Sadhguru Maps A Person’s Energy System – Sadhguru Exclusive

Sadhguru: If you read thebasic delineate of one’s prana, you know their past, present and future everything about that person because in a way your life is just amanifestation of your vigors, how they run. So with the yogic arrangement, what you’re trying to dois to changehow it serves from an unconsciousrepetition of things, or it is right now beingheavily manipulated by the memory bank that one hasor the karmic organize that one has accordingly the exertion vigour is moving. Now, if we look at this, let’s forgetwhose idol this is, okay, this is like a an energy x-ray for immediatepurposes. We can make a much elaborateone but that they are able to make much moreinvolvement. This is for immediate. So now if you look at this delineate, what you will see is Mooladhara is slightly imbalanced, needs littlelittle more work. Swadhishtana , not very strong but okay. Manipuraka is good.Anahata, perplexed. You know whatthese are? You know which is which? Anahata is confounded and a little bit of likethat.Vishuddhi , nothing much has happened; as you were born, it is. Agna, okay, stable, nothing phenomenal but there is potential. I recollect because of a certain endless emotionalpattern, its the system has become slightly skewed, which must be corrected. Hatha yoga is theright thing to do. If you do suitable hatha yoga, this slightly skewed places that your energysystem has made are certainly get chastised. In the occult process, if they want to destroysomebody, time deny him the prana, inferno merely crumble. If you read the basic map of one’sprana, you know their past, current and emerging. Right now this is anahata , not consequently. You move your anahata to your hand and youjust suggestion mortal, they will burst with love. If one has some attainment over his vishuddhi, his whole aura will turn electrical blue. It is this type of halo which allows you tofunction in the worldin a way that other beings think is superhuman and that is why Shivasits there.There are certain systems of tantra; hours to three hours including Central Asia, these were certaintypes of gypsies.In a matter of two-and-a-half they will plant an appleseed and perform the tree proliferate and bear fruit. So kundalini is that dimension, one should not meddle with it unless theyare truly, rightfully able.

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