creative and can learn by reading a self-help book or going to a lecture watching a video or reading an article it is the source of all your wishes desires and aspirations the subconscious mind is the habit mine it is resistant to change it functions in a completely different manner than the conscious mind its purpose is to make our programs real for example most people have open a newspaper or magazine before actually reading anything something we’ll catch their attention this is great insight regarding the conscious subconscious creative process here’s how it works the moment you open the content to read the subconscious mind scans every word available within sight that’s how fast the subconscious mind is during this process it instantaneously finds words that are relevant to whatever words are in your program it might show you words related to where you were born what your career is or how you feel about your finances it immediately locates words that are personal to you in some sense its function is to look at all the data and then uh Gee regarding information that pertains to you your life and your programs it will eliminate everything else instantly and place your focus on those things slowness of the conscious mind is reflected in the fact of how long it took for you to find it this is very valuable because when you open your eyes you see everything there is something important to your desires and wishes that can lead you where you want to go or what you wish to create in your life you will most likely have missed it your conscious mind won’t be directed to it because it doesn’t relate stored programs it’s your subconscious that runs the show that the subconscious recognizes that there is something in the field law of attraction how to reset your internal programs to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises related to your current existence it will attract it to you this is how and why you hear the phrase like attracts like as in the example with the law of attraction how to reset your internal programs to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises newspaper it will shift your focus to anything related to who and what you currently are again what this represents is what is available to you is relatively connected to you the conscious mind is so much slower than the subconscious mind that doesn’t actually understand how or why these things occur because it cannot examine the bigger picture nearly as quickly the significance of this example is this if you accurately place the conscious programs into your subconscious mind it will see everything in your field that relates to those new programs instantaneously just as it does now with your old programs not only will it see them it will understand them and connect you with those things much like a chess game the subconscious program is always three moves ahead of the conscious mind if you program the subconscious appropriately it will lead and direct you to your destination and bring those things into your consciousness field of perception the question then becomes how do i change my subconscious mind how does it learned the first step is to pinpoint which beliefs and programs are holding your progress you always act perform and experience appropriate results in accordance with what you imagined to be true about yourself and your environment this is a basic and fundamental law of the mind it is the way we are built therefore you may want to consider that you stop doubting your potential and limits and start questioning where the doubts and fears that are holding you back came from that you may begin to eliminate them already been stated how fast the minds potential to create is and by human design this power is already within you you cannot rid yourself of it nor would you want to however you can take conscious charge of it fortunately the conscious mind has the ability to be aware of the things that you like and that come easily to you in your life these things are present because you have a subconscious program that allows them to be there in contrast it can also recognize anything that you have to work hard at it a lot of effort into or anything you have to struggle for to make it happen all of which are the results of your subconscious programs not supporting those things this is one very important way to “law of attraction” how to reset your internal programs to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises identify which programs already work for you in which ones you want to change if you choose to create a new reality for yourself another way to identify subconscious beliefs that hold you back is their muscle testing this technique is used to discover whether this portion of the mind supports what you might consider to be one of your beliefs in order to clarify what needs to be changed or worked on it verifies what programs you have by asking does my subconscious mind support this belief the subconscious mind is the computer that controls the muscle coordination and action it requires an enormous amount of computation to organize the muscle movement the body has within it and surrounding it an electrical network or grade which is pure energy because energy runs through the muscles in your body if anything impacts your electrical system that is not maintained or enhance your body balance your muscles are virtually short circuit or weekend but only temporarily thoughts emotions and beliefs have a significant impact on your electrical system therefore making a statement that the subconscious mind does not have a true belief and will cause this type of weakening in the muscles and its a good indication of what needs to be worked on for example if you make a statement such as I love myself and the subconscious mind disagrees it will cause this type of momentary short-circuiting of the muscles in your body using your muscles you can pinpoint which events are emotions weekend or strengthen your body just simple way that you can ask your body questions and get clear answers like a telephone to the subconscious mind once these answers are identified you can work on creating a new program for the ones that block your progress just like plants and trees your body will naturally be drawn to the positive or the truth while innately repelling itself away from something that doesn’t feel good to it following is a simple muscle testing technique you can try although people often pick this up easily it may take some practice to become more proficient if you remain consistent your efforts you’ll find a whole new way to communicate with your body and subconscious programs sway test which the easiest one to learn on your own and suggest that your thoughts beliefs and emotions produce a certain response in your nervous system affecting your motor response or the movement of your body law of attraction how to reset your internal programs to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises you can try these exercises standing or sitting upright in a chair step one standard sit up straight with your feet pointing directly forward ensure both be directly forward and neither are slightly turned either in or out relax your body with your hands down right at your sides that too is performing an accuracy check our baseline of how your body reacts to what the subconscious mind truly believes in stores as a program to make sure you’re getting an accurate response first make a statement or port of thought in your head that you know to be true like my name is and state your name feel the response of your body the most common response to feel yourself being gently pulled forward for a yes this is true response repelled back signifying no it’s not true then state something like my name is john doe or any other name that is it here’s a note response from your body for this statement also these physical senses and movements are your barometer for how your subconscious mind reacts to what it believes is true and for what it doesn’t sometimes you may think we hold a belief about ourselves that aligns with what we want only to find the subconscious mind as a different program stored for it now you can begin asking questions using the sway test for example if you’re having difficulty attracting or maintaining a healthy relationship in your life you’ll want to find the route belief in any other related police that keep you programmed in that pattern begins to accuracy exercise given to get an idea of how your muscles react subconscious Minds beliefs next make a statement related to your relationship goals such as I am worthy of being in a healthy relationship there are so many available people out in the world that could be my perfect partner or loving someone else and being loved easy for me pay attention to how your body reacts and being honest about the responses the idea is to locate the belief that block you so that you can reprogram them write a list of statements and check their accuracy so that you may reprogram anything that stands in the way of your success once you’ve discovered these beliefs may begin the process of reprogramming what you truly want to create for yourself part 2 2 ways to begin changing beliefs that don’t support your desires as previously law of attraction how to reset your internal programs to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises mentioned the first seven years of life the mind is operating in a low vibrational frequency very much like hypnosis the right and left hemispheres are working together they are synchronized or what is known as a Hemi think this frequency allows the mind to absorb more readily and can be used to impress new beliefs the visualization meditation for subliminal messaging sometime during your daily routine the right hemisphere which is the intellectual side is more dominant other times throughout the day the left hemisphere which is the emotional side is more dominant to keep changing like the tide and are rarely and harmony with one another trying to introduce a new belief into a brain where the two hemispheres are not in sync will often be resisted fortunately we each have moments during which the hemispheres of the brain are synchronized and this is the most optimal time to influence the subconscious mind without resistance very simply as we are drifting off to sleep and during the time of passing from consciousness into deep sleep our mind is in the theta wave or hypnotic state much like a child through the use of earphones as we doze off we have the ability to make direct downloads of new programs into the subconscious mind by using imagery and or very intentional affirmations during this state we can impress the subconscious mind with new information that we’d like for it to run as our new default programming there are many subliminal programs designed specifically for creating distinct changes in this manner it is wise to choose carefully which program suits you as the subconscious mind will take the directive if you are uncomfortable using a program someone else has designed you can record yourself stating your intentions using I am statements play them for yourself as you go to sleep using a low-volume be certain that these new intentions are directly related to the belief she discovered in your old programming and keep them positive and in the present tense additionally you can play these intentions as low background noise throughout the day if you have the opportunity to do so the idea is not to actually hear or have conscious awareness of them as you move through law of attraction how to reset your internal programs to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises your daily activities but rather just noticed them occasionally while you continue with your routine the subconscious mind will hear the cues and recognize them here to try to force these new programs into your mind by playing them over and over in a moderate too loud volume subconscious mind would identify the resistance within that method and rejected exercise to is simple after your 7 you form habits by repeating something over and over and over again practicing repeating practicing repeating and so on for example if you read a self-help book the conscious mind has the capacity to understand it but the subconscious mind learned nothing from it you only read it once and this is not how it learns if you repeat the message of the book over and over again in a similar manner as the intentions just mentioned and consciously behave as if that is who you are and the subconscious mind will learn a new behavior over the course of sometime consciously playing a new behavior in place of an old behavior every single time the old action start to come up with an extremely effective way of reprogramming old beliefs and therefore replacing conditions that are not wanted with ones that are in essence you’re telling your mind that you don’t do that thing that stops you from getting what you want anymore even more powerful you are demonstrating the new thing that you do that aligns with your wishes for example if you always told your body in a way that demonstrated how lonely you are or felt the sensation of being lonely consciously redirect those things how does a person and love act how do they hold their body what type of expression is on their face furthermore when these two methods are combined hypnotic impressions with consistent repetition it is the surest way to reach into the depths the programs that require alteration in order to reach your goals because both hemispheres of the brain to fire at the same time and run and synchrony after implementing these exercises for several weeks you can use the muscle test to get in to see how your body reacts to the new police if you feel any disharmony when repeating your new beliefs then it will be important to keep impressing your subconscious mind with your new request but only in a non resistance state if you’re consciously persistent the subconscious will no longer offer any resistance and new belief that align with your desires and wishes will begin to be formed once occurs your subconscious mind will begin to instantly seek out ways to validate its new programs as in the example of the newspaper it will change the conscious mind perception to one of being able to see focus on and experience what is desired because of the new default program that has been implemented there’s a science to living an intentional life and it all begins with the process of the mind we’re not operating from our old programs we can attract and manifest whatever we want we each have the ability to change the vision from i am the victim to i am the master I control my life we can clear our old programs and not perpetuate the programming on to future generations we truly can create our reality with the power of our mind law of attraction how to reset your internal programs to attract create and manifest what you want with exercises

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