Meditate #WithMe November (Day 13)

Meditate #WithMe November (Day 13)

All November long, I want to deepen my meditation practice – and what could be better than doing it together?

Every morning (9 am PST) in November join me for a 20 minute-60 minute meditation (hopefully, we can go deeper and deeper as the month goes on)

Videos will be posted to the channel so that you may join in at your own time.

Find a cozy, quiet spot, and get ready to deepen your practice with me!

*NOTE*: SUPER beginner friendly!

To improve our mental health, states of mind, and well-being.

To deepen our spiritual practice.

To secure equanimity and safety within ourselves.

Please prepare:
– Journal & pen
– A comfortable, safe and quiet place to sit down
– Headphones (optional)

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