INTENSE Energy Update: June 24th SUPER Full Moon – 5 Things You NEED to Know!

INTENSE Energy Update: June 24th SUPER Full Moon - 5 Things You NEED to Know!

I am back with a MOON ENERGY UPDATE! Tapping into the energy of June’s Capricorn Full Super STRAWBERRY MOON ~ what a name, hahaha

I’ve found that there are 5 main themes we are working with during this potent super moon, and being AWARE and mindful of them is how we can best navigate the turbulent waters of full moon energy!

Good things are coming too, such as the summer solstice positive wave of cosmic energy!

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Timestamp Menu:
[3:10] Summer Solstice
[6:05] Full Strawberry Super Moon in Capricorn
[7:10] Heightened and Intensified Emotions
[9:25] Be Observant- You WILL Be Tested!!!!
[12:00] Completion/ End Of A Cycle
[13:00] Big Picture For Your Future
[16:55] Need For Freedom

Astrologers that inspired this energy update video:
Bracha Goldsmith

Pam Gregory

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