Step-by-Step: Reality Shifting (SECRET to Shifting REVEALED)

Step-by-Step: Reality Shifting (SECRET to Shifting REVEALED)

Reality is much, much stranger than fiction.

In this video, I talk about my own experiences with astral traveling and how anyone interested in exploring other dimensions can begin their own journeys.

Many TikTokers have claimed they travel to β€œfictional” universes such as Hogwarts – could they be telling the truth, or are they victims of wild imaginations? Has Gen Z just discovered their imagination…or a secret way to exist in other dimensions?

What do YOU think of astral projection/lucid dreaming/”reality shifting”?

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[3:17] Understanding “Imagination” as “Reality”
[6:57] What You Need to Believe to Reality Shift
[12:30] How to Return to Your Body when Astral Traveling
[12:55] How to Deal with Lower-Frequency Beings
[15:33] Astral Projection/Reality Shifting Techniques
[18:54] Levels of Astral Projection

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