Making Madras Curry & Discussing the Multiverse bc why not

Making Madras Curry & Discussing the Multiverse bc why not

In today’s video, we’re doing a cook-and-chat video à la Trisha Paytas, because why not???

I prepared some Indian Madras curry (very untraditionally, please forgive me my Indian angels!! lol) and talked about whatever was on my mind.

I’ve always wanted to create content that can be played while you’re doing your own thing. If you’re cooking while watching me cook and talk, that’s literal goals.

I ramble on about the effects of social media, energy while cooking, my strange experience called a “priestess activation,” Gary Vanderchuk, and more + comment on what I should cook/talk about next!

Time Stamp:
[3:00] Madras Curry
[6:45] How Your Energy Affects Your Food
[9:40] The Effects of Social Media
[18:00] How I make Italian Socca
[24:40] I had a priestess activation

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