spiritual awakening – most secret physical, mental, spiritual meanings cause for waking up at night

the time of night you wake up greatly determines what is happening in your life it is also important to consider what time you wake up and how often you wake up if you keep waking up anytime between 1 to 5 a.m every night there is something went wrong on your day-to-day life it may affect your body and brain in the wrong way hi everyone this video is brought to you by brainzac education channel where build up your life and your career if sounds good subscribe this channel and turn on bell notification below to get every single alert once upload new valuable episode on youtube in today's episode we are going through every time frame one by one to get an idea of what are the physical mental and spiritual meaning that cause you to wake up every night keep watching and don't miss this opportunity because all the pieces of information i am going to reveal are so interesting and so much valuable so watch till the end the body is protected by 14 major meridians 12 of which associate themselves with the 24-hour clock this means that every day there are two hours by which one portion of the body moves becomes the main meridians are related to areas of the body feelings and memories the hour you wake up will basically tell you which meridian is in the disturbance at night what happens when you wake up significantly affects the body parts it is also important to take into account how much you wake up in the night you may mean that you are having a spiritual awakening if you keep waking up between three and five am every night here are the reasons for waking up at 1 am this is the physical meaning you might have circulatory complications specifically your heart or gallbladder complications this is the mental meaning you fail to process or feel secure in your role in life you think about step ahead and can have concerns with your looks or weight this is the spiritual meaning you are struggling very hard to achieve what you really wants it could also be a concern if you are not open to receive it may be also that you don't know how to make yourself comfortable here are the reasons for waking up at 2 am this is the physical meaning you can suffer from digestion disorders linked to your stomach or liver you may get too much or too little food or alcohol this is the mental meaning when at this moment you wake you generally picked up early through mid childhood because of the unfinished energy pockets when you were little you couldn't handle what they said and either avoided or resisted the conditions it impacts you to this day this is the spiritual meaning you need to remove the old restricting history beliefs and ideas that you have for yourself before you even know what happened you must learn to ingest the lessons you gave practically process them and comprehend them correctly here are the reasons for waking up at 3 am this is the physical meaning you might have respiratory trouble it does literally not breathe profoundly or relax this is the mental meaning you need direction and guidance even if you start to awake a great deal is still very new to you so you wake up at the spiritual hour of witching to take in more details this is the spiritual meaning at three o'clock the energies are likely want to connect with you such as past beloved guides etc you might also be waking up because something is happening in the real world as you become more open to subtle energies keep up at this moment and write down any letter or thoughts you get here are the reasons for waking up at 4 am this is the physical meaning you could have complications or transpiration in your bladder that is the moment your body temperature is the lowest so you might be too warm or too cold this is the mental meaning in your personal life you could run too heat or cold feel really satisfied at once and then sidelined by self-suddenness keep on to at end help you understand harmony and duality this is part of the process this is the spiritual meaning you are in a moment of rising growing and great life change when you launch the new one you must be prepared to let go of the old one here are the reasons for waking up at 5am this is the physical meaning you might have a big intestine or food and nutrition problem this is the mental meaning you should not be persuaded that you deserve the love or well-being of others you are possibly too trapped in your self-critical mind to accept all the unbelievable stuff you have constructed you must feed you so to speak in your garden this is the spiritual meaning you hit a pinnacle in your life where you eventually become self-supported optimistic and successful you have to work to allow your inner joy to radiate out from you to feed you entirely and to be present at this spectacular moment of your life so that's it we mainly talked about what are the physical mental and spiritual meanings that they intend for waking up at the mention time periods this is the very interesting part of this episode because next i am going to talk about what should you do during the spiritual awakening there are several points that i am going to discuss in case of spiritual awakening these points may vary from person to person and how they deal with the situation so keep watching these secret tips because you may not be needed to do all of the things tip number four try to connect with nature the time you spend with nature must be one of the best tips for spiritual enlightenment you can walk or see natural wonders literally but there are different methods of calming with nature that is equally strong you will recall your link with the world by spending a little time gardening or running around your neighborhood research from japan reveals the multiple positive psychological benefits of spending time with nature tip number three always help others what is it that works for spiritual awakening when the world around us does not have any better effect it's better to make it part of your everyday life to support people you don't have to go to a kitchen every day while volunteering is a wonderful way to implement your spiritual service it is just as necessary if not more to assert that people are there in your life than saving the planet tip number two calm yourself before you fall asleep update your day and be left accountable at the end of the day evaluate your activities and relationships with the people in your life and ask how you behave according to your spiritual goals identify the ways you were short and resolve to change with commitment tip number one always remember that it's a part of life a lifelong search for spiritual awakening is an endless search you do have to use the realization even though you believe in the state of ultimate realization you have to live your life still nobody said ever that it would be easy to work on your spiritual growth on the road there are various obstacles be optimistic about yourself and your ambitions but have respect for your vulnerabilities using these divine waking tools to get back on tracks if you ever feel a little confused remember above all that it is a process of love discovery and never duty this is the end of today's episode hope you learned what are the reasons for spiritual awakening if you are facing this problem in everyday life also thank you for awaiting with us till the end to run your life with us subscribe our channel from the red subscribe button below and hit a like for this video especially comment below your ideas relating to this issue see you with the next episode soon trust me next episode will be more interesting than this stay tuned and have a nice day for you

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