Now That We’re All on the Same Page… Could UFOs and ETs be real?

Now That We’re All on the Same Page... Could UFOs and ETs be real?

We now have the acknowledgment of unidentified aerial phenomena, straight from the Pentagon.

So naturally, I wanted to revisit my own alien experiences, to add a personal experience to this wild time on earth.

A portion of the US 2020 coronavirus relief package required the pentagon to report all that is known about UFOs, within 180-days. We are coming up on the 180-day mark.

In this video, let’s talk about the extraterrestrial information our media is feeding us, and my own personal opinions and EXPERIENCES on the matter.

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Timestamp Menu:
[1:20] Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon
[3:00] Pentagon Ordered to Report UFO Information
[5:50] Opening Your Mind
[10:20] Physical E.T Evidence & What It Means
[13:30] My First Extraterrestrial Experience
[15:45] Our Subconscious Agreement to Better Humanity
[17:20] Spiritual Evolution vs. Technological Evolution
[20:15] My Most Recent Extraterrestrial Experience

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