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– There are three main things you need in order to manifest anythingyou require in their own lives without having to work at all. Now the first thing youneed, you need a couch. Okay? As you can see, I have a couch here. The second thing you need, is you need to be ableto think on that couch. Okay? So what I do is I justkind of sit here like this, and really various kinds of … Then what I do is Ithink about what I miss. Okay? And I “ve been thinking about” it, I putmy hands sometimes right here, and I think about what I crave. And this is the second step. So the first room … The first step is you get the couch The second pace, as youthink about what you want. And the third largest step is you only do everything else after that, that you would normally do.It’s really simple. And for years I did this andfor years, I came zero upshots. So I know sometimes, I know, if I would have titled this video, Things That All Millennials Need To Hear, y’all, wouldn’t haveclicked on this video. I’m here to give give you not inevitably what you “ve got to hear”, but I’m here to tell youwhat you need to hear. Okay? I want to help all … If you clicked on a videoand you want to achieve the life of your dreamswithout having to work, I merely, there’s a couple of things I remember will make all thedifference in the world, when it comes to you. And of course I’m beingkind of facetious now but there’s this huge spiritual, scarcity of spiritual initiation that I noticing in so many people, and I was guilty of it too.Back in 2012, I went throughmy spiritual arouse and I went through thiskind of flighty sense where I started learningabout the existing legislation of magnetism, I learned about the movie, The Secret and everything in my lifewas then about contemplating. I was thinking, I was thinking and I got nowhere because I wasn’t being. Everything altered in my lifewhen I started to take action. And “thats a lot” of people in my life, I time dealt with somebodyin my life today actually, as I record this, that, it’s this common patternthat I’m noticing in being in general, is that there’speople that are going through this very flighty kind oflike spiritual thing where they are waiting for things to happen.They feel a little bit of defiance and then it’s like, “This doesn’t resonate. This is low vibe.” And the thing that I want to encourage, and sometimes I exactly want to shake beings and is just like, “Come on.” Especially for a great deal ofuninitiated men in the world. Uninitiated, wanting maybe and there’s empathy here with this, maybe you didn’t havea strong father figure or a masculine spirit growing up, but there’s this energyand vibration right now on countries around the world, where somany parties are expected to be given things.And because they’reexpected to be given things, anything that representsa little bit of part or work in general, it’s like, it seems like that’s not necessary. Now there’s some benefits. Some benefits are themillennials are trying to learn how to do things easier in a more … With less endeavor. So that could be one benefit. But one thing that I’mnoticing in the energy dynamic of a great deal of people in general is when a little bitof resistance comes up, “Oh, it’s doesn’t resonate. This isn’t meant to be.” And the mentality that I hadto go full-time on YouTube, is I started makingdaily videos on YouTube in February 2017, I was working a nine to fivejob that I did not enjoy, and I became the choice tomake daily videos on YouTube. And I did that for months. And then eventually I wentfull-time doing what I cherish. The YouTube channel took off. I started instructing peopleand I was able to quit. And sometimes people askme, “How did you do that? I want to have that passiveincome life-style too.” Well, it made quite abit of duty especially in the beginning.And the work is the action. Taken any steps. Physical action and thevibration of your principle world, where you’re doing what you love, requires an element of action because for a period of time, we are in a 3D physical world. So the one thing that you mayneed to hear in this video is taking massive actionmay be the missing key that intensely modifies their own lives. It’s having a vision for what you want. A moving in the direction of that see, taking action in that vision, and when other things come up, the implication we dedicate those things, is the meaning we get out of it. So if I would’ve made acouple of videos on YouTube and been like, “Oh, you know, this, this feels very hard. I have to make this videoand I have work tomorrow.” And you know, there’s alittle bit of resist. I’m getting named now to go do this. And I would have go do something else, which is like this spiritual flightiness that I was in in 2012, I would have never gotto where I am today.So is known that when you have a vision and when you’re goingin a certain direction, the one of the purposes of us that wantsto have everything be easy, it is about being in alignment. When you’re in alignment withwhat you’re intense about, I think that is great, but the missing key for so many beings right now, and that’s not only because I’m exasperated because today I’m dealing with somebody that feels a little bit of fight and then exactly had decided not … Happens a lot in Sedona as well. We is a lot of veryspiritual parties in Sedona which I think is great. But what happens is youget these parties that, everything is about like, either used to go and talking to your spiritual guides and going words from yourguides or going to psychics or doing all these spiritual things. And instead of going inside and finding out what thehell do I just wanted to do? That’s the missing key.Is like, what do I … We have free will here. And when we go out andexternalize that influence and we’re looking foranswers and interesting thing, we’re externalizing our own superpower. And one of the things thatI want to share with you is think about it in theterms of the chakras. We’ve got the seed chakra, we’ve got the sacral chakra, we’ve got the solar plexus, we’ve got the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown.A lot of spiritual people, theylike being in the third eye, the treetop, the throat, the heart, but it’s also about integrating into the bottom three chakras. Which is feeling safe, which is taking action, which is willpower, having train. So when you have a deeper sense and you’re of your own body, you then have even morepower to go up even higher into the astro rounds.But there’s this common thing in Sedona where people go through and they’re having conversations with extra dimensionalbeings and all this material. And sometimes I’m just like, “I get it.” In 2012, I went throughthat phase as well, but it becomes so fickle, like leaf in the wind, like, “This wants me to do this. And this is willing to do that.” What do you mean want to do? Take your superpower back. Be in your organization. Be present. Part of taking action in our world is taking action using our torso. So anytime a little bitof resistance comes up, realize that thatresistance might be there because that strain is what you through.Intention. It means you’re in tension. Duty of intent is taking action because you’re doing something, you’re wiring something intoyour world, that is new. But there’s a lot of uninitiated, specially beings out in the world right now, a great deal of millennials, and I don’t know what contemporary I’m in, I might be a millennial or it might not but I’ve initiated myself into maturity of taken any steps of havingcertain seeing of feeling in passing. And if you want to be a leader, you have to be okay with taken any steps. Even if you’re a feminineperson listening to this or you’re a female, initiation is reallyabout going into yourself and going into your weaves as well. There’s some people that go through a little bit of negative estimations or negative ardours thatthey don’t want to go there. They don’t want to go intotheir childhood wounds.Well, guess what? Childhood curves stay on autopilot. You may have a childhood woundwith your mommy and your dad and therefore you’re notbeing assertive in your life. You may become a people pleaser. You might have a childhoodwound around thinking that you’re entitled, and thenyou don’t want to taking any decision because it feels low-spirited vibrational. Well, go into that, lean into that. Where is that coming from? Are ya with leaning into the shadow, and at the same time, realizethat in your life right now, your life is a directreflection of who you are being, and one of the mostimportant parts of being is not just your thoughts, it’s not just your affections, but it’s your actions.When I look back my reality of when I was working a nine to five professions, to then extending full-time, I was taking the action of moving videos everysingle day on YouTube. So, I know that this is kind of like a little bit more of like, just imagine me shaking you right now, like, is everything all right, I love you, but you got to make specific actions. You got to spirituallyinitiate yourself into this. And realizing you came here to be a part of likewise 3D physical world, you could say 5D, but taking action is nota low-spirited vibrational thing, when you’re doing what you love. And make it a video that was like, Three Things All Millennials Need To Know, millennials ain’t goingto click on this video. So what I did is, I didit in the languaging that maybe you would have needed to hear. And that is be in your person. Decide … Don’t, don’t be going offto mystics to get answers, don’t be search up your numerology or astrology every day to see if you’re gonna have a good day.Instead, go within yourself and cause from a sense ofgravity from your own center, and is known that you get in life, a direct reflection of whom you being. And how are you being? Are you being the sameperson you were yesterday? Are you doing the same things or are you not doing the same things? Do you have bounds? That is really the key tounderstanding your vibration and becoming spiritually established. You know, there’s differentways to go about that, but for a lot of, you are well aware, I’m speaking at it because I’m a man but guys going through this process of spiritual start certainly, is about healing your relationship to the feminine and the masculine, but too going into yourwarriors start. Taking action. I took action for two years in a row of daily videos on YouTubethat rewired myself likenes. Does everyone need to go through that? I don’t know. But find your own warriors start. And I’ll stimulate more videos on this. Like this video, if this is something you thinksome people need to hear, share this video as alsokind of a funny thing to see, how many parties click on it? How countless people want to manifest their life of their dreamswithout taking any action at all, and you’re going to give them a letter they truly need to hear.They may not want to hearit, but they need to hear it. So anyways, hope youguys experienced this video. Like this video, if you like it, agree if you haven’talready and as always, I’ll see you on the next video. Peace, much cherish and namaste ..

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