Meditate #WithMe November (Day 2)

Meditate #WithMe November (Day 2)

All November long, I want to deepen my meditation practice – and what could be better than doing it together?

Every morning (9 am PST) in November join me for a 20 minute-60 minute meditation (hopefully, we can go deeper and deeper as the month goes on)

Videos will be posted to the channel so that you may join in at your own time.

Find a cozy, quiet spot, and get ready to deepen your practice with me!

*NOTE*: SUPER beginner friendly!

To improve our mental health, states of mind, and well-being.

To deepen our spiritual practice.

To secure equanimity and safety within ourselves.

Please prepare:
– Journal & pen
– A comfortable, safe and quiet place to sit down
– Headphones (optional)

Wealth Mindset – 2 Reasons You Are Not Wealthy Yet And What To Do About It!

Do you have a wealth frame of mind or are you allowing destitution to take control? There is abundance around … Why not make the most of it. Here are two ideas that will assist you reconsider your positioning in life.

The Age of Self-Development

I believe that we have entered a new period, a time of increasing human consciousness, a moment where we actually have the technology to overcome poverty and also ignorance-the Age of Self-Development. Yet this expression, Self-Development or personal advancement has actually been heavily over-used or rather, misused. When the majority of people hear the term Self-Development or personal growth, it typically brings to mind some motivational speaker or expert who just intends to con you out of your tough gained cash. And also it holds true, those kinds of people are out there. I myself have actually located these charlatans in academia, Network Advertising and marketing, the world of realty, and in service generally.

The Grand Rundown

The very best performances often can be found in the real world, simply as in sporting activities, when there are 5 secs on the clock as well as a possibility to make a shot, objective or whatever to win the whole thing. That is what this short article has to do with. Short-term drama, and also genuine long-lasting success in genuine background.

Finding Abundance

I have established a rule, which I duplicate typically “I reside in a state of constant abundance.” Finding out to be happy as well as accept that which turns up places one according to what the universe agrees to offer to us.

Everybody Wants to Be a Millionaire

“Be ye changed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2)” is a bible verse we are all also accustomed to. We are always renewing our minds, but are we altering the way we believe and really feel regarding money? We have actually come to be addicted to simple methods to accomplish our desires.

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