Sleep Music w/ Self-Love Affirmations ‘Sleeping Cherry Blossom’ | Subliminals & Binaural Beats

Sleep Music w/ Self-Love Affirmations 'Sleeping Cherry Blossom' | Subliminals & Binaural Beats

For many, bedtime is when anxiety and intrusive thoughts are their worst. This meditation combines soothing sleep music, binaural beats (delta waves), and subliminal affirmations to bring healing peace to your mind and body.

💠 For best results, play the full audio throughout – with or without headphones.
🔆 NOTE: Volume shouldn’t be loud. Audio should be played at a low volume to protect hearing.

Self-Love Subliminal Affirmations:
1.) I take care of myself like I’d take care of a friend.
2.) I am worthy of love and compassion.
3.) I am capable of handling anything life throws at me.
4.) I am grateful for my strengths, and accepting of my weaknesses.
5.) I see each day as an opportunity to grow and thrive.
6.) I give myself space to recover when I feel down, but always get back up.
7.) I am ready to heal from my past wounds.
8.) I no longer allow the past to hold me back from the future I deserve.

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