Let Go of Resentment, Forgive Yourself: Divine Protection, Spiritual Energy Shield ✳︎ Binaural Beats

Let Go of Resentment, Forgive Yourself: Divine Protection, Spiritual Energy Shield ✳︎ Binaural Beats

Let Go of Resentment, Forgive Yourself: Divine Protection, Spiritual Energy Shield ✳︎ Binaural Beats🟣GV0465 by Good Vibes – Binaural Beats.

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🔆Awaken your inner divinity, and protects yourself. Listening to this meditation music vibrates the spiritual energy and shield you from evil energy.

🔆(Note: To experience the best sound, Use a pair of headphones. Listen to this music in a quiet place for at least 20 / 25 minutes daily “If Possible”. If you are a beginner then don’t try to fit too much at once)

🔆 Are there any side effects of listening to our music?

This question has been asked frequently by our subscribers. So, here is the answer. There aren’t any side effects listening to our music. But we suggest the sound level coming through your headphones shouldn’t be set too high, otherwise, it can cause hearing loss. It could also be a problem if you have epilepsy, so before trying it, you should speak to your doctor.

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