Money Manifestation Challenge!

hey I am out in the woods right now doing a money meditation and this is something that I actually want to share with everybody um I have just decided that my beliefs about money and the way that I have handled money largely in the past has been very limited by a lot of beliefs that I've had about it that I just carried over from my childhood from whatever my own issues and I have kind of unconsciously held a belief that money I just didn't know how to reconcile it with the spiritual reality that I believe in that I create my own reality money is it was tricky for me I have had a lot of limiting beliefs so this this month i am going to be focusing on it as just one avenue of abundance not the only one avenue of abundance because i want to see what a 25 year old woman um without a college degree uh who has you know a small sum of money in their bank account who is living out in the country without access you know to a lot of jobs I've waitress for a long time and built up my confidence that I could get a job most places and feel comfortable working in most places but at the same time um it's funny because it's like in not at all in alignment with what i want to do so the fact that i have been making money doing something that is not aligned with what i want exactly it is interesting to me um the fact that when i was waitressing i could connect to what i wanted to be doing which is helping people and loving people unconditionally actually I brought that into my job serving so even though the technical job of you know giving people food you know cleaning up after them and they spill something and whatever that wasn't really my passion um loving unconditionally really was my passion and is my passion so I'm seeing that core root of who I am was really what was making the money for me so I think I'm going to stick with that core root and I'm going to allow it in other ways so over this next month I'm going to be sharing techniques i'm using and then hopefully will we well not hopefully i will be updating how that's going not in a bragging way not in a superficial way just money is something that makes people pay attention myself included so okay thank you for watching have a wonderful beautiful day

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