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Press right here to loose a secretmanifestation technique. This is Jake Ducey with and what I’mabout to share with you is going to blow your head and allow you to manifest whatyou crave even faster let’s dive freedom into the video go ahead press right hereno seriously press right here feels hard doesn’t it feels like it’s solid guesswhat it’s not science tells us that an atom -AT-O-M an atom the physicalbuilding blocks of our macrocosm are actually between 95 and 99 percent emptyspace so you press right here and you’re sure due to the brain cellsyou’re activating due to the the programming that you have due to the tothe sensory ordeal that you’re getting you are certain that this issolid but it’s not solid because what is this made out of a cluster of atoms in anatom is 95 to 99% empty space you mean to tell me that everything my digit $100 invoice the money you want the car you want the job you crave it is all between 95 and 99 percentage empty space the physical things that you want are not physical atall if they’re 95 to 99 percentage of the spaceand look at they possibly be non-physical intelligence non-physicalintelligence that you can rearrange and vary based off of your suppose energythought force is you mobilizing spirit powers you reining God is youharnessing the imaginative strength of the universe in order to impress upon thereality that you want so this num 95 to 99% empty space the money you demand thecar you crave the job you miss it’s not physical but what most people do is theybase what’s possible based off of what believe in the physical reality wellI’ve never had very much money well my last-place relation haven’t worked outthey’re looking for evidence in the physical reality to define what’spossible for them when 95 to 99 percent of it is empty space so press right herepress right here what is giving you this sensory know perceive intelligencenon-physical intelligence and what are you you’re an individual ization of thatnon-physical intelligence and you rein it with your mental facultiesyou harness it with ingenuity you harness it with will you rein it inyour own mind that’s what expect force is that’swhat activates brain cells that’s what allows reviews to become things is youharnessing non-physical judged energy and it will become a physical thing whyhow can your thoughts make a physical thinghow can your thoughts the personas you hold a succes mutate your bankaccount how can the personas you prop of your true love help you attract yoursoulmate because everything in this physical world isn’t even physicalit’s all 99% empty space it’s all 99% non-physical intelligence so is thoughtand when you accord the envisage frequency with what the hell are you want and you startaffirming that great things are on the way once and you understand that youare limited by this physical reality because this reality isn’t physicalanyways the physical reality is an indication of the non-physicaldimension is a manifestation of being vitality you’re not restricted by your pastyou’re not limited by the physical reality you may think well you know Idon’t have enough money I’m not very good with numbersmy last-place affairs haven’t worked out disbelief it out it up nothing of those thingsmatter take a moment take a moment and start tothink about what you want what is it that “youre going to” insure the developer ofthe universe gave you with particular spiritual powers and those spiritualpowers allow you to use your mental faculties to take that tone energythat consciousness that God energy and prepare prove the things that you wantin physical world you have to know this that you are worthy of everythingthat you want and that your thoughts truly become things and they can becomethings rapidly when you grasp that you are a powerful founder commentary downbelow what I demand comes now criticism down below meditates become things press righthere and realize that this isn’t physical you’re not bound to thelimitations that you think you have I’m too old I’m too young I don’t have theright education I’m in debt my last-place affair go used to work I have toomany rosters in my gut I have this thing none of that matters because yourimagination your insight is what will rearrange the physical world so startimagining yourself as a strong being start imagining yourself in the realitythat you want I had to imagine that I was inspiring millions of people withthis direct while I was going no customers and negative subscribersthis went on for awhile I hindered imagining I didn’t allow the physical feels tocontrol my beliefs because my speculation intensity is the only thing that I haveit’s all you have right now help the image of prosperity right now hold theimage of love right now hold the image of health of success of succes ofnew opportunities flowing into your life and know this you’re an individualization of deity you’re one with God energy and you’re already connected toeverything that you want everything is two things what you honorthe absence of which what most people they know what they want but they’refocused on the fact that it hasn’t happened yet start confirming I amprosperous I am attracting great things I am successful beyond measure I ampowerful beyond belief when you press right here you realize something verypowerful you’re not bound to this physical world spirit non-physicalintelligence is what procreates and sustains this physical actuality and youcan direct that exertion with your thoughts I am prosperous I’m attractinggreat things I am successful magnificent things are flowing into my life todaybegin to affirm it and see this reality for what it is a manifestation of whatimages you’re impounding in your psyche note down below I am prospering greatthings are coming if you haven’t yet made to ensure that you download my freesuccess hypnosis Jake’s hypnosis calm I created a success of gnosis because 95% of your life is subconscious we have 65,000 concludes on a date ninety-fivepercent of them are subconscious so our lives are controlled by habitualthoughts that we have oh I’m unfortunate oh I’m unlovable it’s really hard toattract fund these are just subconscious blueprints and you canrewrite them and I generated a success hypnosis designed to rewrite them for youso success will come into your life easier quicker and faster it’s pacify right there down below right there down below so go ahead made the agree button thebell notification from Ed over there the bell notification is what apprises youfor brand-new videos even if you already subscribe double check you’ve actuallyhit that Bell notification right over there on the side comment down belowgreat things are coming now your thoughts become things this physicalreality is just a manifestation of believed vigour and you can harness thatenergy to create the life that you hope if you have not subscribed more be sureto reached the agree button right over there and hit the bell notificationbecause that’s what’s gonna advise you for brand-new video subscribe downnotification let’s get right to the video

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