Pick a Crystal & Hear Your Divine Message (Intuitive Channeled Reading)

Pick a Crystal & Hear Your Divine Message (Intuitive Channeled Reading)

Something fun is hereee!!! I was guided to do this intuitive channeled reading for you from The Book of Light. Let me know if you liked it, if it resonated, and how you received your message!

The Book of Light – https://amzn.to/3dqGMPm

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[3:35] Connecting to Divine Channeling
[4:50] Syncing Meditation
[6:35] Pick a Crystal
[7:07] Lemon Serpentine
[11:17] Green Aventurine
[14:14] Hematite
[17:13] Fluorite
[20:17] Goldstone

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I Had A Dream – A Very Pleasant One

I had a dream. I was seeing one of the most stunning views on the planet that made me assume of a much better delighted and also flourishing future. I was never so happy in my life up until currently as well as this was the best stage that God showed me in my subconscious.

The Peaceful Path to Abundance

Shall we find our objective as well as share our skills with the globe? Shall we locate happiness? Know love?

How Is Your Relationship With Money As a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Our partnership with cash can prevent or help our ability to materialize money. In some cases our connection with cash isn’t healthy since of what we learned maturing, due to the fact that of our spiritual training, or because of many various other reasons that contribute to a poverty consciousness rather than a prosperity consciousness. As well as if you have an undesirable relationship with cash, it matters not just how long it has actually existed. You have the power to alter. it.

Activate Your Inner Money Power As a Spiritual Entrepreneur

You have all that you require to activate your internal cash power. Your internal money power is constructed around your mindset as well as perspective about money. You don’t have to really feel power-less when it comes to manifesting even more money, when you were born to be powerful when it involves manifesting even more cash.

The Divine Purpose of Money for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

As a spiritual entrepreneur your cash has divine function. Money can be utilized to help others as well as the world in an incredible means. Most of us don’t totally comprehend why we have actually been phoned call to make a difference and also make more money. But there is a magnificent reason that.

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