Shiva: The Masculine and Feminine Energy Together

Brighu became intensely devoutabout Shiva that he became very feminine. So Parvati felt little irked by this. So he asked her to move .( Laughter) So Shiva was just amusedby this spat that is going on between his wife and his devotee.( Laughs) If you’re not aware of this already Shiva, in yoga is seen as the … not as a God but as the Adi Yogi, that signifies he is the first yogi, and the Adi Guru, that intends the first guru. And today yoga as a science, yoga as a method yoga as a technologyfor inner well-being is available to us exclusively because of the feminine play-act, that is Parvati urged him to teach.By himself he would have never done that. So because he became the first guru, naturally he developed disciples and admirers. Of the first seven adherents that he learnt yoga to who are known as’ Saptarishis .’ Of these Saptarishis, the whole of southern mysticismhas come from Agastya Muni; he is everything to us herebecause everything that we know is from him. He was Shiva’s direct disciple.Another devotee was Brighu. Brighu became intensely devoutabout Shiva, that he became very feminine, because affection is feminine. He became a great devotee of Shiva. So every day he comes and he wants to do … three times he wants tocircumambulate Shiva, that means, he wants to dopradakshina three times.He doesn’t start his date without doing that. And Parvati is right here. By now, she is also a fully enlightened being, but he rejects her completelyand he goes only around Shiva, never around both of them So Parvati felt little irked by this. So, one day, she sat close to him. Then Brighu came and, there was no way to go around Shivawithout going around Parvati, so he asked her to move .( Laughter) This is the way of a adherent. They are not logical parties, terribly feminine ,( Laughter) but they are intense. Parvati said, “Why should I move? ” He said, “I will goonly around the Lord , not you.” Brighu pictured there was not enough spacefor him to go around Shiva alone, So he proselytized himself into a mouse So Shiva was just amusedby this dispute that is going on and moved around Shiva alone rejecting Parvatior omitting Parvati from the circumambulation.Between his wife and his adherent.( Laughs) So he looked at the whole thing and he grabbed Parvatiand kept her on his lap, only to see what he will do, how is going to circumambulate Shiva without circumambulating Parvathi now, because she is sitting on his sip. Then Brighu altered himself into a birdand went around just Shiva.( Laughter) Then Shiva was completelyamused by this fondnes, pleased to be and likewise amused by the waythe follower is expressing himself and the direction Parvati is getting fired up, because of this discrimination.( Laughs) So Shiva said, okay let’s see what you will doand he time incorporated her into a part of himself. Shiva has become half Parvati, and half…half dame, half lover. This is half man, half maiden. If one known to be to nourish this oneto it’s fullest extent, this will become half-man half-womanand that is how it will be.So this is called Ardhanari, where he is half-man and half-woman. So he made her a part of himself, time to see what the follower will do. Now Brighu obligated himself into a bee and get around merely the right leg.( Laughter) So Shiva and Parvati, both of them tittered and “theyre saying”, “This is not a soldier, he is too feminine. What he is dedicated to is everything to him, he is blind to everything else.” So he exactly buzzed around the right leg,( Laughs) refusing to go around the left leg, because this is Parvati.( Laughs) Then this childish way of earnestnes of Brighuwas amusing and nice. But at the same time, Shiva did not want Brighuto be lost in his affection and miss the ultimate quality of the existence.So he got into the yogic posture of Siddhasana where there was no way for him to circumambulate his leg or any other part of his form. If he has to do it, he has to do it for both these principles of feminine and masculine. So this is howthis body became like this, that it is half male and half female. or masculine and feminine in equal balances. If one known to be to foster this one, both will be fully active and alivein all human rights. If we tell these two parts of us echo as intensely as the other, each one of us can be a 100% manand 100% bride within ourselves. The entire discipline of yoga is based on this, that you should not misseither the masculine or the feminine in you, because any of them will be a lop-sided life. Now when we say yoga, we are talking about a dimension which is all-inclusive.It is not an exercise or a process for the purpose of creating state. It is about ultimate well-beingof the human being in which you cannot exclude any aspect of life. It is about attaining to a dimensionbeyond all aspects. It is about a organization and a procedure to use your own existing systemas a ladder to the divine, to establish your person, to draw your mind, to stimulate your emotion and your energiesa laddder to the divine, to stir yourself into a stepping stonetowards your ultimate mood ..

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