Numerology – What Does 2019 Hold In Store For YOU?!

Hey guys, it’s an Perry. This is my fourth attempt to do this video today So I’m sure hoping this flattens out well for you guys what does 2019 touch the accumulation for us You’ve all been asking me what the heck’s is gonna bring So they give you a little intimate you’re gonna be a lot busier this year than what you were in 2018. Okay, let’s go find out what that signifies. All title. So let’s recall for a minute. What was 2018 all about? 2018 was all about lumination, right? We had this big huge spotlight of light-footed over the planet which allowed us to see the dust bunnies in the corner You know, it allowed us to see all the things in “peoples lives” that we haven’t been able to notice before So for example, we would be seeing our relationships in a different light We’d be seeing ourselves in a different light all rapid You might be recognizing the talent that your lad or daughter has that you never saw before and also it came to the forefront Maybe you’re seeing a weakness in a relationship Maybe am a decision to leave that relationship or improve upon that relationship either way You’re visit it for what it is that which has been hidden from us has been revealed to us in 2018 so we couldn’t hide from it anymore A pile of us were were forced to kind of get out from underneath the covers so to speak and face life head-on in 2018 a year of hypersensitivity right the pitch countries around the world is vibrating at the lord quantity 11 energy.It’s like Right, it’s real. It’s a real high-pitched high-pitched vibration So it would have caused you to be maybe a little bit more emotional you might be reacting to music to movies to the news Anything your mind might have been Pretty feelings this year. It had a focus on collaboration. So perhaps you might have joined with a business partner Maybe you’ve teamed up with someone at work maybe in school. You might be doing a lot of collaborative nature activities joint jobs Revelations every kind of them. I is a well-known fact that There’s been particular politicians who will remain unnamed who’ve really been under the spotlight this year So that which has been hidden has been exposed. Okay, so There but you are familiar with, it’s it’s kind of strange A fragment of a dichotomy going on this year because the vibration is very very high and yet the vitality feels truly low You know when we’re in 2017 the focus was on all of us collectively as a Universal planet all of us wanted to get out of the door and lead, you know It’s a focus on ourselves moving forward.We were really ambitious and driven Wanted to get things started and more when the train pulled into 2018 It’s like wow, okay, certainly various kinds of tired a little bit slower, right? So it’s like journey through with mud boots, you are familiar with boots with you know muddy boots Okay, it’s gonna be that kind of video So it’s really it really really relates to the fact that we’re all moving slower in 2018 than what we did in 2017. Okay, so some of you might be a little bit exasperated will vary depending on your Life Path number If you’re really, you know wanting to get something done we were being asked to sit in our timeout chair in 2018 Rather than make go travel. So the power was a little heavier than what it was the year before so what’s 2019 can we be asking from us? Well the universal year of three we know this is the universal year 3 because 2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 9 equals 12 1& 2 equals 3 simple math Universal year 3 will expect us to speak up for ourselves Express ourselves. If you’re a little on the shy slope, you are familiar with and even having difficulty expressing yourself or perhaps you have an imaginative suggestion that even a little nervous to Approach this is your year, right? So we want to speak up and express ourselves This is a year of self-expression and self-development.Take some courses Go and take some public speaking courses. That would be awesome, right? Go and make some dance courses Music classes singing first-class writing grades anything you can do to express yourself This is the energy that will support you. If you’ve been a little nervous to go for an audition for some kind of creative arts This is the time to do it, right you’ll be well supported through that You might find the fortitude to address very sensitive matters, right? Maybe there’s been something that’s kind of irritate you that you really want to talk to somebody about but have been afraid to do so The measurement we’re just going to support “youre going to” do that this year You’re likely go to some truly imaginative masterpieces come together this year as well.So remember the year that Harry Potter came out or Lord of the Rings or the Titanic, you know, all those movies were blockbusters and there were vast gargantuan movies Those are the kind of things you’re gonna see in a three years So I can’t wait for the Academy Awards and the Music Awards I’ll be sitting on the edge of my bench for that because I love to watch that kind of stuff So I think you’ll ensure some really really amazing slice of Creative artwork coming together this year So what does this mean for you personally? Well, all of us are under the umbrella of the universal year of three as we go into 2019 So the universal year will begin in January And it will wheel all the way out and finish the month of December same as your personal year Does you’re going to start to feel the expects? You probably have already started to feel the effects in the fall of 2018 So September October of 2018 you start feeling the alteration out of your personal year Whatever your personally your is you’re starting to feel the shift into the next year that’s coming But you’re also feeling a mixture of the shift of the universal year that’s coming as well So the universal Vibration is felt more by those who are also in a personal year of three It’s also “re going to be” felt by Life Path numbers three even more So so whatever your Life Path number is the same as your personal year.You’re gonna feel better more So for example, I am a 7 guaranteed headcase, right? Everything’s up now all the time so when I go into a seven personal year I various kinds of like if I could hop-skip from the 6 to the eight I’d be All over that right because I precisely hate going in my premier anymore than already there, but that’s what happens right 7 Life Path number and a seven personal time You’re gonna feel it more intensely a 3 and a 3 2 and a 2 whatever it’s all the same You’re gonna feel it more intensely so those of you who have a Life Path number of 3 or are in a personal year of 3 are going to feel the universal year 3 more so than the rest of us So, how do we know what personal time we’re going to be in in 2019. I’m glad you asked So here’s a really simple calculation. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna calculate Before you figure out where you’re gonna be in 2019. You need to calculate your Universal year first So we’ve been demonstrated that 2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 9 equals 12 one and two equals three Again, simple math. That’s the only practice I are aware of to do math.So 2019 is a three universal year That’s the first thing you need to know if you want to figure out what your you’re in Now you’re going to reduce your month to a single digit or a surmount count So for example, the month of December is the twelfth month. So we’re going to reduce that to three one plus two equals three Now you’re going to reduce your epoch of breather to a single toe or a lord number So for example if you were on the 11 th date or even the 22 nd period for that matter Those are lord quantities. So we don’t reduce them. So in this case, we’re gonna leave the eleven alone now you’re simply going to add three for your universal time and Another three for your month of December to the eleven Which is your day of birth that is in addition to 17 one plus seven equals eight So “youre in” an eight personal here? Okay, pretty simple Let’s take a look at how these three universal year is going to affect you personally So if you happen to be in a personal year of one the year one is all about new beginnings new opportunities new intensity Let’s go start go So you’re gonna have a lot of brand-new social haloes because we’re the universal year is in relation to social signed of life and a lot more creative interest So you might if you’re an craftsman you are able to try a brand-new medium, you know If you’re a singer, you might wrench it into a different category But the year of one in a three Universal year is always going to bring in New social curves brand-new social pleasure, right? Personally, you’re up to a lot more effort is going to be required to To is expanding beyond your need to nurture one-on-one affinities remember your your two personal year any personal year is going to feel more intense than what the Universal year does but we have to take into consideration.And this is the point of this exercise How is that universally you’re going to affect my personal year? so if you’re in a personal year of to The personal time of two says I’m gonna spend time calmly with other. It was just one-on-one, right? I want to have placid intimate ties-in. I’m not feeling very social. I don’t want to go out there But the three Universal says too bad, you know get out there and socialize So maybe if you’re trying to find your your feeling, mate? If you’re trying to find a partner if you’re trying to find more friends or whatever Maybe you need to kind of push yourself a little more to are involved in those social curves really be careful that you don’t spread it to too much because the to really is a timeout year so you don’t I go all hell-bent for leather in the other direction Okay, you have to honor that personal years exertion but Accept the fact that you’re going to be taunted a little bit more to go out socially So you need to balance this with the social asks your need for quiet time and social time needs to have a bit of balance If you’re in a personal year of three it’s a time to explore your ideas.Oh my gosh I only I’m coming out of a personal year three and I don’t mind telling you I’m all done. Right because personally you’re three It’s like ideas just come downloading. It’s just like cricket. See I could do this I could do this. That’d be entertaining I could try that right now and because you know the three personal year raises in more social task Oh my deity, make it stop. It’s been crazy socially this year More meanings are coming. Right so when we’re in a personal year of three in a universal year of three Holy loli you’re not gonna have a whole lot of focus this year and that’s okay You merely “ve been meaning to” make the ideas toss them around play with them Express them to your best friend and family. What do you think if I did this? What would your feedback be if I did that? you know exactly convulses the ideas around and see how they fit right sort through them all so you symbolize You’re likely not gonna got a lot of focus.It’s asking you to network get it. They’re socialized get out Your paintbrushes start expressing yourself creatively. This is a incredible year for that. Okay all right coming into a personal year for you’re likely going to feel very Frustrated by the social asks that is in breach of your need to be focused on your work But you can allow that three hum of the universe the three Universal year. You can allow that to support your work Remember the four is a very creative year, very But it’s very punishment title the four necessitates attention to detail and focus and planting Berth in the anchor and building something certainly solid for yourself, but you’re being certainly agitated by this crazy Universal Energy of three. So maybe what you should do is sort of sit back and say, okay I’m being invited out to now not to now Which one of these social commitments is going to help me further my business or further my education or whatever it is. You’re trying to Do for yourself? For precedent if you’re trying to get your finances in order Which is a very common thing to do and a personal here for maybe you’d want to go to a lecture Or an incident that focuses on financial planning.Okay, so that would be a good match When you come into the personal year of five expect the unexpected, right? I’m sorry. Yeah, personally you’re a five is expecting unexpected So try not to sow your power all over the place group travel would be a really good thing to do huge time for creative expres and Creative stretches. So remember the three is supporting the universal year three is supporting your is essential to artistic All right, and you can bang down Doris a personal year of five working. So if you’re in a ensemble, for example, if you’re a musician If you’re an artist, this is a really great year to really uncover the world to what the fuck you do Okay The year of six the intersects always creates in a little domestic focus a lot of domestic Responsibilities a big need to be responsible to your family to your residence to your work family as well So you may feel torn between your need to be responsible for your family and your demands for social interaction This is definitely the year for the family reunions.So I look one of those in your future for sure Personally your seven so there’s gonna be a struggle for your need to be alone personally Your seven says I want to be alone. Leave me alone. Go into my cave, right? I don’t want anything to do with you guys so You’re gonna be asked to train because it’s Universal year three, right? But you want to try to maintain some match, right? You is gonna have to honor your need to be alone as well social events that are going to involve something like outdoors and in quality You know strolling on paths things like that or on a biking excursion those kinds of things would be really good for you, okay So you need to balance your need to be alone? Cuz honestly, this is a time out year for you So the demands that the universal year establishes on you can be a little Frustrating but I would go in favor of trying to spend time by yourself But if you have to spend time with a group do it outside If you’re in personally your excuse me, personally, you’re eight.You’re gonna tone your impressions this year This is the year to go talk to your bank about a credit expand your business expansion horizons. Go to Get your student lends, whatever you need to do the eight revolves all around your money right also a revolves around your supremacy and sovereignty and how much influence you have and when you’ve been given Your power apart generates a bit of an awareness about that, right? So we want to make sure that in a personal year of eight You’re expres your need To be respected as well, right? It’s not just about the money We tend to think that it’s all about the money and it’s not it has a lot to do with where am I? However How have I taught you how to treat me well Guess what if I ought to have learnt schooling you how to treat me and not such a nice practice There’s a new bitch in city. I’m gonna plow you differently. I’m gonna learn you something else about me right? I’m taking back my strength so then if we go into a personal year of nine you might picture social cliques are starting to end group activities are coming to a close things that you’ve been working on relationships Relating to Maybe some humanitarian efforts, maybe some volunteer work that sort of thing You might find those starting to close around you you might find that Maybe you belong to a lump squad and the chunk squad melted, you know Anything to do with group activities that sort of thing is likely to be culminating this year So that’s it.I hope you’ve been brought up to fasted and you’re looking forward to 2019 as I am I’m going to a for personal year So I am really ran about being a little bit more focused and getting some duty done and made some actually spectacular courses for you Person and smart-alecky videos all good stuff. So let’s keep in touch You’re welcome to check me out on an Perry numerologist comm if you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter I don’t bother with it too much I predict but I do have a newsletter and if you want to go sign up for it You’ll receive a video announced three things your appointment of birth can uncover about you, and this is not available on YouTube It’s a really cool video.I think you might like it. So check that out I likewise have some courses on udemy fortunes more coming in 2019 I have my Facebook group, of course on Facebook And my youtube path, delight is committed to my youtube direct. I’m trying to stimulate 10,000 readers this year before the close of the you’re going to think I’m at what 90 100 or something so I don’t have that Countless to go but I sure would appreciate your help So, delight share the videos and agree if you have any questions, you’re welcome announce them down below I’ve got a sale on you are familiar with, the year-end sale.Is there check out the website for more details on that? It’s a kick-ass sale and I am booking up fast. So if you want in you may want to check that out Anyway, I love you guys. Thank you so much better for being now all year long, you are familiar with and patronizing me the course that you do your meanings convey the world countries to me and Your support it’s fantastic. I hope that I’ve been able to inspire you all through 2018. You have a great day I’m looking forward to seeing you in our next video. Take care for now, bye-bye.

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