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Hey guys, welcome back to PS. I’mElla, your direct for everything. Spirituality, appearance, mindset, and aligned business. In today’s video I’m sharing with youa key mystery to manifesting and NLP. This is also known as theNLP empowerment formula, which when you are familiar with notonly can you manifest with ease, but overall of your qualityof life is going to skyrocket. So if you want to know all thedetails, then really keep on watching. So this key secret to appearance, this empowerment formula is a simple one. It’s mostly C bigger than Eessentially cause over accomplish. So the whole key of thisis to shift our thinking, to see that we are at cause in creatingeverything that we see in our lives instead of being out of effectto parties in outer contexts. Living in effect looks like dependingon the things outside of you, that people outside of you, the circumstances outsideof you to dictate how youfeel and to dictate how you then choose to see your reality. So a very simple example of this is Iam going to be happy when such person or persons texts me back and asks me out.On a year or I am going to be happy whenI form$ 1 million or I am going to be happy when so-and-so does this one thing. We are handing our ability apart when wechoose to live in effect and at the same time you are also put your energeticvibration susceptible to the influence of the outside world. Instead of taking active ownership andcontrolling your energetic hum and deciding how you want to be and decidinghow you miss your forceful vibration to be vibing at. Now this is very essential because whenwe keep on doing that we are handing our superpower apart and we’re not activelymanifesting and creating our best life.So what does it look like tolive from a target of case? How do you actually live at cause andtherefore be sanctioned in your life? Well living at cause is literally assimple as realizing that you always get to choose how you are being, how you are feeling and every singlemoment it is up to you to decide. So instead of saying, I am going tobe happy when X, Y and Z happens, you choose to be happy right nowyou do the things that let you up, you take care of yourself and thereforeyou elevate your industrious vibration to manifest with ease and alsojust to live a much better life. Living at cause is also so much abouttaking an honest look and where you need to level up your activity making. It’s veryeasy for us to think that our results, the things that we see in our livesand things that we have in our lives of things that we have called into our livesare dependent on what other parties do or we tend to wait around and you knowalmost think that when we think of something and we are only sitthere, it’s going to show up.But it’s not how manifestation worksis not how the existing legislation of attractivenes uses. You need to go up there, you have to take the stimulated actionand so living at cost is really about coming honest with yourself as to howmuch action are you actually taking. Where are you passing apart your ability bynot actually doing the things that you know you can be doing to get youcloser to your desired manifestations.Now for many years we have livedin the older paradigms of have, do and be so when I have thisthing, when I have this profession, when I have the members of this house, when I have thisrelationship, when I have this coin, then I do these things that perform mehappy and therefore then I can be happy. Now let’s just take this pattern and justthrow it away because “thats really not” the model that you want to be living by. When “youre living” by costand not affect in your life, the brand-new pattern to befollowing is be do and have. When you actively choose tobe happy, to be grateful, to be sanctioned in this moment now andyou’re doing the things that the you that you want to become is doing, then you are naturally going to raiseyour forceful pulse and have all the things that you desire.You are going to manifest everything withease because you are living and acting from a neighbourhood of empowerment. One of our biggest rackets more when youare choosing to live at cause and not change is to focus on what you wantbecause you are going to get exactly what you want. So if you are allowing what you want tobe dictated by people outside of you and circumstances outside of you, you are never going to be manifestingthe things that truly let you out. The things that truly bring you joy. So your job in serve and livingat cause is to ask yourself, what do I want to be creating in mylife? What do I require? And focus on it. And retain when you are not seeingthe results that you want in your life, when things aren’t manifestingas fast as you crave, it’s not about placing yourfingers outwards and lookingoutside of you for why things are not get right. It’snot about playing the denounce game.It’s about taking that honest lookinward of coming back inside and asking yourself, am I certainly being the person who has thethings that I hope and my playing at that stage? When it comesto taking inspired action? When the time comes to my considers, beliefs, and my patterns, am I actually has undertaken to that nextlevel edition of myself and realizing that you always have the choiceto choose differently. You can always do something different. You can always think something differentand that my friend is how you become empowered is how you live at cost andhow you can then easily evident all the things that you want.Now let me know in the comments if youare ready to play 111% at cause in your life because if you are my friend, then you have just sounded into the numberone pre-requisite for making a law of magnetism makes seamlessly for you. Now. If you are feeling ready inmanifesting your eventual reality, then is secure to thoughts on over hereand check out my scripting video, giving you a simple and easy techniqueto start writing out all of your desires into existence. If you want to learn another NLP techniquethat helps you get super vivid and clear in your visualizationof what you desire, then be sure to check out my videoright up now, all about that.If you just wanted to dive deeperinto reprogramming yoursubconscious mind to help you manifest everything that you desire, then be sure to pate on over to the linkin my description chest to grab my free manifestation hypnosis. Now I hope by now you are really feelingthat 111% readiness to live at cause in your life and also in your businessif you are an entrepreneur. And so I would love to see how Ican support you in your journey.So if you are interested in hopping on afree 30 time flare activation lucidity see with me where we aregoing to understand what isthat next grade of world enlightened business that you are tryingto manifest and truly take an honest look at what is currently deeming youback and get the clarity on a roadmap that is going to take you from where youare right now to where you want to be. So if that sounds good to you, thengo down below diary in your free, a 30 time see with meand let’s get chitchatting. So thank you so much fortuning into today’s video. I hope this was helpful foryou. If you experienced this, then gives people a thumbs up and I cannotwait to see you in my next video until then, abide illumination andshine shining my friends ..

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