Pick A Card 🔮 Your Life Prediction

hello everybody and welcome back to my channel myname is laura and today we’re going to do another pick a card tarot reading um and this time we’reasking what is your life prediction how is your life going to unfold how has it been unfolding andwhy are you here what are you doing here what’s going to happen in your life essentially now guysi want to remind you that everyone is blessed with free will you have the ability to make all ofyour own choices you are a free spirit a free soul you can do anything you want these cards thisprediction is just gonna tune into the overriding theme of your life and the major predictionsokay i mean maybe there will be some specifics that will come out um but we’ll just see whathappens okay we don’t know what this reading is gonna bring let’s just find out take a moment tobreathe deeply stretch your shoulders your neck take deep breaths and tune into your bodylisten to any distant noises you may hear ask yourself what your bodyneeds right now and just breathe you can pause this video if you wantto continue this it’s just to settle in and tune into your physical body get yourselfcentered and prepared for this reading and once you feel centered calm relaxed ask yourself whatis my life journey what’s my life prediction that i need to know right now for my greatest good andonce you’ve asked that just select any card piles that you feel drawn to we have group one with thisbutterfly group two with the rose quartz group three with this speckled butterfly group four withthe what is this serpentine adventuring something and group five with another butterfly and onceyou’ve selected your group or multiple groups that you feel drawn to you can either watch through orskip ahead to your reading using the time stamps group number one this is your reading if youhear an ice cream truck outside it’s because i can’t control what happens where i live and i’mnot gonna let that stop me filming okay although we take everything into consideration when we dothese readings so the fact that like when we’re starting your reading an ice cream truck just sohappens to be rudely interrupting that could be a really good prediction um that this lifetimeyou’re gonna have a lot of like entertainment a lot of fun and just joy because when you think oflike the spirit of ice cream even though i don’t eat it because i’m a vegan um it just you know itmakes me think of like happiness playfulness you know just really enjoying life and making themost out of it and that’s just a really good um indication from spirit uh using coincidencesthere’s no coincidences to deliver the message that your life um one of your life purposes is toliterally just have fun you know literally just make the most out of it you know life’s not thatserious so we have three oracle cards from the mystical shaman oracle which is a really deeporacle deck i love it your first one is the rattle your second card is the medicine wheel reversedand then your third and final card is many paths reversed so from these three cards i can tellthat you are very free spirit um on this earth there’s no destiny for your career path or whatyou’re going to do you know it’s really up to you you came into this world like the ice creamtruck coincidence said to really just enjoy yourself and spread that joy to other people itdoesn’t matter what you do specifically sometimes people come into this world into this life to liveout a specific purpose and your specific purpose is very not clearly defined and i feel there willbe a part of your life journey and that part might be currently where you feel a little bit loston what your purpose is what your path is like you might have a lot of interests and youdon’t know which one you should focus on or you might have like a lot of ideas for yourselfand you don’t know which one to focus on like you’re somebody who does well when youhave clear direction from other people um but now is the time to be your own leaderand you know set your own path in life you know you’re a trendsetter you’re a path setterand that might be a little bit outside of your comfort zone but you came into this world to bethat you get out of your comfort zone of just following the natural way of things and to startbeing more of like a co-creator to reality i want to go through these three cards individuallyand explain what they mean um we have the book definitions here and i could add some moreinformation but your first card was the rattle upright which is an invitation okay the essence ofthe rattle the rattle is the spirit call caller oh my gosh carrying the shaman’s prayer to thefour directions and the four directions uh is something that i call in before i do everysingle reading and the this idea of the four directions actually shows up a lot in your readingso hold on we’ll get to that later but anyways um the body of the rattle is like the earth spinningon its axis with the aid of the rattle the medicine woman instills a desired destiny in herfuture closing with the prayer great spirit mayor will be done the rattle guides us to pray forall of earth not just for our own personal needs when we offer our prayers for the highest goodof all everything we need is provided for us okay so essentially the rattle is a tool that is usedto call in energy and manifestations it’s a tool to bring more power to what you’re trying tomanifest to what your intentions are it wakes up the energy and makes your intentions more powerfuland it also sends energy to anyone or any spirit that you’re looking to interact with okayso you have the power and the knowledge to add fuel to any fire in life that you wantessentially all right you have it in you to put energy and like you’re a very strongmanifesto is what i’m trying to say here okay you’re a very strong manifestor and it’svery important that you pay attention to where your energy is going and we see that inthe invitation so with this particular deck any cards that are upright is um like the universeor spirit or god or whatever inviting you to do something and anything any cards that come upin reverse do you have two cards and refresh one upright uh is a medicine something that needshealing or focusing and attention so anyways your invitation with the rattle here the rattle comesto invite you to work with the tools of spirit but be careful they are very sharp and can hurtyou and others if they are not used mindfully set your tools aside and take up the drawinginstruments of spirit you are consciously stepping into partnership with the divine as a co-creatorokay um this is the time for courageous deeds do not let your hesitation get in the way of yourexpression so you’re essentially co-creating um with the universe what that means is is that youdon’t have a clear path in life okay um you’re creating whatever you want okay you have the powerand the purpose to kind of help manifest the world into any form that you want and there’s a lot ofco-creators on this planet who essentially like they have a vision for what they want the earth tolook like for what they want society to look like and you’re probably somebody who has very strongopinions on those things like uh you’re probably the type of person that is like oh my gosh i hatethese things about the society that we live in these things need to change you know you havea lot of opinions on those type of things and that’s good because you’re helping the universekind of create you’re like the person that’s like think of the universe as like one overridinglike blanket right you’re the one like down in and experiencing this world so you have likea clearer like closer up perception of this world and society and how things go which meansthat like your ideas and opinions of how things should be um you’re what am i trying to say you’rea co-creator okay your opinions you can manifest the way you want the world to look like that isyour life purpose in a sense okay um which is why this card is really saying please pay attentionto what you’re focusing your energy on because you’re you as opposed to like other peoplearound you or other people have a little bit more energy when it comes to you know being able tomanifest things into your life like when you use the law of attraction you’re you tend to be alittle bit stronger at that than other people when you have an ambition or a goal that you’re lookingto go after you have a higher chance of achieving that um as opposed to other people because that’sjust who you are that’s how your spirit is um that’s why you’re here you came here to helpmanifest your goals your dreams and society as a whole the world as a whole in the direction thatyou wanted to see so with this rattle it’s saying get a clear vision of what you want to accomplishget a clear vision of what you want the world to look like not just your personal life becauseobviously you’re going to have you know a vision of what you want your personal life to look likeas well um but also the world as a whole how could you make it a better place how can you make itthe place that you want it to be essentially your second card was the medicine wheel reversedum and here if you actually take a look at this card we see the four directions that werementioned earlier and each of these directions are sacred and when you call all of them in youcall in this medicine wheel it’s essentially like the path of healing and a lot of like shamans anduh mystical people and you know people who work with spirit closely the four directions and theirarchetypes help you become your best version so uh depending on how you do it you start off withsouth which is represented by the snake and this is all about shedding your old ways sheddingbeliefs and aspects of yourself that no longer serve you okay just like the snake sheds its skinand it’s like born again and within its life you know it gives you the power to release thingsthat are no longer working release traditions in society that are no longer working in yourpersonal life that are no longer working um it’s the first step to evolving into your greater selfand it’s the first step that society needs to take to evolve into our greater selves is to shed thetraditions and the past that just aren’t working anymore okay and then the next step is the westthe jaguar okay the lion or however you want to look at it okay and this is all about expansionyou know broadening your horizons trying new things at least that’s how i view it okay everyoneviews the medicine wheel a little bit differently um and that’s the next time you know you releasethe past and then you try new things you expand your territories you know and it’s also just uhthe direction of having fun and you know being entertained in life and light-hearted and you knowlife isn’t meant to be serious all the time it’s meant to be enjoyed it’s meant to have you tryingnew exciting things um yeah so that’s an important part of the journey of becoming your best versionand then you have the north the hummingbird and this represents your ancestors as well asfuture unborn generations okay and you know that’s just like honoring the sacrifices thechallenges um all the hard work your ancestors put in you have a ton of ancestors thousands okay andthey all lived entire lives they overcame personal challenges they healed their generational woundsthey’ve been through a lot they’ve had a lot of fun as well and because of their sacrifices andtheir challenges and their wisdom and their fun uh you’re now a person you are the product of allthat and future generations your decisions that you make in your lifetime you might think likeoh they don’t have an influence on me or anyone around me i mean but they do and let’s just sayyou have a child um or you raise a child even or even if you just talk to people okay all ofyour actions are heard from the universe and they have an impact on future generations so the northor the hummingbird honors that you know it honors the fact that you are personally responsible forfuture generations and your future the generations above you you know gave you their entire life tomake sure that you were here okay they put their entire life into becoming a better person or aworse person and now you’re here all right so just honoring that sense of time and responsibility thenorth and then finally you have the east which is the great eagle and with this direction at leasthow i view it personally it’s all about you know being able to see your life clearly and see yourlife direction clearly okay but enough of that um the essence of the medicine wheel and you got thisin reverse um the essence is the medicine wheel is a sacred hoop with four cardinal directionswell marked it represents the cycle of life the cycles of nature and the circular patternof the cosmos it has been used for millennia in indigenous cultures to bring harmony andwell-being to the village its direction symbolize the four steps the shaman takes to become a personof power and wisdom so within your life journey you’re going to be taking these four steps overand over and over again releasing things that no longer serve you expanding your horizons honoringyour journey and being able to see life clearly and move forward okay those four directionsum help you remain centered and become your greatest version that you were meant to be okay itkeeps you evolving it keeps society evolving your whole spirit has a lot to do with the themeof evolution you’re helping humanity evolve um and you’re gonna do a lot of healing work inthis lifetime a lot of like activism and you know just projecting what you want the world to be andhelping create that and a part of that journey which you’re going to learn soonwith this in reverse as a medicine is by not contributing to the things that youdon’t want to see in society um so the medicine of this is you must not postpone your healing journeyany longer you are on a healing journey y’all all right and it has to do with this medicine wheelall those four cycles that we just went through it can be difficult to start but you must findthe inner strength to step into the medicine wheel or you may lose your opportunity there aremany ways and many paths choose the one you most resonate with okay that’s a very important tipfor you guys choose the one you most resonate with once you have found it the only mistake youcan make is to not follow it go boldly and that is such an interesting uh message becauseyour final card was many paths in reverse you have many interests in life in your life manyopportunities many future paths exist for you and you have the free will to select whichever one youwant these cards are saying which one resonates the most deeply to you what idea in your life justkeeps popping up that you just can’t shake off go with that and go with it confidently boldlyand make the most action in that direction because those repetitive ideas and inspirationsare essentially you know your soul’s way of telling you this is the highest path this isyour greatest life that you could live in this lifetime and you have to follow it don’t postponeit any longer because the more you postpone it the more time you’re wasting essentially so let’ssee what the essence of this card is many paths all paths lead to spirit when what you bring toyour journey is what will determine if yours is a path of suffering a path of wisdom a path of blissor a path of loss okay like we said you’re a free spirit you can experience any type of life thatyou want all right however one theme that keeps coming up is that you’re helping humanity evolveso select the path that resonates deeply with you for example if you’re working a job that you donot agree with on a moral level like if you’re like for example like in the pharmaceuticalcompany and you absolutely hate how that um whole system works of you know getting peopleaddicted to drugs and you don’t morally believe with your work why are you working it becauseyou’re putting your very powerful manifesting energy towards something you don’t believe in okayor like i don’t know it could be with anything you work for a tobacco company or you just workwith people you hate or i don’t know you’re in a relationship um that’s just absolutely nota relationship you would want your kids to be in okay why are you doing it then okay these arethe questions you have to ask yourself take bold actions towards what you morally agree withmake your life personally a life that you want to see other people living you know it’s one thing tosit here and complain about global warming and you know things like that but take a look in your ownfront yard or your own backyard for example and you’re sitting here saying you hate globalwarming but you have nothing no life going on in your own plot of land okay um that’s just anexample but just a lot of your cards are saying you’re going to have to take really boldaction really confident action to create the life that you want to see in the futurefor all of society you know if you’re against racism and homophobia you can’t sit here and saythat and then tolerate your own family members or friends who are racist and homophobic okayif you don’t believe in those types of things you have to speak out against it and cut thosepeople out of your life because that is not the life that you want to live that’s not the lifethat you want your children to live and you don’t want to see the world in that light um so you haveto take personal action really bold action you’re essentially a leader in helping create um realityi know it sounds really far out but like you are and you’re especially good at manifesting soit’s really really important that you make all the decisions that you resonate with okayand try not to be somebody who you’re not okay consider the traveler who met two stone masons heasks one what he is doing and the mason replies i am squaring out this stone he asks the other whois doing the same exact thing and gets the reply i am building a cathedral all right one man has ajob the other man has found his work and calling he is a part of an endeavor much greater thanhimself be sure you pick a path with a heart okay y’all this kind of resonates with like everythingwe’re saying you can have like the most mundane boring job right it doesn’t matter what you areand with the rattle which is a tool you probably will live a pretty normal life uh kind of as faras like work and stuff goes however you’re being asked to really align yourself with work alignyourself with a schedule like a daily schedule in your life that resonates with your heart and yoursoul you know you can sit here and only care about like being paid and stuff like that but that’snot gonna fulfill you what’s gonna fulfill you is it doesn’t matter what type of work you’redoing as long as you resonate with the overall theme of the job so even if you’re a janitorfor example you can sit here and say i’m just a janitor i’m just here to make money that wouldnot resonate with you now if you’re a janitor at a building or an organization that you absolutelylove and support and you think it’s just the greatest thing ever now you have a purpose you arehelping maintain that business all right so you have to find that purpose in whatever you do andit doesn’t matter what you do it doesn’t matter what your job is what your lifestyle is findthat purpose what whatever you’re doing in life why are you doing it how is it benefiting societyokay even if it’s the littlest thing like if you’re a dog groomer for example you’re benefitingsociety by taking care of the animals and making sure that they feel loved and beautifuland you’re advocating for you know caring for your pets and caring for your animals and you wantto see a world with more beautiful animals in it you know when you find that purpose that thereyou go that’s your purpose you’re helping society in that way if you are a pizza delivery personyou are helping society by making sure we’re all well fed and nourished all right you have avery important job it doesn’t matter what you do it just matters that you morally agree with thejob and you can see how it’s benefiting society that’s all you need to be happy it doesn’t matterwhat you do like we said you have many paths in life it doesn’t matter what you do you could bevery successful at anything you study any job you take on you have many paths just make sure there’sheart in what you do and you understand why you’re doing it for society so the medicine with thiscard you have outgrown your current situation and risk losing your way in your own backyard thefirst step to getting on this medicine wheel which they said girl it’s time to get inside thismedicine meal and start healing yourself but the first step at least for me personally issouth the snake shedding things that no longer serve you that you don’t resonate with arethere people in your life you don’t resonate with anymore are there like jobs or hobbies orsituations that you just don’t vibe with anymore it’s time to let go okay take that leap offaith and head in the direction of your dreams respond now while the call is still a gentlewhisper okay and i’ll give you an example of what this means spirit speaks to you your intuitionspeaks to you in gentle whispers um whenever there’s something wrong whenever there’s somethingoff it’s just a little tiny nudge for example let’s just say you start dating somebody and thisis like the most common example i could think of and you know there’s little tiny red flagslike it’s just slightly off you’re like i feel like this person isn’t capable of having ahealthy relationship but i don’t know i don’t have enough evidence to like fully accuse them of thati’ll just try talking about any problems that come up all right and then that nudge starts getting alittle bit louder a little bit louder the more you ignore your intuition the worse the situation isgoing to be because then you know spirit and your intuition is going to have to start screamingat you for you to hear it and by the point that the universe and your intuition is screaming atyou because you’re in a situation that does not resonate with who you are it can get really uglyreally fast like if we go to that dating example that person might start openly cheating on you orabusing you or like treating you like garbage like it just gets more and more obvious the universehas to say this isn’t the right person for you and then it’s just gonna get worse and worseand worse so really try to tune into your own intuition um sooner rather than later and heed thecall to make changes in your life and to let go of certain friends or individuals or situationsor lifestyles when it’s just that gentle little whisper like maybe this isn’t for me it justfeels slightly off if something feels slightly off it’s because it is off and it’s time to okayeven though the woods look thick and impenetrable venture in and let nature guide yoursteps through the dark until you reach your destination remember if you do not knowwhere you’re going any path will take you there decide what you want so that it can come toyou now such a beautiful message and i feel like we’re 20 minutes in i feel like you knowwe can leave it there um yeah guys to summarize you are a very powerful manifesto in thislife you came into this world to co-create you’re essentially like playing the sims okayi don’t know if you ever played the sims but um you know decide what you want life to look likewhat do you want your reality to look like a lot of you guys might be drawn into using the law ofattraction or using witchcraft and things like that and that’s because your soul is naturallya creator okay you’re naturally like co-creating reality that’s just your purpose everybody hasa unique personality different purpose in life we’re all very individual and your spirit who youare is very powerful when it comes to creation okay you might even be drawn into creative hobbiesand um you know things like that like you might enjoy decorating or building things or you knowdoing woodwork or i don’t know painting music things like that you might be drawn into creativethings because you are naturally a co-creator with reality and your lives individually group numberone probably look very different from one another however the underlying theme within all of you whoselected group number one is that you can manifest anything and you’re really being asked to heal whoyou are heal from anything that’s bothering you heal your sense of self-worth so that you can nolonger remain in situations or relationships or anything in life that you do not agree withbecause when you remain in those situations you’re sending so much energy to thatlike even if it’s like for example going back to the dating example if you’re datingsomeone who just isn’t capable of having a healthy relationship with you you know the longer you stayin that situation the more you’re manifesting that for yourself and also the more you’re manifestingthat for society unfortunately because even though you’re just one tiny little droplet in a wholebucket of life um you know when you remain in that situation uh you help to normalize that situationfor other people and remember you guys are super um powerful manifesters so healing is gonna be areally big part of your journey and kind of like self-perfecting i want to say i can’t i’m notgonna say self-perfecting because nobody becomes perfect but becoming your best version is 100 onthe plate for you and you’re gonna turn into this beautiful confident person who recognizes your owndivinity and you’re gonna align yourself with only situations and people that really deeply resonatewith you who make your heart full and who make you feel fulfilled which is amazing and as you’re justliterally living your best life you’re manifesting living that best life for society as a wholeso your focus for your lifetime should really be simply to aim to live a life no matter whatit looks like where you are happy where you are calm where you are peaceful at ease with you knowyour surroundings and the people around you you know try to align yourself with those situationsbecause you are helping normalize whatever type of life you live okay you’re helping manifest umthe world as we see it okay so you have a very important purpose if you ever had that feelinglike i feel like i have a deeper purpose in life it’s because you do you’re literally creatingreality you’re one of those people all right so thank you guys for joining me like share commentand subscribe and i’ll see you guys for the next reading bye all right group number two okay i havelike red stuff all over here i have like a skin condition where i’m non-stop itchy all the time soif you ever see like blotchy redness on me that’s why but anyways you guys selected the rose quartzthat was probably too much information um so we have three oracle cards here that’ll go over yourlife prediction who you are while you’re here etc um from the mystical shaman oracle deck andso your card is the coyote beautiful earth i love the face in this and then your final card is the gatherer reversedso right away just by glancing at these cards i can see that you guys um a part of your life pathwill be overcoming challenges in order to perfect who you are okay you are not going to be dealt theeasiest hand in life early on in your childhood and young adulthood okay you’re gonna have toovercome some challenges heal from some things um and you might be very much lacking in certainareas of life early on in life all right clearly if you’re watching this you’re probably likeeither teenage young adult or beyond so the good news is you probably have already went through allthis um where you’re currently going through your healing journey in life but um all these cardsare essentially saying um that you’re gonna overcome challenges and um a lack of privilegeresources things like that and because you were able to overcome that you who you are as a personis so strong and so good that you’re gonna attract really good things into life okay you’re like theyou’re like a rags to riches type of story okay and you can might that might literally be whatyou are like you might actually have literally grown up poor um and because you learned how toyou know survive with little resources um you know you’ll be able to have the knowledge on how tomaintain wealth a lot better than other people okay um that’s your type of energy um and wesee that in the coyote being your first card the coyote is the symbol of the sacredtrickster the one who provides detours for growth and understanding by ensuring thatthings don’t go as planned the coyote brings the energy of divine deception to set you freefrom the shackles of that which doesn’t serve you sometimes it appears that you will get everythingyou want only to find that coyote brings you the opposite of what you hoped for the lessons offeredby coyote may be at first appearing confusing but they are most sacred and always foryour highest good so the coyote being a sacred trickster what that means is thatin your life um you’ll almost feel like universe why do you keep throwing me all thesedetours like i’m trying to manifest this great life for myself and it’s almost like the exactopposite is happening but the reason that’s happening is because the universe the spirit ofthe coyote is bringing you what you want okay um so the invitation when you receive this card upright is this if coyote calls to you which it is because it’s your card um this is the time to payspecial attention to detours and disappointments as they are all true tests of faith you have setyour intentions and turn them over to the great spirit yet you may find yourself lost and confusedwhen it appears you are being led off course off the path leading you to yourmost cherished dreams and desires so you guys are very much not similar togroup number one group number one kind of their whole thing was like they didn’t know whatthey want in life that’s a completely open path and you know a part of their life’s journey wasyou know trying to figure out what they want to do you guys are different i feel like you guys rathersoon in your life kind of know what you want to do all right maybe not like immediately like i knowlike everyone who’s like 17 and 18 like people are like what do you want to do and you’re just likei don’t know like within those years like you find out what you want to do relatively early on inlife and you have your ambitions you have your dreams like you know the type of life that youwant to live essentially um your problem is that it’s going to take some challenges to get thereand you’re the type of person who’s going to become such a good person like you ever likei just feel like people who have to go through more in life who have to overcome more hurdlesum they’re always the nicest people like some of the nicest most generous people i’ve ever met inlife had the worst history possible and they were just like used and abused and you know all thisbad stuff happened to them in their childhood in their past and that somehow they become thisreally amazing person and that’s you guys like you’ve been through a lot group number two ican tell i can feel it and yet somehow you’re still managing to be this awesome person who isstill hoping for greater outcomes who’s still inspired and inspiring really kind really lovingokay it’s almost like every setback you face that makes you into such a better person like youmight end up in a relationship where that person like absolutely is mean to you and is like harshto you and yet for some reason that relationship only makes you realize how much more important itis to be kind and to be nice and because you’ve had to withstand these awful people you yourselfbecome better because you never want anyone to go through what you went through um and that canapply to any area of your life you know you might have grown up very poor uh very underprivilegedand because you went through that experience you never want to go through that and you never wantyour children to go through that so you learn all the lessons you need to learn about money tobring that energy into your life and you’re always out here helping the underprivileged and just uhyou might turn into like a millionaire who gives all your money away um or at least most of itthings like that like because the hardships you faced usually early on in life it turns you intoa really awesome person all right um so yeah okay remember this coyote is a sacred trickster andmay be leading you into challenges to ensure that you are ready to handle what you’ve set inmotion great growth and understanding come to you when the coyote calls your name so you’re somebodywho’s gonna grow a lot in life a part of your life journey is to go through several um glow-ups iguess you could say like you’re again that rags to riches type of energy that glow-up type of energyand i know this sounds really bad like what do you mean i’m gonna be utter privileged and like haveto go through all these challenges that’s early on in your life so your life this is the good newsguys your life is only going to get better okay you’re like a whine all right you know there’sa lot of work involved in the beginning but you know in the end as time goes on and you onlybecome even better and more valuable as a person all right so it only gets better from here that’sreally good news and i love when people have that type of life journey where it just gets betterand better and better all right so there you go um so let’s go on to your next card you haveearth beautiful planet we live on you know earth represents the gift of life the symbol ofthis card refers to the body of the planet earth the human body and nature herself okay we’retalking about mama earth out here we’re reminded by this symbol that all creatures are born ofthe earth and human beings are the stewards of all life on this planet it refers to what wemake of it our health wealth security grounding solidity and stability it reminds us that theworld a form is a gift from spirit and needs to be treated with respect so very interesting apart of your life journey um i feel like because you had so many challenges you almost havemore respect for earth and for other people like like we said you went through challengesyou were underprivileged and because of that you’re just this awesome person who reallyknows how to respect people respect earth respect life itself like you’re just a really goodperson you have there’s probably the strongest character uh i didn’t even get to the other threegroups yet you’re group number two but like i can just already tell that out of all the groups hereyou have the strongest character like you’re just a really awesome person no offense group numberone all right no offense group number three four and five but y’all round of applause becauseyou’re just a good person so when you get this card up right it’s an invitation the invitation iswhen the earth appear the art symbol appears it’s oh my god i can’t talk it represents a needto focus on reverence and appreciation for the natural gifts that are coming to you nowand always the concrete world you inhabit is there by the grace of spirit and you are a partof it much can be accomplished now when you focus on compassionate reverent service tothe world so you’re going to be somebody who services the world in some way um thiscould be literally like a service person um like a nurse i don’t know why there was so muchjob that just popped in my head like you’re gonna be of help in some way like you’re not going tobe somebody who would do good like for example um and any jobs that don’t serve a purpose to umhelp maintain the balance and the health and the wealth of humanity and mother earth itself sofor example like if you’re like i don’t know in the military or something um and you’re like in aposition that’s only focusing on like destructive type of energies and things like that you’re notgonna be that happy okay now if you were like in the military and you were like a medicalperson or somebody who helps out in some way um that’s a whole different story all rightwhatever you do whatever job you have whatever life path you select with your ownfree will it’s going to be in some way servicing um other people and the earth all rightthere you go much can be accomplished now and when you focus on compassionate alright we read thatif you act with integrity gratitude and humility you will find yourself more prosperous than youcan imagine i really do feel like a lot of y’all are gonna be rich not gonna lie again rags toriches y’all are gonna have money all right the earth card um represents material abundancemother earth is always providing for all of her inhabitants okay she always has enough foodenough resources to go around for everybody she is abundant all right um yeah success isassured when the earth appears as an invitation yeah so you guys are being asked to really umtune into that uh abundant nature of mother earth and be of service to other people and heryou know that’s kind of your life path now your final card here is the gatherer and she cameout reversed so let’s see what that means is what she looks like upright the essence of thiscard as a whole before we cultivated grains we collected the wild bounty of nature kind ofhas to do with mother earth you know before you know farming and all that existed people just goout and gather things um straight from the land the gatherer finds abundant seeds nuts berriesand wild greens where the ordinary person sees only barren soil the gatherer is the providerthe forager and the gardener who collects roots and vegetables for the long winter when gameis scarce she does not hoard trusting the bounty around her okay beautiful message you have thespirit of the gatherer within you in past lives you were probably a homesteader somebody who youknow collected all your own foods and maintained all of your resources made your own soaps andthings like that and just took care of yourself okay using mother nature um directly all right soyou’re that type of person that’s your background that’s your past lives you might actually you knowtune back in to that energy in this life so if you um have a goal of like having a farm or youknow a little homestead or something like that this is a really good card to get to indicatethat that dream will be accomplished however you did get this card in reverse so this showsthat something in your life needs some healing do not wander too far afield in the search of whatspirit has already provided yes practice paying it forward being thankful in advance of receivingif you are in a scarcity mindset and i feel like that’s a really big problem for a lot of you guysespecially because you have had experiences that were not that good okay regardless of where itis in life for example if you grew up really poor um you might literally have a scarcity mindsetfrom how you were raised like saying things like rich people are evil and you know money is superhard to come by when you have that mindset you don’t even try okay like you don’t even try tobe well off okay and that could also be like with your relationships i know a lot of people are likethis a lot of women are like this where we all say like men suck because unfortunately a lot of guysdo suck um not all of them though but you know you have some bad relationships and then you havethat scarcity mindset like no man is good and when you’re in that mindset you don’t even realize youdon’t even try to reach out to good men because all men suck so then you start you know acceptinglesser men people who treat you like garbage because you think that all guys are like this youknow so whatever area of life that applies to you personally really ask yourself where am i havingthat scarcity mindset like where do i feel like my needs aren’t gonna be met okay this could be moneylike you feel like you’re never gonna be rich you’re never gonna be well off it could be withlove you know no guy wants me no girl wants me they all suck not a good ones out there uhwhatever area of life supplies you need to try reworking that belief all right if youhave a scarcity mindset open your heart to look beyond current conditions you will find thebounty being offered to you practice sharing not hoarding beautiful messages there you’re a verygenerous soul and i really feel that your life prediction is to overcome the scarcity mindsetsthat you have um received from your past and from your childhood and your lack of privilegesgrowing up whatever they were or even just your harsh experiences growing up whatever they werebad relationships um friendships just situations that just weren’t right you know i feel like someof you guys went through some unjust situations and a part of your life journey is to heal fromthem and to be able to one day look at your harsh experiences and realize yes that suckshowever because i went through that i am a stronger person it has improved my character asa person i can get through anything and now i have the tools and the wisdom that i need to helpmake sure that other people don’t go through that anymore so we can one day eradicate anyoneever having to go through a situation like that all right so you you’re helping make theworld a better place you’re like the healed healer or the wounded healer archetypekind of okay which means like you go through hard stuff and you get through thathard stuff and come out on the other side so that you can one day turn around and helpother people who are also in that situation so you can turn around and help the worldas a whole so that less people have to go through what you went through okay youhave that wounded healer archetype and um i also see that whatever lack andlimitations you went through in your life you’re gonna come out not only on the other sidebut even stronger than before so if you grew up with not a lot of money for example i have a goodfeeling you’re gonna be a millionaire one day like you’re gonna be rich or like if you have a lot ofreally bad situations in love and relationships you’re going to have an awesome partner andlike the world’s healthiest relationship um things like that okay and you can even becomelike a sex or marriage counselor so like your lack in life becomes your greatest blessing that’s yourlife path that’s your life prediction um i would also if i were you um if you’re into astrologylook where your saturn is because i feel like a lot of your lacks and limitations can be foundin your saturn placement so take a look at that take a look at what house that’s in and that mightgive you some clues and indication about um what this is all right so there you have it um y’allare awesome okay you’re out here healing yourself and becoming not only you know the things thatyou heal in your life you become a master at okay you’ve been in abusive relationships now you canhelp other people get out of abusive relationships because you learn how to do that yourself or likeyou know you have some trauma um involving like moving around a lot as a child and feeling likeyou had no place to call home and then in your adult life you actually have a beautiful homethat is just the best thing possible you know your weaknesses become your strengths so that’sawesome that’s your life prediction i love that for you guys and uh like share comment subscribei hope this resonated with you and i’ll see you for the next reading bye okay group number threey’all chose the speckled butterfly so we have three cards from the mystical shaman oracle andthey’re gonna help predict your life okay first card out you have magic reversed this same cardlike before i do all these pick a card readings i try it out on myself first the same exactcard came out for me in reverse and everything your second card is the drum reversedand then your third card is the moon we have a lot of witches watchingthis one i’m not saying you practice practice witchcraft but if you do you probablyselect group number three uh or group number one um but we see magic we see the moon it’svery like mystical type of energy mysterious so let’s find out about these cards and look moreinto them so just by looking at all three of these cards together i can see that you guys mighthave grown up in an environment or a location or surrounded by people who may have had a moreconservative or normal approach to things like you might have been surrounded by peopleor had to interact with people who really didn’t tolerate difference that wellis what i want to say and a part of your life journey will be to overcome that to overcome theopinions of others and to essentially march to the beat of your own drum which is why you had thedrum in reversed okay but let’s start off with your first card you had magic and reversed thisis what this beautiful card looks like upright the essence of this theme is this symbolrepresents the infinite intelligence of great spirit that makes up the fundamental fabric of theuniverse we experience the evidence of this magic through synchronicity or meaningful coincidenceso every time things are synchronizing for you or you have deja vu or just weird coincidencesthat’s not just coincidences it’s not just like you know nothing it’s actually the universemagic spirit itself god itself whatever you want to call this entity okay saying hi i’m hereeverything’s connected we’re all synchronized okay magic is the fact it’s magic is the fabric oflife it’s the tapestry of life that connects us all magic and spirit they’re one in the same okayand everything is connected so when you use magic or you practice you know law of attraction settingyour intentions things like that you’re tapping into that foundation that fabric of the universethat connects everything and you’re calling out because everything is connected you can interactwith anything in life i hope this is making sense anyways let me read what this card means inreverse um when something is reversed in this deck it’s essentially a major healingor medicine that you need in your life have you forgotten that you live in a worldthat is infused with magic perhaps you become cynical and think that you have to createlife all by yourself with no help from others it’s time to remember your relationship to sourcefor you are a part of the story of the world a living spark of spirit living on earth for thisshort time as an emissary of light i feel like a lot of you guys had to escape from situationsat a young age where you were being repressed or bullied or for just being yourself okayyou’re everyone who selected group number three you’re highly individual and you were put in anenvironment where individuality was beaten down it was bullied or it wasn’t accepted or you weremade fun of by your own family or your school or your friend friends you know or society as a wholeis telling you you can’t be different all right and because of that you’ve developed thisbelief that you have to do everything on your own nobody understands you you’remisunderstood are you an aquarius you’re probably you might not be that was a joke but umyou know a part of because you went through that you almost feel like you have to do everythingon your own and you don’t okay you’re connected to spirit spirit the universe the tapestry oflife they hear you okay every single person in this world was born to be a unique individualnot any person is exactly the same even identical twins they’re different okay everyone iscompletely different and it’s weird that we like bully that out of people why would youwant everyone to be the same if everyone was the same we would fail as a society because thenwe’d all have the same job or purpose and then all the other purposes that humans need fulfilledwould be neglected okay it doesn’t make sense to bully that all right um i don’t know why the exactlike example that i’m giving right now that’s coming up in my head through clairvoyance is likesomebody who you know maybe they’re gay or lesbian growing up in a town a small town that justhates that and bullies and you know demeans that aspect of yourself and because of that theyhad to grow up either you know pretending to be someone they’re not or completely you knowtaking on this mentality that they’re all on their own and nobody’s ever gonna accept them umthat’s the example that’s popping up you might be in that situation or you know whatever situationyou’re in is equivalent to that type of situation but yeah you’re gonna have to heal you’re eithergonna have to heal the fact that you’re not alone or you’re gonna have to heal the fact that you’rean individual and you have to embrace that and stop pretending to be someone you’re not sowhatever side of the scale you fall in one girl it’s time to move on and become yourgreatest version and embrace the fact that you are made of magic and you’re wonderful i’malso getting the message here with a lot of you guys you probably grew up very um logicaloriented very like like me for example i grew up i was like a complete atheist my entirelife i you know was very logical and i’m like like i used to fight with people online aboutthe existence of god and things like that like i was just like if it’s not directly in frontof me it doesn’t exist you know i was one of those people and now look at me like i believein every single spiritual religion practice um i see the value in all of it and yeah so i feellike that’s a part of your life journey as well is kind of opening up your mind to the fact thatthere’s meaning in everything that we’re all connected you know all that deep stuff if you lookback over your life you will find many instances which your actions alone were not the cause of outof the blue coincidences that led you to that new relationship job or other important movementon your journey so how do you stay in this awareness the answer is simple if you can be as alittle child and cultivate the wondrous curiosity you will see the magic again and be amazedremember magic is real and in everything all right so a part of your life journey is coming backin tune with that magic just because something you know i feel like it’s type person tolike rationalize everything all right like you see a repeating number on the clock all thetime and she’s like oh it’s just you know because that happens like no that’s the universe sayinghi i’m here hello you might be the type of person that thought like tarot readings like this wereall woo-woo or whatever and now you know you’re coming out of that you’re tuning back into themagic of the universe hardcore all right a part of your life journey is to embrace your individualityand stop caring about what other people think there are so many like closeted psychics andspiritual people because society likes to sit here and be like oh all that stuff’s real weirdlike um when in reality it’s not weird at all it’s actually weird that we’re not spiritual asa society anymore because like literally every society on earth like has spiritual roots in itthey were able to communicate with the divine with spirits with the spirits of in everythingand rocks and plants and trees and you know all that stuff like past societies had arelationship with the spiritual realms like that and we’re like one of the only ones whodoesn’t it’s weird so you’re drawn into that life probably and you know the people aroundyou just aren’t supportive of it most likely or like i don’t know a part of the biggest lessonin your life um that you’re facing currently or have faced in the past is to embrace who you areand stop caring what other people think honestly so you had the drum reversed as your second cardhere this is the hivolic that was my cat um this is the card that kind of says like you march tothe beat of your own drum the essence of the drum is this the rhythm of the drum tunesyou to the beating heart of the universe its wood frame links you to the trees and helpsyou journey to the lower world via the roots and the upper world through it the branches thedrumskin gives the shaman the powers of the animal kingdom striking the drum calls forth the powerof the thunder and the rumbling of the earthquake the drama invites a trance state where healing andprophecy happens y’all are magic in reverse this is a healing for you and this is what it says youtravel to the beat of a different drum yes y’all are individual and guys whenever something like mymom used to be like that she used to be like mark you’re always traveling to the beat of a differentdrum but like in a condescending type of way like she’d be like you’re just so unique don’t letpeople insult you like that all right like um even when i was like younger like in middle school andlike elementary school people would call me weird like the other kids would be like laura you’reso weird i’m like thank you you’re normal and boring like i was unbelievable because iwould just bully people right back like that like oh you think i’m weird that’s because i’minteresting thank you for noticing me um you’re boring all right back in middle school anyways youtraveled on the beat of a different trauma it’s time to acknowledge you do not fit the mold or therole or relationship that is not in tune with you find your rhythm respond to the heartbeat ofthe distant drum now is the time to move on guys i mean some of you guys watching probablydon’t realize where in your life you’re pretending to be somebody that you’re notlike it’s perfectly normal to be yourself as long as you do so confidently like peopleyou are unjudgeable untouchable um by other people’s judgments when you just embracewho you are and do it confidently like i could go into so many stories but i’m notgoing to all i’m saying is y’all are weird and that is your power you came into this worldto be a light source i feel like a lot of you guys are light workers a lot of you guys you knowjust are here to add beauty and interest into into life you know you’re probably artists or youknow work a job that involves a lot of creativity and making the world a more beautiful placei feel like that’s truly your life purpose to make the world a more beautiful cultured andamazing place you know you probably put a lot of energy towards the current culture um music artfashion um things like that uh you make the world beautiful you’re creating history in that way andwhen you sit here and try to not be who you are you’re just losing culture you’re making us loseum you know your beautiful spark of light and creativity and energy you know that like so manypeople make fun of like like white america because we have no culture and i mean a part of that’strue because a lot of people sit here and you know bully each other for being different andwhen you bully everyone for being different you have like no culture like the weirdosare the ones that make the culture all right the ones who aren’t afraid to you know livetheir truth and speak their experiences and their purpose and express themselves you know the peoplewho do that they’re the ones who make the culture they’re the ones that make the interesting musicthe fashion you know that self-expression creates our culture it creates interest in the worldand i feel like that’s exactly what you’re doing um however you speak your truth whetherit’s through writing or art or fashion or you know just everyday conversations or how youdecorate your house even all of those things um help you live your purpose you have a very strongthroat shock or energy in this lifetime meaning that a part of your purpose is to sit here andjust be yourself and express yourself and you were probably put in very unique life situationsand it would just like i don’t know why the phrase it would be a sin if you didn’t like speak out onyour experiences like you were given a unique life because you’re helping spread awareness to whatother normal people if that makes sense i don’t know why i don’t know why that specifically cameinto my head like i don’t know if you suffered from bullying or like you know you were ina situation like like like i don’t know if you’re like a minority or like you’re disabled oryou know you’re you’d grow up against like normal type of people like it’s a part of your purpose tospeak up and you know speak out and say yes we’re all different but we all deserve respect you knowwhat i mean am i making sense here like you’re helping people be different all right and you’rehelping teach humans to respect each other okay so final card you have the moon lovely i lovethe moon uh and she is upright so she invites you um to do something in your life but the essenceof the moon card here as a symbol is this every 28 days the moon manifests a steady progressionfrom darkness to light and then back again this phenomenon in our skies has a powerful impacton our human sikhs it offers us the certainty that after periods of emptiness and darkness therewill be light waiting so we can be reborn into a new phase i love working with the moon like doingmoon manifestation and magic um because it’s just so powerful and like i can feel because i’ma cancer son and cancer is ruled by the moon um and i was also born under a full moon becausei’m a capricorn moon which means that it was a full moon because they’re opposite signs um so idon’t know i just resonate very deeply with the moon so i vibe with you guys on that um but yourmood probably changes a lot with the moon like on new moons you’re feeling extra like clear mindedwanting to clean and you know start new things and perhaps you know meet new people and then onthe full moon things are just amplified like a lot for you guys things that aren’t working for youare really not working under the full moon and the energy is really high you’re very sensitiveto the moon cycles that’s what i’m trying to say oh man where did i leave off okay thiscalls to mind a native african prayer to the moon may our lives be renowned as yoursis yeah okay the moon also has a strong influence on the ebb and flow of waters on earth this samepower in turn affects humans feelings and emotions and mirrors they’re rising from or hiding backinto the unconscious and as an invitation card here a part of your life journey is thisthe moon spends equal time in the dark as it does in the light of the sun and nowit comes to remind you of this balance have you been too focused on outer achievementsproductivity or social engagements or have you spent too much time hidden from the outside worldnot wanting to interact or show your face meditate on the significance of the moon’s cycle and letit gently guide you out of your bottomless depths head back to the world of outer expressionand connection with others let it help you make time for yourself your feelings andyour essential human and spiritual needs guys you know what this card reminds me of itreminds me of my philosophy that introverts and extroverts don’t actually exist it reminds me ofthis idea that i have that like people aren’t like either introverted or extroverted per se rather tobe a nice balanced human being you should be both of those things right and i feel like that idea ofmine that i have really applies to you guys like it would be very like you would feel veryunbalanced if you spent all your time like going out all the time talking to people doingthings working working towards your goals and like not had no time to literally just relax andtune into yourself and your own feelings and the reverse of that is also true if you’ve been likeinside a lot and you know not really interacting with you know the outside world staying in toomuch and getting into that rut um that would also make you feel unfulfilled and the moon comes outto say you are a cyclical magical being all right and people who resonate deeply with the moontend to be very magic as well which is why it’s so interesting you’ve got both of thesecars all right you are very divine feminine your energy ebbs and flows there will be momentswhere you know you’re feeling like really like inspired to go talk to people travel do newthings um you know work try new things like and then there will be other times where you’rejust like i just want to stay in and take a bath and read a book or you know just be by myself youknow and you have to have a balance there because i don’t know i feel like you’re not somebody who’sgonna experience too much of one thing or the other okay you’re just a very balanced individualand i love that about you um you know you’re an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvertum so that’s really interesting and i feel like you know i love that that’s balanced within youguys because you’re gonna have a lot of wisdom a lot of you know um the ability to listento other people and empathize but you’re also gonna have the ability to speak yourexistence and not hide from the world you know you have that beautiful beautiful balance umand i feel like a part of that comes from your experiences you know you were told to shutdown who you are which created that strong inter introversion um with yourself and thatstrong relationship with yourself because while the outside world was telling you to shutup and your existence isn’t valid um you really went in and like spending time by yourself youknow you feel totally comfortable to be yourself but then you also are going to develop this extravirgin probably like in your late teens 20s 30s um because then you realize you know whati shouldn’t shut up because i’m so unique and magical like i should put myself out thereproudly so a part of your life journey is really developing that confidence within yourself andto realize that your voice is valid and so yeah you’re that introverted extrovert you know youlove spending time by yourself because you could just be yourself and do whatever you want butyou’re also developing this extra virgin in life where you’re just like i want to speak my ideas mytruth my opinions so the one of your biggest life lessons is to um embrace your natural voice andto embrace your self-expression and i feel like as you get older hi bolick um as you get olderyou’re gonna become like one of those old people that like are really awesome dressed likeyou ever seen pictures of old people who are really really fashionable and it’s just thecoolest thing ever like that’s gonna be you guys and um you know i don’t know i could see a lot ofyou um doing like public speaking or just being really good dressers like models things like thatum i don’t know some type of hobby or career where you’re expressing yourself a lot that’s whati see for pholic oh my god he just almost put his tail in the fire i can’t do your alright butthat’s your reading um sorry if that was a little bit all over the place uh like share commentsubscribe and i’ll see you guys for the next one bye okay group number four you guys selected thisstone and let’s see your cards we have three cards from the mystical shaman oracle here to predictyour life and you guys have the ghost dance the circle reversed and then you have the ancient orwait no the anti-cross reversed sorry so let’s talk about this ghost dance that comes upas your first card y’all are healing generational wounds some of us come into this life and ourparents and their parents and their parents um you know passed down this lineage of trauma you knowlike for example your great great grandparents might have lived a very poor life and you know puta lot of emphasis on working really hard and you know the rich are evil and things like that andthey pass down those beliefs to their kids and they pass down those beliefs to their kids untilthey get to you and you’re just like i’m not gonna go along with that so you’re healing a lot ofgenerational curses or like you know when a mother or father um are really traumatized in their lifeand they don’t heal from that they pass down their own trauma to their children they don’t heal itand so their child becomes it right they take on that child on that trauma and unfortunately it’sleft in the child’s hands to heal that um before they have kids of their own and a lot of peopledon’t do this at certain points in their life um but the ghost dance upright is reallysaying like you already did a lot of that work so i’m really proud of you you have workedhard to overcome some of your setbacks and limiting beliefs in your life and it’s goingto pay off the essence of this card is this the ghost dance of the american plains indiansunited the spirits of the living with those of the ancestors to bring more peace to the world whenthe ancestors are honored they bring harmony to us when we hold them responsible for the allthat’s wrong with us today they haunt us that’s a deep message honor the spirits of theancestors and receive their lessons and their gifts this includes honoring your own past livesso especially i feel like a lot of you guys um what’s with everyone growing up in these awfulsituations group number four i feel like you carry a lot you carried a lot of resentmenttowards your parents or your upbringing or you know you just don’t resonate with your family thatmuch and you might still carry some deep-seated resentments towards them however a part of yourlife journey is to heal from that and understand that your parents did the best that they couldwith the knowledge and experiences that they had and honor their struggles that they did gothrough and what they did heal even though they might have not healed everything and youmight have not had the best childhood or whatever honor the effort that was put in there and youknow respect the gift of their entire lives you know your ancestors lived entire lives tryingto better themselves and put themselves in better situations just so that you could be here orperhaps they were dealt a poor hand and they you know didn’t put themselves in bettersituations they put themselves in worse situations um in an effort to try to heal some of the painthey were feeling in their heart regardless of your ancestors situations you know they alllived entire lives just to make you here you know you are the product of thousands of ancestors andit’s important to honor them um even if you don’t necessarily resonate okay the invitation with thiscard you did receive this card up right which is good and it says this the ancestors have a messageof healing and a powerful medicine to offer you so your ancestors are helping you on your healingjourney and they are surrounding you they’re probably one of your biggest spirit guides andi mean like the collective of your ancestors you know um create a sacred moment at your altar lighta candle to them and let their wisdom infuse you at this stage in your life you aredone repeating their tragic stories so your ancestors are looking to honor you andbe a really big help on the spirit realm and they’re like a really good spirit guide to youat this time and bringing a lot of blessings and good vibes into your life becauseyou took the time to work on yourself and heal some of the um not so good beliefsand traumas that they have passed down when you heal yourself you heal your ancestorsand future generations this is very beautiful so when you heal yourself it’s not just you thatyou’re healing you’re healing the world as a whole because all of your actions when they come froma healed whole perspective are within love and light and benefit the planet um whereas ifyou’re coming and approaching life with a like a victim mindset and negative energy that’sgonna have a negative effect on the planet um and your healing journey also positivelyimpacts your ancestors and spiritual realms okay step into the abundance that isoffered to you receive the gifts of those that have come before you andwrite a new story for your life okay so the invitation here is like beginning of yourlife you are no longer repeating the same old stories um that were passed down to you know youknow your family might live a certain type of way and you’re saying to yourself i can be more thanthis you know and maybe you know you didn’t come from like a tragic upbringing maybe you just hada nice blue collared life and your family is just nice okay but you want more for yourself you wantto reach higher levels of wealth and um home life or whatever or perhaps the opposite maybe you camefrom a really well-off really wealthy um very um what’s the word i’m looking for a fluent familyum and you are looking to live a more simple life down to earth life you know you have thepower currently to go beyond the horizons that were set for you okay you’ve already overcomeum generational wounds you have overcome the blockages and lack of privilegesyou might have had in your younger years you somehow managed to overcomethem by healing yourself and working on yourself and becoming your better version and now thereare so many opportunities that await for you so many life paths that you can take onyour next card here is the circle reversed the essence of the circle card here isthis unification interconnectedness and a sense of continuum is what this card impliesthis circle reminds us that we are all one dancers in a unified continuous inclusive circlethis card reminds us of the cycles of life and the evolving self ever changing and always connectedhuman spirit nature the cosmos all intrinsically connected we are all one is essentially what thiscard is saying in reverse i feel like you need to heal this sense of unification all right when thecircle comes to you as a medicine you’re meant to come to an understanding of the importance ofdecay and letting go some of y’all need to let go of some things in your life relationships jobssituations limiting beliefs like a major part of your life is letting go okay and i feel like youmight be the type of person who completely redoes everything like you had the same friends growingup for like the first half of your life well there might come a point where you have to let go ofall of them because you’re no longer resonating all right things like that or like maybe like youhad this whole plan in life to do this one thing this one career um this one you know journeyand then you know life happens you learn more and that ends up changing you know you might beum someone with a lot of strong scorpio placements uh or not it doesn’t really matter theimportance of dying to an old form and being reborn anew if you are faced with the challengeof loss and disappointment remember this in the circle of life nothing is ever wastedlove will seek itself again prosperity will come in the form of a new idea or opportunity andspirit always waits for you to find your place in the dance again yes don’t essentially what thiscard is saying is don’t be afraid to let go of things that don’t resonate with you anymorebecause you know life is abundant and those things in your life will always be replaced youknow if a relationship isn’t making you happy don’t approach it with this sense of i can’t doany better because that’s not true or like don’t approach it with the sense of i’ll never finda relationship again because that’s not true when you let go of things that don’t resonate itopens up the doorway for better things to enter and you know life aborts a vacuum what’sthat right now nature abhors a vacuum okay anything that you clear out of your life makesroom for new things and this is like a strong belief that i have like when you feel called tolike clean your house or like clean your life up declutter i feel like it’s because um there’sbetter things that are trying to come into your life at this time and it needs room to growright so have no fear in letting go at all right um in love in you know ideas and jobs and thingslike that like if you’re not resonating with your job anymore and you’re like well i can’t find ahigher paying job like i should just keep this one like no just let go like who cares you take thepaint cut like spirit will take care of yourself the circle is the reminder that we’re all one andwhen you let go of something it will naturally be filled with something better or you knowsomething of equivalent equivalency like oh yeah and then your final card is the andeancross reverse this is what it looks like up right the essence of this card is thisthe andean cross represents the cosmology of the shaman it depicts the four cardinaldirections north east south and west the upper and lower worlds and the steps to reachthese the realms in the center is a gateway to interdimensional travel the proverbial eye of theneedle we can all go through to experience higher states of awareness and wisdom and to break freeof linear time i feel like a lot of you guys are doing your life journey involves a lotof growth okay a lot of evolution a lot of becoming your better self um you’re goingto be constantly learning your entire life because that’s just who you are you came here tolearn to experience new things you have a thirst for knowledge which is uncr quenchable um you havea curiosity which never ends follow your curiosity um because it’s always leading you to whereyou’re supposed to be and the more you like have an idea and like google that idea or lookinto something more the more you’re evolving personally all right so part of your life purposeis to continuously learn all right people come to this earth for many different reasons um groupnumber one for example came here to just have fun um group number two i don’t remember i forgetreadings like right after i do them but anyways your purpose here is to learn and grow youwant to do some soul growth in this lifetime to learn some more you know things like that asa medicine because this did come out reversed um this is what this card means the time haspassed and the window of opportunity has closed now is not the moment to take that leapof faith you’ve been over preparing for this is a wisdom guys if you and thisis another idea that i have that i saw in the spiritual realms when you get a newidea there’s like a certain amount of time where you can act on that idea and it will flowvery smoothly like the second you get an idea i advise you to take some form of action onit because the longer you wait on an idea the more that idea turns stale and the opportunitywill pass ideas how i view them in the spiritual realms are actual conscious creatures rightthe idea itself imagine it as an actual conscious creature i like to view them as likelittle clouds right and these creatures want nothing more than to be manifested to bebirthed into this physical reality right and those ideas that you get you know they connectthemselves with the best person who can achieve them and to make them boring essentiallyright so when you get an idea for yourself know that that idea is conscious and it came toyou because you can achieve it all right no matter how big the idea is you wouldn’t be having theidea if it wasn’t something you could achieve okay so when you get ideas it’s something that you canachieve right and you can choose to act on them or send them away like sometimes i get really goodideas but in my mind i’m just like i don’t feel like doing that so i’ll like consciously tell theidea like look i think you’re awesome however i think you should go find somebody else to manifestyou and i’ll send the idea out to other people um i know that’s kind of weird to some of you guyshowever like you have a short amount of time where you can start taking action on that idea beforethat idea will then decide all right clearly they don’t want to manifest me i’m going to go findsomebody else and it starts going away from you and the further and further that idea gets awayfrom you the harder it is to manifest into your life because now the idea as a conscious entity isnot in agreeance with you okay so let’s practice this concept on an everyday basis like you get anidea that pops in your head right if you sit here and just sit on that idea for years and yearsand years without taking any action it’s gonna get harder and harder and harder to start theidea anyways and i’ll give you the example like i had the idea to start this youtube channel forfive years five years i didn’t take any action on it whatsoever and you know like i just hatedmy job i hated like how i was doing you know psychic readings and things like that and then oneday just snapped and i’m like i’m doing youtube like i’m not gonna think about i’m just gonnado it took me five years because the longer you wait the harder it becomes and then the more youwait until you never do it right so if you’ve been sitting on an idea for a really long time i thinkyou just need to go for it guys like you guys one of your biggest lessons in life is to just bemore spontaneous and go with your ideas and your curiosities much faster than you are uh currentlybut anyways this is reverse saying it’s best to wait until conditions in heaven line up again tooffer you more perpetuous moments any bold action you take now will require tremendous effort onyour part just as important as knowing when to act is knowing when to return to your inner stillnessand wait for more favorable times okay so you’re being asked right now currently to you know if youhave been having a hard time starting a new idea or getting a business off the ground or startinga relationship like if something’s not working in your life right now it’s like if it feels likeit’s just taking so much effort and you know you’re not seeing the results you want go back toyour inner stillness clear away all of your ideas like visualize yourself as like a chalkboardand you’re just clearing everything away enjoy that inner stillness and thenallow fresh ideas to come to you okay allow those ideas which are fresh and readyto have a beautiful relationship where you can manifest like allow them to come to you ihope this doesn’t sound too far out there for some people and i hope i’m explaining this in away that makes sense some of you guys might feel a little bit lost overwhelmed like you’ve beencarrying these ambitions or these dreams for so long but like you haven’t been takingaction on them and now it’s just really hard um if that’s your situation you’re being asked toliterally meditate clear away the clouds you know clear your mind i feel like a lot ofyou guys would benefit from meditation because ideas and thoughts both appear to meclairvoyantly as clouds and it’s almost like your sky is completely covered in clouds overcastit’s stormy and you just need to reset in life you know i feel like you guys are coming up on likea midlife crisis type of energy where you’re just resetting so i feel like a lot of you guys arebeing called to declutter your home throw things out cut your hair you know just clear things outof your life at this time and we did see that in the circle reverse like clear out things thatare just cluttering up your life and become that that space you know become that empty space fromwhich new ideas can enter and you can take action on them you know you might be feeling a littlebit overwhelmed a little bit lost a little like you know things aren’t movingat the speed which i want and if that’s your if that’s your thing you’rebeing asked to clear out your life and there will be multiple moments in your lifetimewhere you’re gonna have to do this like just big moments of clearing everything out lettinggo of everything and starting over okay i see a lot of scorpio energy in your soul even if it’snot in your chart i feel it in your soul like there’s gonna be several moments in your lifewhere you’ll be called to just restart entirely you know throw out other stuff get all new stuffall right uh throw out all your ideas and let new ones come in things like that just completelyreinventing yourself over and over again that’s who i feel like you are um but yeah it’sreally beautiful energy you’re just here to learn to experience new things so you have resets andwho you are and you know just decide who you want to be you know you could be anyone you want inthis lifetime so i hope that made sense i know out of all the readings i’ve done so far um yours wasthe most like up in the air like you know very um i don’t know neither here nor therelike you guys are um just people who are tuning in to your connection with everythingand the fact that you can be anyone you want to be and you know you’re just overall you’re here tolearn and experience and evolve into different forms of yourself and it’s so beautiful andi see you guys at several points in your life becoming completely different people it’s likethat song like i’m a million different people from one day to the next like that song uh what’sthat called i don’t know if you know the name of that song leave it down below but that’s who youguys are completely always reinventing yourself and becoming different versions um just to havefun learning and seeing things from different perspectives thank you guys for joining me likesure comment subscribe and i’ll see you guys for the next video bye and finally group numberfive welcome to your reading um we’re doing three cards from the mystical shaman oracleand this will give you your life prediction so your first part out is the arrowreversed your second card is middle world and your third card is the mystical shaman very interesting you have a lot of deepcards here and i feel like you guys are the type of people to seek out the truth andthe spiritual wisdom and everything in every you know culture and every religion things likethat you’re here to evolve on a spiritual level and this reading brings up the wisdom to me thatyou know this world this experience on earth is a spiritual playground where we learn lessons wherewe evolve and we just have some good old-fashioned fun as well um and i feel like that’s your purposefor being here is to just have fun evolve and have this experience under your belt as a spirit okayso your first card out is the arrow reversed the essence of the arrow card here is thisreceiving this symbol reminds you that when you are in alignment with your heart and soul you areon target and will soon be hitting your mark be true to your calling release attachments and freeyourself from the bondage of unbridled ambition now is revealed to be a moment of contact inwhich you your intention meets the material world so you’re manifesting okay the arrow alsosymbolizes the need to set your creativity free and you guys had this card in reverse whichmeans this is something that needs to be healed this is a medicine in your life at this time thisis a time to admit that by continuing on the path that you’re on you might be shooting yourselfin the foot could it be that you have become so attached to winning this game that you havemissed the true mark um what if your arrow was never meant to land where you wanted it your lifepath is gonna be filled with weird surprises okay like you might set out on a career path andthen realize this isn’t the path for me i’m gonna change it up entirely or like you have avery strong ambition um of yourself and then like along the way of trying to reach that ambition yourealize that you want to do something else instead like for example some of you guys might startgoing to college um studying political science and then through certain classes you have to taketo get that degree you realize actually i feel very passionately about writing in english andthings like that and you completely change okay so your whole life path is going to be filledwith moments like that where you think you want one thing and then you experience it and then youchange direction okay so your path is going to be filled with many fun changes and direction allright and you know don’t sit here and think that like you have to like go through with all ofyour ideas and ambitions because sometimes you get what you want and then you realize you didn’twant it in the first place like oh my gosh like i used to be like this um in my past where like ireally really really wanted to like date a certain person or like be with a certain person and likeuh when i want something i get it okay and then i ended up getting that person and then irealized wow they actually really suck why did i ever want this so you’re that’s gonna beyour whole life all right you’ll go after things and then you’ll experience new things and thenyou’ll be like actually no changing the path up you know and that’s totally beautiful and perfectokay like there’s no rules saying that you have to you know have this very straight path in life astraight clear direction like no your direction your whole life is going to be i don’t want tosay directionless but just it’s going to be an a journey all right there’s no destinationfor you in this life it’s just a journey and technically everyone’s life is justa journey um but yours especially so okay now is the time to regroup and ask yourselfif what you desire is really worth your energy this is a sign that something better is waitingso think of like everything in your life and see where this message applies something betteris waiting okay consider the wisdom in not getting what you want suffering in this case isa pathway to heal parts of yourself that feel unworthy the parts that worry there isn’t enoughmake peace with those voices what is truly yours will be waiting for you okay so sometimes in lifeyou go after something and it’s either just not working or like you finally get it and it’s notwhat you want this gives me like the impression of that quote like be careful what you wish forjust always keep in mind that sometimes the things that you want to manifest for yourself are notthe best thing so what you’re being asked to do here is to kind of like release all ambition andask the universe to take care of you and take you down the best path because just acknowledge thefact that you might not know what’s best for you is all i’m trying to say here okay so yoursecond card out is middle world beautiful this card oh man my battery’s dying this card theessence of the middle world is um it deals with day-to-day reality and the playground of livinglike we said life is a playground a spiritual playground where you learn and you just have funthat’s what your life is it is the present moment where everything is happening yet the middle worldis created by the future not only the past it is the mirror of the invisible realms when things areright in the middle world heaven and earth support everything when they are not right heaven andearth must be brought into order as well okay so you’re really blessed at this time and ifeel like you’re aligned you’re balanced and i don’t know i feel like a lot of youguys might practice buddhism or like meditation um you know the release of desires ifeel like that’s a strong philosophy in your life um or even like minimalism like i just feel likea part of your life journey is going to be like learning how to let go of the outcome andenjoy the process you know like you have no destination really it’s just all about like whatfeels good in the moment uh what feels right in the moment what direction you take is whateveryour instincts are telling you okay the invitation of the middle world here the middle world shows upwhen conditions are favorable for your undertaking okay do not hesitate move forward um as heavenand earth are smiling upon you the time is right so be expedient but mindful of not beingreckless the world is your playground and what would require great effort at any othertime can be accomplished with ease right now you’re manifesting really like your abilityto manifest right now is really strong and i feel like your whole life purpose is justkeeping this high vibration for yourself literally just enjoying it and detaching yourself from theoutcomes like just going with the flow in life and what feels right you know you’re living one aneasy um life cycle okay meaning that like you’re not gonna like encounter many really big hardshipsthis life uh which is really good i’m really happy to see that for you guys it’s just more so um thislife where you’re just you know enjoying yourself raising your vibration and experiencing whatlife has to offer as a whole you know you’re here to kind of like have a rest you know in past livesyou probably worked hard for the greater good and then your final card is the mystical shamanthe essence of this card is this this is a symbol of the myth maker and storyteller who wasneither made of or defined by the story instead he observes it evolves through it perceives allaspects of it in doing so the mystical shaman represents the ability to dream a news story a newmyth into being is the storyteller um you might have a fascination about history or storytellingyou’re probably the type of friend or family member that tells a lot of stories like you havea lot of fun anecdotes and things like that and you carry the lineage of your ancestors andyou pass down stories and who you are and very wise messages and things like that to futuregenerations so even if you’re not like for example a parent or a teacher um just by you being youyou’re spreading wisdom to younger generations because i feel like the essence of who youare is just somebody who naturally um sees deeper in life like very spiritually minded verymuch trying to um you know release all desires and just get to the true wisdom of like life and likewhat is life and you know your own inner peace and inner love and things like that and you knowjust by being you and being your deep self you help um carry that message to future generationsand things like that which is really beautiful i lost my spot he dances between worldswearing the cloak of the world loosely around his shoulders and sings the world into being hereminds us to look to be in the world and travel through it but not be defined by it or become tooattached to the experience so essentially you’re just like dancing through life bumbling throughlife um just having a good time and you know not taking anything too harshly like you have a verygracious heart so whenever challenges or problems come up you’re the type of person who stays calmyou’re the calm leader who’s like all right guys there’s nothing to freak out about like everyonejust remain calm and we’re gonna make it through this you know you carry that wisdom so you’re avery strong natural-born leader group number five you’re somebody who remains calm in anysituation because you know that you’re gonna make it through it regardless there’s no pointin worrying like you have a deep inner wisdom um a deep connection to your own inner love inyour life inner peace um and you know you don’t let things worry you you know you’re you camehere to experience life but you’re not so super attached to it to the point where like you’regetting upset and worried at like everything so much just like you know you know how toremain calm and just let things be you know this is the symbol of true alchemy for allelements of life have a spiritual aspect and a material one when we remember this all mannerof miracles and manifestations are possible you have a very beautiful soul um you guys are justvery much like i just see your spirit your aura as like this calm person just sitting there and youknow life around you might be chaotic and hectic the lives of your friends and family may be allover the place but you’re the calm one you’re the calm leader in between it all and i feel likeyou’re the type of person who gives advice a lot and you know you help ground society as a wholeand people in your life as a whole and you know you might be drawn to you know studying differentphilosophies and wisdoms and things like that because i feel like a part of your life purposeis to kind of just enjoy life one but also help other people enjoy life by reminding them on asubconscious level like there’s no need to freak out and worry about every little thing like don’ttake life so seriously i also feel like you guys have a sense of humor you guys could be monkshonestly like you ever watch like monks do um lectures and things like that a lot of them have areally good sense of humor but they’re also really calm and wise like that’s the vibe i get fromyou okay and when this card is upright it gives us an invitation and your invitation for thisis as followed when the mystical shaman appears you’re invited to consider the ability to livewithout attachment you are called to create and dream your life to act on inspiration and divineimpulse without fixating on a known story of success or achievement so essentially you’re beingasked to just be creative and go after your dreams without being so attached to the outcome the trueprocess of being creative is when you enjoy the process rather than hyper fixating on the outcomebecause when you’re like painting for example or creating a song you know you don’t know howthe end results exactly gonna turn out you just do what feels right in that moment and then it turnsout beautiful animes right it’s that sacral chakra energy of just acting on that creative impulserather than hyper fixating on the results or on what other people are doing to be successfulyou know you’re being asked to just do what feels right for you don’t worry about anybody else’ssuccess and how they got there don’t worry about you know the end result that you thinkyou’re gonna achieve or anything like that can you impartially observe the stories you tellyourself and others what if you could become a mystery to yourself oh i like that your life isa mystery you don’t know where you’re going to be who you’re going to be so remain open-mindedabout that who would you become if you stopped telling the tales they have done defined you upuntil now that piece of wisdom has changed my life honestly like i remember when i was youngeri used to like people always told me that i was shy like oh my gosh you’re so shy you’re so shyi never felt shy i just don’t talk that much like i’m like i don’t feel shy like i’m alwaysthat person dying in their hair weird colors dressing a weird way um speaking out againstinjustices i’m actually kind of a loudmouth all right but since everyone he called me shy forthe longest time that’s how i perceived myself and because i perceived myself like that wheni would be in social situations i would start to feel awkward because everyone around me wassaying oh you’re so shy you’re so awkward and i’m like i never felt shy or awkward until youstarted telling me this and you know that’s a prime example of like when you tell yourselfsomething over and over and over again it becomes your reality so if you’re sitting here lookingat yourself as awkward or you know some type of way all you have to do is change the way you talkabout yourself like if you’re for example saying like i really struggle with my self-esteem all thetime like that’s something you say frequently why don’t you just change the script and start tellingpeople i’m super confident you know i have this genuine confidence about me it’s something that ideveloped and literally just fake it till you make it that’s how the law of attraction works guysi’m just saying life hack that’s how it works oh my gosh what if you could become a mysteryto yourself and that works in so many ways now i’m just going to go off on a full tangentabout this that works in so many different ways like i used to tell myself like oh yeah youlike i usually joke like yeah you guys know me i have such an awful taste in men blah blah blahbut because i was saying that about myself and and because i was making it like you know sometype of personality trait i then only attracted men who sucked you know like be careful aboutwhat you’re telling yourself and the stories you tell about yourself because they become yourreality rather quickly and they become your belief system rather quickly so if you’re looking to besomebody um you currently feel like is different from you know your current reality then juststart switching the script up and you know saying like i am this person that you want to be okay ah okay you do not have to live in a storythat has roots in the past yeah that’s exactly what we were just saying what if there were noneed to explain you to anyone not even to yourself mm-hmm the way to your most extraordinarylife is to become a blank slate and allow the form of your dreams and desires to show upas it will this is a sign of manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams clean up the storiesyou’ve been telling about yourself is essentially what this mystical shaman card is saying like it’sinviting you to you know meditate very deeply like i feel like because you know to have a clear slatei feel like meditation goes hand in hand with that so if you’re into meditating definitely do that alot more this month like every single day or like really long deep meditations um where you can justlike clear who you are you know clear out all your stuff um i don’t know i think a previous group hadsimilar energy to you where it was all about um transformation and kind of like having like amidlife crisis where like you just declutter your whole life and all your belief systems and youknow you start from scratch okay you start over um but this time you start over with the wisdomthat you’ve gained over the years and things like that so what is your life prediction you guysare really just like the calm grounded people of society you’re very good leaders and you’realways the person giving really great advice and you know you’re just naturally a leader okaybut you’re asking to be that leader for yourself as you lead others you also lead your own lifeso the stories that you tell about yourself to other people that’s gonna happen because you’rea leader so you have to take that leadership in your own life as well as with other people inthe world in general and lead your own life in the direction of your dreams you know stop tellingyourself old stories that you don’t like you know just because some people might have called youawkward for example that doesn’t make you awkward you know don’t take on other people’sstories about you and don’t take on past versions of yourself you know you’re yourown person and the ability to reinvent yourself always exists so this is your call to reinventyourself into the person that you want to be and you know be that beautiful leader be thatcalm strong um awesome person who just is very wise i feel like you’re very drawn intowisdom and discovering philosophy and you know that inner peace and inner love that existswithin you very deep very spiritual person okay and a leader so i love that about you so anywayslike this video share this video comment your thoughts and feelings down below and subscribeif you haven’t already alright thank you guys bye

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