how to un-potato your life in 2021: create your own self-care toolkit 🧰❣️ (week 4)

hello swedish potatoes welcome back before taking self-care seriously this was what my day-to-day look like a fried potato who was perpetually stressed lethargic and uninspired constantly being this close to losing it and forever rushing from point a to point b i used to think i had to do every single self-care task every single day from exercising to meditating to reading to journaling to taking a bubble bath to lighting a candle to calling my mom or else i'm a failure and my mental health will be wrecked what i've learned over the years is the importance of creating a self-care toolkit for myself making and choosing at least one to two acts of self-care to practice daily has done wonders for my mental and emotional health now that i've learned to take better care of myself it looks a lot more like this fulfilled energized and ready to take on the world these days the phrase self-care gets thrown around all the time but what does it really mean why is it important and how can we truly put it in practice as we previously mentioned in our time versus energy management video it's helpful to have a repertoire of self-care habits you can proactively implement before the going gets rough or fall back on when you're a blink away from burning out today let's deep dive into how to create a personalized self-care toolkit to help us be our best and most authentic selves for those who are just tuning in we're on week four of the how to unpotential your 2021 challenge but don't worry you don't need to do these weeks in order all the previous videos are linked down below though if you are interested we also created a digital worksheet that accompanies every video as well as a community on vibely where we can chat dream big dreams together and keep each other accountable with all that being said as always let's start with why [Music] self-care is essential to all of us because it helps prevent burnout reduce stress and allows us to refocus on what is true and important it's ironic that we're on this never-ending quest to be more productive but what we often don't appreciate is that slowing down and caring for ourselves first can be the missing piece to helping us get there it can help us focus on what matters most so that we can make time every present with ourselves and our loved ones it also helps us cultivate more compassion love and kindness for again ourselves and others the best thing about self-care we don't need to spend a dime to get all of its juicy benefits and it can also take less than 10 minutes a day all that to say to all my partially or fully far potatoes out there whether now or in the future we need to inhale to exhale and slow down to speed up so now that we know it's important how do we figure out what type of self-care is right for us our energy very much like us ups and flows with peaks and valleys throughout the day as much as we've convinced ourselves that we have consistent energy levels throughout the day it actually looks a lot more like this as always the best use of our time is to spend it on what we have control over our energy instead of what we don't our time this is important because if we're able to spend most of our time doing things to energize us and know how and when to take care of ourselves we'll all go places far far away from being a fried oily greasy and perpetually stressed potato so how do we understand what triggers our dips in energy we'll share two quick exercises to help identify activities that give us energy and drains our energy the first is keeping track of your energy levels throughout the day drawing energy graphs will help you visualize your energy and tangibly see where you have a dip in energy if you guys want a more detailed breakdown and explanation how to do this i'll time stamp a video down below as well as up here in the corner the second is james clear's habit scorecard write out every single thing you do from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep at the end of the night go through every single task and give it a plus sign if it gives you energy an equal sign if it was neutral and a minus sign if it drained your energy do this for a few days and you'll notice patterns specific activities that give you energy as well as activities that drain your energy make note of the ones that give you energy will need it for this next section what is self-care and what does it mean to me why self-care important to me what acts of self-care works or has worked for me think back on week one two and three's reflections when were you the happiest when did you feel the lightest what were you doing and who are you with self-care to me means taking good care of yourself so that you can show up to the world your best and most authentic self and take care of others it also means taking responsibility for yourself i love this quote self-care is an attitude that says i'm responsible for myself and this is from a book called codependent no more how to stop controlling others and start taking care of yourself i loved controlling other people still do so this speaks very very deeply to me why is it important to me though i'm not living for others i'm living to serve others and to be able to do that i need to first serve myself well most of us are unintentionally living our lives and we all want to be on the other side of that which is more intentional living so what has worked for me we're getting to the fun part this is creating your self-care toolkit to help us break down self-care let's take the dimensions of wellness as inspiration and a starting point breaking it down into physical wellness mental wellness emotional wellness and social wellness let's start with physical i personally think this is the most straightforward and tangible dimension out of the ones we're going to be talking about moving your body feeding your body getting proper rest and maintaining an environment that brings you peace and joy as we've always talked about there's a connection between our inner and outer worlds what's on the inside will manifest on the outside and vice versa whether it's the food we're consuming or the environment we're living in especially now that we're home almost 24 7.

Be mindful of all of that whenever i'm feeling stuffy or static i get up to tidy for five minutes to clean up my space whip up something healthy using food as fuel or go for a walk as it's massively relaxing and helps me slow down so if you think back on 2020 what were your self-care go-to's for physical wellness and if they weren't where you'd like it to be or if you feel like they're not the ones that spark the most joy what do you think they could be dream lists are important next we have mental wellness or personal growth learning and trying new things getting creative and just giving ourselves space to breathe new ideas can arise at any time but they tend to occur more frequently the more relaxed we are when feeling mentally drained or unfulfilled reconnecting with spirituality helps ground me the most either through meditating or reading and as you guys know i also love learning through books either it's getting lost in fiction or non-fiction mostly non-fiction but even sometimes fiction i just finished the next person you meet in heaven and i bawled throughout the whole book but that is a story for another time just allowing your brain to fire up and to dream up and just taking your mind places that you don't usually take it if you're just living your day-to-day being yourself and consuming the things that you usually consume which is probably just like social media and scrolling through your phone and youtube which i am very guilty of so reading is great for learning and there's also taking breaks doing nothing taking naps or even going to sleep earlier also massively helps my mental health and as you guys can see sleep can also very well fall under physical wellness so this really is just what works the most for you and knowing what you can do for these specific dimensions of wellness so for all of us it could be very different it could be very similar but at the end of the day what matters most is what works for you moving on to emotional wellness this includes being aware of our feelings positively handling stress what helps me be most mindful and aware of my feelings is really brain dumping and writing everything out when in doubt write it out yes yes journaling is great there's so much benefit in just sitting in stillness with you and your own thoughts with a pen and paper writing everything down asking yourself big questions small questions hard questions easy questions no questions just letting it all flow and pour out there's just so much beauty in that and when i need a little reframe to help me positively handle stress i lean on those who know me well and who know what to say exactly what to say when i need to hear it which is mom and dad or some of my closest friends shooting them attacks hopping on a call just letting it all out and realizing that things aren't ever as bad as you think they are this is a great segue into social wellness having a sense of belonging acceptance as well as meaningful and quality relationships what i've learned over the years is that whenever i'm in need of some tlc sometimes giving that tlc to others will actually make me feel a lot better because seeing friends happy also makes me happy so for example acts of servicing your friends sending your girlfriend flowers doing things for friends doing things for your mom doing things for whoever you're living with with your roommate seeing them happy serving them seeing other people happy makes you happy and that's also human connection whether it's face timing a friend whether it's being proactive with scheduling social distance walks or coffee dates doing things that will nourish your soul so once we've defined our self-care toolkit write it all out on a post-it note and stick it on your most visible wall or you can also write it in your journal bookmark that page and revisit it frequently as you work your way through the coming days weeks and months add to it with things people and acts of self-care that bring you absolute delight now to tie it all back take a look at your energy crafts or habit scorecard when you're experiencing a dip in energy which self-care activity could help the most which draining activities can you do less of and which energy boosting activities can you do more of give this new system a try and let me know what you guys think of it you can also find almost 4 000 productive potatoes chatting about the weekly challenges including this one of course in our online community on the vibely app that i'll link down below and with that thank you so much to hellofresh for sponsoring this video one self-care act i've grown quite fond of as you guys have seen is to slow down by making myself a nice meal at the end of a long day it's an added bonus being able to use fresh pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards to easily whip up a delicious meal in less than 30 minutes hellofresh offers an array of recipes to choose from each week which is massively helpful when my brain is mush by the end of the night and just want to be told what to do that happens sometimes you can easily change your food preferences whether it's low calorie vegetarian and family friendly delivery days and skip a week whenever you need pre-portion ingredients also means less prep time and less food waste it's delicious it helps you save time it's flexible you can eat more sustainably hellofresh has also donated over 2.5 million meals to charity in 2012 and this year is stepping up their food donation amidst all that's been happening in 2020.

if you like to give them a try go to and use my code 80 rowena tie to get a total of 80 off across 5 boxes including free shipping on your first box thank you swedish potatoes for watching this video especially all the way to the end i really hope with this new self-care toolkit walkthrough you guys will be able to have your best year yet we talk about this every single year but i really do believe 2021 many great things will be happening then and until then sending you guys the biggest voice hug you guys are the best love you see you guys next week bye.

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