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-Nice went, Aimes.-Thanks! Who’s this? Maeve, that’s Steve. No, Aimee, the goat. Otis, what’s on your face? It’s a mustache.I’ve been growing it all summertime. I forgot to tell you.I know Maeve the other day. I don’t need to knowwhat Maeve is doing anymore. Here are the studentscurrently attending what the hell is dubbedthe “Sex School.” Good morning, Moordale! How is everyone feeling today? Really good! I am your new school principal. It seems that there aresome students now who get a kickout of presenting us a bad odor. It changes today. What? -I think I’m ready to you know.-Really? You’re a poofter now, Groff? There is a battle happeningfor the sexual health of our teenagers. I will get Moordale back on track. What is that? It’s my pity indicate. Sex will spoil their own lives. No! She can’t be doctrine this stuff.It’s backwards. I’m not getting involved anymore.Things are easier when you don’t care. I don’t think you stopped caring.I think you had your heart broken.-What’s he doing here? -She needed a promote. That’s convenient. The quicker youand your fragile little peers realize you’re not that special, the better. Listen up, everyone.We’re all gonna die. Sir! -Let’s go! -Come on. We live in completelydifferent natures, Aimee. I just want to be the old-time me again. You may never be the age-old you, but that’s okay. We can make things better. I’m not good at talking, but I want to change. You shouldn’t ever hold someonethe power to humiliate you. You’re great really the highway you are ..

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