New Moon in Leo Energy: Let Your HEART LEAD! ❤️🦁 August 8th 2021 Lunar Energy Reading

New Moon in Leo Energy: Let Your HEART LEAD! ❤️🦁 August 8th 2021 Lunar Energy Reading

Your word is your WAND. In today’s video, let’s discuss the New Moon in Leo on August 8th! I share the 5 main themes of the new moon in Leo, and exactly what is blessed and what to watch out for right now! ✨

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Lion Energy
Bouts of higher thinking
Questioning accepted societal truths
Feeling rebellious
Divergent thinking
Speaking up for yourself
Heart vs Ego
Not taking your ego too seriously
Heart centric living
Sudden and unexpected changes in our lives
Courage and being your true self
Becoming playful and flexible
Coming to a fork in the road

Timestamp Menu:
(05:00) Expanding Your Thoughts/Questioning Society
(09:19) Setting Your Intention With The New Moon
(11:11) Heart Centric Living
(12:35) Sudden And Unexpected Changes
(13:54) A Call For Unique Expression And Bravery
(15:30) Inflated Ego
(16:24) Making Difficult Decisions

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