Know When to Surrender: πŸŒ• Full Moon in Aries October 20 is Coming!

Know When to Surrender: πŸŒ• Full Moon in Aries October 20 is Coming!

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Impulsive, emotional, strong-headed yet BEAUTIFUL energy is coming our way with October 20th’s FULL MOON in Aries. In today’s video let’s walk through how to lovingly detach from the cosmological drama, and find some relief in knowing we have this blueprint to follow.

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Full moon energy reading
What to do with sudden motivation
Full moon warnings
Returning to relationships
Planets going direct
Journal prompts

(04:20) Your Potential
(08:55) Underlying Feelings
(09:40) Warrior Energy/ Start Something New
(11:39) Cowardliness
(14:40) Truth being revealed
(16:50) WARNING
(19:45) Journal Prompts (Listed below)

Journal Prompts:
What is it that I really want right now?
What is it that I really need right now?
What are some actions that I can take to get me closer to the things I want and need?
Where can I be more assertive?
Where can I surrender?
Is there something that I am afraid will happen if I get what I need/ what I want?
In what ways can I confront these fears?
If I confront these fears how will I feel about myself and my life?

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