New Energy Coming In: JUNE 10th GEMINI NEW MOON is Here! What You Need to Know…

New Energy Coming In: JUNE 10th GEMINI NEW MOON is Here! What You Need to Know...

Are you looking for a fresh start? The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, cleansing and clearing out negative energy.

In this video, let’s chat about the 4 things you need to know about the June 10th new moon energy! The moon phases can affect our minds and our emotions, and the June 10th Gemini New Moon happens to be in Mercury Retrograde. So what does that mean for us? Let’s deep dive into the best ways to continue to live your best life, while being mindful of the new moon, and all of its powers.

Galit Raiman
Bracha Goldsmith

Timestamp Menu:
[2:00] Gemini New Moon Cycle
[2:45] Mercury Retrograde
[4:50] Feeling Inspired to Speak Out
[6:30] Neptune Energy
[11:00] Making Big Decisions

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