Semen Retention- My Most Powerful Way to Manifest Masculine Energy (The 1% Mind)

uncle c back in the power. Today I just wanted to bust through this video andteach you exactly how semen retention saved my life and cured me evident better attractivenes, better masculinity, better hue, better guidance and better vision with my life in every singleway, chassis and model. What you must know is this. They don’t want you to know this. They don’t want you to be the 1% they don’twant you to be the men that are not addicted to the uncontrollable action. They do not want you to be a man who can navigatethe life and the world through his own noses. They don’t want you to be strong incompetent. They demand you weak. And since they want you weak, there is an opportunity keepyou hypnotized if there is an opportunity obstruct you hypnotized. They went YouDoes that make sense? This hyper sexual culturewhere mortals are followers instead of masters this hyper sexual, this hyper sexual culturewhere soldiers have no direction or no path.Today I’m going to be sharing to you how exactlyretention can help transform your manlines how it is able to establish you a better mortal how thiscan realise you a more driven, dominant direct forward, serviceman. And I’m not the only one saying this. It’s time that this masculinity has risenamong parties. It’s time where people do things differently. It’s time where people realize the aged waysare broken. When it comes to dating and culture. It’s time that beings realize that we needto get back to traditional roots and flourishing ourselves firstly. You see this is a channel that is not aboutwomen, and troubles that you men are having in yourdating. This is a channel about self proliferation andself progress. And if you can master that in your imagination masculinityWill you can now be a man who can navigate the dating discipline lend his own path.There is no pill pigments in this channel, thereis no alpha versus beta. There is no movements of their own way theseare. This is a channel about men who are adaptingin culture and delivering back what true manlines is. So, why is retention, a very great key andstepping stone in order to beat the 99% to beat the mass majority of people will I’mgoing to be giving you two places I’m going to be giving you what the masses doon this slope. And I’m going to be telling you exactly whatI do on this surface and what my students and mentees are doing every single day. Number one on this back, we have compulsion. This is compulsive behaviour, that America and that countless European countries and all of these people are going throughis compulsive behavior. You are hypnotized. You’re mesmerized your copulation, you’re hypnotizedthrough treats, your trendy tesser alcohol, you’re mesmerized through the bad nutrient. You’re mesmerized by waking up in the morningand not having direction. Because you are constantly flooding your seedeverything you do is for instant gratification of how fast you can hook up how fast you canspill that grain how fast you can compulsively cultivate the behavior to feel a speedy spike ofpleasure you participate on this surface, what the true males are doing is the true somebodies are understandingthat all of life is about retarded gratification.Everything in life is delayed gratification, you guys, when you feed the health meat, it is not savour as good. But you get the delayed gratification whenyou can wake up in the morning and verify six jam-pack abs. building the business does not feelgood in the short term. It’s agonizing, it hurts it’s long hours. It’s you against the marketplace. It’s you waking up every day glancing in themirror and starting Am I good enough Am I cut out for this is the Me, am I cases of fraud? Or do I actually have a product and a servicepeople want? It’s putting in the asset and delayingthe delight until you get your firstly sale your first patron. Do you get that? It’s taking the health risks in love that risk inlife, the health risks and putting in the hours the health risks and advertise your make and potentiallylosing the money, but it’s going to be very gratifying when it all pays off if you canstick with it.Over here we have uncontrollable action. We have alcohol persuaded hookup culture, wehave music that’s all about fornication. We have men that are lost and really relyingon the bar scene to develop themselves and try to get dames doesn’t work. It’s a terminate obsessive blueprint over on thisside, “were having” humen that are delaying their gratification I advise you to start workingon this slope of the playing field that is number one, number two. On this back, we have pleasure from compulsion.Now ensure these people have inaccurate ability of reality, these beings actually get pleasure from doing these things. They get pleasure from taking the extra shotof whiskey, they get pleasure from smoking the pan, they get pleasure from doing thedrugs, they get pleasure from trying to pull two girls at once. They get pleasure from doing all of thesethings, they get pleasure from shooting fanny, because it keeps them confused. It keeps them disconcerted of their true-blue masculinityto be a man. Now, do you know what will actually fulfill you as a soldier being a really good man? Not learning dating arguments , not learning pickuplines , not learning any of that shit. Being a really good man is actually goingto meet you a good man. Having options in the date consortium is goingto come when you’re a good work, when you’re a man who has value. I’m getting incensed. Pleasure from dures is over on this surface. This is what the masses do over here. What we do is we focus on pleasure from sacrifice. You investigate, you have to retrain your intelligence howto have fun Because life isn’t supposed to be fun, we no longer have father figure lookingtheir girl in the mirror appearing their kid dead in the face and saying, son, life’s hard.You have to work to make anything of yourself. You do not deserve to be confident until you’veput in the sacrifice and the measures necessary to start yourself a viable option. Do you get that? Over here you consider we get pleasure from sacrifice, we get pleasure from putting in the 5 workouts a week, 52 weeks a year for the next three years straight. We get pleasure from building our businessseven days a week, 52 weeks a year. For three years straight we get pleasure fromgoing on dates with several girls but never sleeping with them and chosen by the one orchoosing the women that suit our lives better and have the best sex chemistry for usas a gentleman Why can we do that because we’re high value.You investigate the three men on this back don’t come froma standpoint where asked scares. The somebodies on this place don’t come from a standpointwhere the whole hyper sexual culture world is just going to lock and control their mindall day. No , no , no. Because we’re tougher than that. I caution you to start playing on this sideof the field. If you can learn how to sacrifice your time, you will realize that all of the quote unquote enjoyable that you’re having is wasting away yourmasculine energy. It’s wasting away your masculine allure, it’s wasting away your masculine drive, can you be tougher than the residual? Can you outwork the residual? It’s not about who works smarter. It’s not about who works more efficiently, it’s about who works longer. Because while the most people give up aftersix months to a year, you will stick it out for two years, three years, four years, fiveyears day in and day out, you will not give up which is exactly why you will succeed. You read the man over here we get pleasurefrom the sacrifice.That’s number two. Number three. The parties on this line-up look for a immediate high. They look for a quick dopamine liberation. Hook up Boston and not quick release. Do the line of whatever you want to do a lineof quick release, make six shots of alcohol quick release, setback all of your fund on pointlessstuff on a cluster of appointments with women with women who don’t care about you. Quick release. You construe the three men on this slope, we look forthe higher gratifications in lifetime. The higher gratifications in life is going to beyour spiritual world. Your masculinity as a boy as to how you canprovide value to the world you ascertain, you attend fellas, beings are selfish.People exclusively reward you as a being if you’rea subject who can be respected because if you can be respected that means you have value. Why does anybody wants to buy anything fromyou? If you have a business it’s because you havevalue. Why does any maidens Why do you Why do womenwant to be with a celebrity because that luminary has price they have skill they have talent. You see ladies can really be far-famed on Instagramfor the shape of their body. Men on the other hand, I’ve never I’ve neverreally came across a male who’s far-famed for not doing a entire blaze of a great deal. You construe, boys have to actually attain themselvesa soldier. And by making yourself a worker, you now havevalue, you have abilities, “youve had” sells, you have a skill set that other people want tolearn. You have a skill set that other people want. And if you can do that, and fit yourself intothat category, you are now searching the higher amusements in man, the highest desires inlife Do not come from sitting down and playing the video games, the higher gratifications aregoing to come from you actually chasing excellence chasing your track chasing your vision.And if you don’t have a path, I admonish youto get one. Take the next three to six months day in andday out and think what do I crave? Ask yourself every day What do I crave as aman because most can’t even articulated that they can’t enunciate what they want in awoman. They can’t enunciate what they want in acareer. They can’t enunciate what type of characteristicsand temperament they require. You encounter back when I used to YouTube beforeI started to get any sort of readers or a following I would compare my personal Everybody, I’ll get I’m not like I’m not charismatic like him. I don’t talk like him. Well guess what? It’s because I’m not like them.I’m my own person. You need to develop yourself to be your ownmen. We do this by shooting the higher pleasuresin life by realizing we’re unique by developing our own skills and abilities. That’s list three. Number four. Over now “were having” the 99% of men. These are the men that participate Xbox. These are the men that comedy World of Warcraft. These are the men that dine pizza and drinkbeer. These are the men that cigarette potty. These are the men that shoot a cluster of womenand sacrifice every single night before berthed for hours and hours of Tinder. Do you get what a waste of time most peopledo? Put value on your time. Make yourself the 1% build yourself the manthat is different. Make yourself the man that is talked aboutmake yourself the man that is recognized this is going to come from doing the sacrifice.I said this in other videos, listen to meclosely. If you do what the mass majority of peopledo, you will merely get the mass majority of results, which is basically zero. Mostmen have no success in their occupation. They have no success with women, they haveno success with their status. They have no success in their sex being. They have no seduction because they’re a brokenman to be the 1% means that you’re doing everything fully opposite from how you interact, how you do business to how you carry yourself to how you hypnotize women to how you want tobe, you realize that you are becoming a better individual. Nice people. Do not oblige strong men.Weakness is never respected. start to understand this. Over now, the mass majority of people on this slope we have emotional males. These are mortals still caught in the fairy story. These are people that are so caught up in theirheads so caught up in their ego They need the feelings spike to tell themselves orenough by either sleeping with another woman getting drunk another time, pulling two girlsat once. These are the men that get fulfillment fromjust squandering meter, their feeling and they should be because they haven’t made any rocksolid groundwork in their life to think rationally. You picture the men over here were the rationalmales that are in control. We dictate our own future. We do things differently. We’re in control of our affections, our ardours, our ardours do not control us. These are switchings and quirk. These are displacements in masculine exertion. No longer is it weak to be a man. were somebodies that are doing things differently. The guys over here my last point, these menget a false strength in sex.They think that the number of women they sleepwith or the number of women they can fantasize about, that they hope to get one day is goingto dictate their concentration and value in this world. And this is So backwards. Nobody in the world respects you or caresabout how many women you sleep with nobody in this world helps or respect you for howyou feel. They care and respect you for the successesthat you’ve had. You ascertain the people over here we realize thatthe true strength is in doing the opposite. The true-life persuasivenes is having the abundanceof women are having the options and saying no to the mass majority of them because theydo not align with your life outside of their seems. You discover, when you start to qualify women onother things as to how they actually fit with you, and not just their beauty, they haveto actually step their activity up to I’m so sick of men coming to me at the lower appreciate sayinghow do I get “womens issues” I do not care how you get that bride, that female should be focusingon how to care to get you because until you’ve made into if you would actually put in thework, you would not have these issues with women.But you have issues because you’re not a goodman yet. You’re not a strong man more you’re not a viableoption, yet, you’re still stuck in the feeling trap. Which is why you are failing. And this accompanieds me to my last quote my lastbullet pitch. You are not weak. Listen to me closely, you are not weak. If you say no to sex, you’re not poor. There’s numerous humankinds where if they turn a blindeye and they don’t chase the ass for a while, they start to think that they’re weaker adult, they’re less feasible option that their ego starts to become smashed because beforeall they contemplated themselves as is how many maids they could sleep within a month.You’re not weak by doing things opposite. you’re chasing something higher, you’re chasinga better dream. People want to know how I do this, what Ido day to daytime how I actually construct my business, how I’ve coached patrons, I goes to show youover meter, I will show you over experience. Right now I’m trying to get this movementgoing, which is why I need you to like this video, I need you to share this URL. I need you to comment a couple other friendsthat need to see this and I need you to actually generate a damn and start helping yourself.If you miss To work one on one with me, registrationand free consults for the masculinity supremacy program are open. You can grab an application and register belowI will call you at that scheduled era. Here’s the thing. If you’re not going to get on the scold withme, don’t fill in the employment. If you’re not ready to work with a coach, don’t fill out the work. Okay, I take this substance very seriously. I work one on one very closely with my clientsand I be concerned about the success which is why I do not just crave anybody to buy it.You’re either part of this movement or you’renot. We will see you soon ..

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