Meditate #WithMe November (Day 25)

Meditate #WithMe November (Day 25)

All November long, I want to deepen my meditation practice – and what could be better than doing it together?

Every morning (9 am PST) in November join me for a 20 minute-60 minute meditation (hopefully, we can go deeper and deeper as the month goes on)

Videos will be posted to the channel so that you may join in at your own time.

Find a cozy, quiet spot, and get ready to deepen your practice with me!

*NOTE*: SUPER beginner friendly!

To improve our mental health, states of mind, and well-being.

To deepen our spiritual practice.

To secure equanimity and safety within ourselves.

Please prepare:
– Journal & pen
– A comfortable, safe and quiet place to sit down
– Headphones (optional)

Electric Butterflies – The Excitement of Success

Electric butterflies tickle your spinal column, make you smile and let you recognize that success is simply nearby. When you feel this in your body, you understand that something fantastic gets on the means.

The Law Of Attraction Will Make You Rich

Are you knowledgeable about the saying ‘You get what you assume concerning most of the moment’. Primarily it indicates whatever you concentrate your attention on one of the most, is what you will certainly obtain. Or to place it another method, what ever you think of is what is likely to take place. It does not matter what the circumstance is or what the environment surrounding you contains. It’s called the regulation of destination.

The Law Of Attraction Will Make You Rich

Are you acquainted with the stating ‘You obtain what you assume regarding most of the moment’. Basically it means whatever you focus your interest on one of the most, is what you will certainly obtain. Or to put it one more way, what ever you think about is what is most likely to take place. No matter what the situation is or what the setting surrounding you has. It’s referred to as the regulation of tourist attraction.

Goal Achievement – Be, Do, Have

Many individuals feel aggravated at times when working toward their goals. The seem like they have actually done the right points in achieving their goals: they have actually written them down, they make use of a daily planner to manage their time, and they are functioning hard. Yet they fall short to accomplish their goals …

Feng Shui Bagua: A Tool for Reading Energies in Your Home or Office

This post presents the feng shui bagua as a device for checking out the natural powers in an area. It briefly describes the bagua as an indicator of where details powers swimming pool in a space as well as exactly how to make use of the bagua to review the energies in your area and address power challenges.

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