Letting Go Affirmations – Detach and Let Go of EVERYTHING✨

Letting Go Affirmations - Detach and Let Go of EVERYTHING✨

Today’s affirmations are for letting go of attachments, of desires, of things from the past.

These affirmations are curated for detaching from situations that no longer serve. They also help to let go of what you are manifesting in order to not put anything or anyone on a pedestal. When we let go, we let the universe flow. The most powerful mind is a mind that lets go.

The background music you are hearing now contains brainwave entrainment frequencies that encourage light alpha relaxation, a state of consciousness that is incredible for programming the mind.

Listen to these in the morning, before bed, and any time of day when you need a pick-me-up. Listen after manifesting, after setting intentions, or when dealing with intrusive thoughts.

I will say the affirmation twice and give space for repetition, which is super powerful, however, leaving these on while you do other things is effective and beneficial as well.

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