INSOMNIA AID | Sleep Music + Binaural Beats 'Lithic Lakeside Lodge' w/ Self-Love Subliminals

INSOMNIA AID | Sleep Music + Binaural Beats ‘Lithic Lakeside Lodge’ w/ Self-Love Subliminals

Welcome to ‘Lithic Lakeside Lodge’, a peaceful retreat where it’s always golden warm in autumn. Allow yourself to drift into a blissful calm as the music drifts you slowly into a healing deep sleep. This session also uses deep theta waves, a frequency associated with deep meditation, creativity, and sleep. Finally, this audio has self-love subliminal affirmations blended below the music. These affirmations prime your mind to feel confident, reduce anxiety and reconnect with yourself.

💠 For best results, play the full audio throughout – with or without headphones.
🔆 NOTE: Volume shouldn’t be loud. Audio should be played at a low volume to protect hearing.

Self-Love Subliminal Affirmations:
1.) I am strong emotionally and psychologically.
2.) I am in connection with my deeper self.
3.) I listen to my needs and take care of myself with love.
4.) I am compassionate and understanding towards myself.
5.) I am making goals and transforming my life for the better.
6.) I magnetize good, loving friends and relationships into my life.
7.) I am ready to thrive, I no longer hold myself back.
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